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Xiaomi Oclean One Test / Review

Oclean One Review - World's Strongest Sonic Toothbrush ?!

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 27. April 2024

The Oclean One presents itself as the "most powerful sonic toothbrush in the world", which reaches up to 42.000 vibrations and thus even outshines leading brands. For this test report, the Oclean One accompanied me over several weeks.

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What is a sonic toothbrush?

There are many electric toothbrushes, but not all of them work on the same principle. A distinction is made between rotating-oscillating toothbrushes, recognizable by the typical round brush head, sonic toothbrushes and ultrasonic toothbrushes. The sonic toothbrush, like the Oclean One, works with high-frequency mechanical vibrations. On average