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Oclean Flow sonic toothbrush and Oclean W10 oral irrigator test report header

Oclean Flow sonic toothbrush and Oclean W10 oral irrigator tried out!

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 24. October 2023

Oclean has launched two new products that I was able to try out in advance. The Oclean Flow is the new sonic toothbrush for bargain hunters, which does without a smart app connection, but wants to score with up to 180 days of battery life.

The second product in the group is the Oclean W10 Water Flosser, an oral irrigator that is an ideal addition to daily dental care. More on this in this review.

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Oclean Flow / Oclean W10


 Oclean flow 
Type: sonic toothbrush
Vibrations: 38.000
Brushes: DuPont
Modes: 5

App: No.
Battery life: up to 180 days
Charging standard: USB-C
Protection class: IPX7

Type: oral irrigator
Pulse: 1400 per minute
Water tank: 200 ml
Water jet: 0.6 mm
Modes: 5

Battery life: up to 30 days
Charging standard: USB-C

What's in the box

 Oclean flow 
1x sonic toothbrush
1x brush head
1x charging cable
1x manual

1x oral irrigator
4x attachments
1x charging cable
1x manual

Oclean Flow & Oclean W10

Olcean is the insider tip when it comes to smart dental care products. Even back then, when the brand was mainly represented on the Asian market, the Oclean One Sonic toothbrush pleasantly surprised by its good workmanship, variety of cleaning options and battery life.

Oclean Flow and Oclean W10 packaging

Oclean now has a wide range of sonic toothbrushes, oral irrigators and accessories on offer. The Oclean Flow is one of the cheaper models at a price of just under 26 euros.

Oclean Flow - design, workmanship and scope of delivery

The Oclean Flow is a colorful toothbrush. The model is available in white and blue on the official website. In the future, the toothbrush should also be available in red. A chic color gradient with gradations sets additional accents.

Oclean Flow and Oclean W10 Unboxing

The weight of the toothbrush without the brush head is 127g. The brush head weighs an additional 5g. The handle has a length of 19 cm and is ergonomically shaped, which makes it comfortable to hold. The brush head is simply attached.


Basically, all Oclean brush heads are compatible with all Oclean sonic toothbrushes. This also applies to the Oclean Flow, but we recommend using the Oclean P1 and PW05 brush heads.

Although the brush heads are not available in retail stores, they can easily be reordered from Amazon, eBay and other shops for a unit price of 2 - 4 euros.

According to protection class IPX7, the Oclean Flow is waterproof and can be cleaned under running water without hesitation. The Oclean One already showed that Oclean can be trusted in this regard, which in the test at the time did not suffer any water damage even after two years of use.

Oclean Flow scope of delivery

The scope of delivery is clear and includes, in addition to the handle, a brush head, a USB-C charging cable and instructions.

Oclean Flow - operation and functions

In order to keep the price as low as possible, the Oclean Flow dispenses with smart functions. There are no gimmicks such as a display or a connection to the Oclean app. 

Oclean Flow sonic toothbrush with brush head

Instead, the Oclean Flow is operated using a single button on the handle. There are 5 cleaning modes, which can be changed by repeatedly pressing the button. Which mode is currently active can be seen from the illuminated symbols that are arranged vertically below the button. The following modes are available: 

  •  Morning Mode: The mode for the morning that goes to work with gentle intensity.
  •  Night Mode: The mode for particularly intensive cleaning for the night.
  •  Standard Mode: The mode for general cleaning at medium intensity.
  •  Whitening Mode: The mode for white teeth at medium intensity.
  •  Gentle Mode: The mode for particularly gentle, gum-friendly cleaning.

The cleaning time is set to 2 minutes. Every 30 seconds you will be warned by a slight vibration to change the tooth area.

Oclean Flow sonic toothbrush head

Oclean Flow - practical test

As an Oclean One for many years and most recently Oclean X Pro Elite In the past few weeks, users have been allowed to take their place at the sink. Basically, the sonic toothbrush is a basic product that does exactly what you can expect from a sonic toothbrush.

Oclean Flow sonic toothbrush connector

Operation is simple and the total of 5 cleaning modes are completely sufficient. Sometimes less is even more, because not everyone wants to torment themselves through an app while brushing their teeth or needs an individual cleaning program.

Oclean Flow sonic toothbrush brush head

With up to 38.000 vibrations, the sonic toothbrush is extremely powerful. When it comes to cleaning results, I would say that there are no differences to the more expensive, but also smarter models.

Oclean Flow sonic toothbrush charging socket

As for the battery, I can't say much about that yet. After all, if you brush your teeth twice a day, it should last up to 180 days. An empty battery can be recognized by the red glowing power button. The toothbrush is charged via a USB-C socket on the bottom. Simply remove the cover, plug in the charging cable and fully charge in approx. 4 hours.

Oclean W10 - design, workmanship and scope of delivery

Let's take a look at the Oclean W10 Water Flosser. The practical oral irrigator is the winner of the reddot Design Awards 2021. And you can see that too! Available in green and pink, the Oclean W10 is a really chic product that people like to present in the bathroom.

Oclean W10 unboxing

The structure of the Oclean W10 consists of a 200 ml water container with an integrated pump and a nozzle. Thanks to the "all-in-one" structure, the oral irrigator is also suitable for on the go and is also space-saving. The water tank can be filled easily through an opening on the top. The transparent underside of the container can be removed for easy cleaning. The total of 4 nozzles supplied are attached and click into place. The nozzles can be rotated 360 ° for convenient handling.

Oclean W10 oral irrigator with nozzles

In addition to the oral irrigator and the 4 nozzles, the scope of delivery also includes a USB-C charging cable and instructions. The charging socket is hidden behind a cover on the front. Above it are the illuminated displays of the 5 cleaning modes, the mode button and the power button.

Oclean W10 nozzles

The Oclean W10 oral irrigator can be securely gripped via a hand strap on the back. Just like the Olcean Flow, the Oclean W10 is also protected against water in accordance with IPX7.

Oclean W10 - operation and functions

Food residues and plaque are swept out of the spaces between the teeth with up to 1400 pulses per minute and a concentrated 0.6 mm water jet. The cleaning behavior can be selected in 5 levels.

  •  Standard Mode: This mode is suitable for the daily routine and achieves a gentle intensity
  •  Intensive Mode: As the name suggests, this is the mode with the highest intensity.
  •  Pulsating Mode: This mode with medium intensity cleanses pusling.
  •  Gentle Mode: This mode is particularly gentle and gentle.
  •  On-Demand-Mode: In this mode, a few, short bursts are delivered.

A practical timer reminds you to change the mouth area every 15 seconds.

Oclean W10 - practical test

When I first used the Oclean W10 Water Flosser, I just let water spray into the sink. In the end it was a huge mess, because the stream of microbubbles spread like a fine mist. The oral irrigator belongs in the mouth!

Oclean W10 oral irrigator with attached nozzle

In the meantime, the Oclean oral irrigator has made it into my daily dental routine. I mostly use them after brushing my teeth to remove any remaining bits. Of course, you can also use the oral irrigator before brushing your teeth or simply rinse your mouth with it in between.

Oclean W10 oral irrigator opening water container

However, the use of dental floss cannot be replaced by an oral irrigator. The fine jet of water cannot replace the effective scrubbing movement of dental floss, but it complements daily oral hygiene very well. It is particularly advantageous for those with braces who usually cannot use dental floss.

Oclean W10 oral irrigator pump

The spray jet proved to be pleasant in the test at all levels. Gentle cleaning is possible even with sensitive gums. A pleasant, clean feeling remains after use.

Oclean Flow sonic toothbrush and Oclean W10 oral irrigator test report header

Oclean Flow / Oclean W10


Handy design
Good cleaning result
Good value for money


Brush heads only available online


With the Oclean Flow sonic toothbrush and Oclean W10 oral irrigator, Oclean has once again proven that it is competitive in the field of smart dental care products. The Oclean Flow is the perfect sonic toothbrush for the small budget. Smart functions are dispensed with, but the toothbrush scored points with its easy handling and good cleaning results.

As for the Oclean W10 Water Flosser, I am not averse to making a recommendation. Although the use of dental floss cannot be replaced in most cases, the oral irrigator is an ideal addition to daily oral hygiene. What remains is a pleasant feeling of cleanliness.

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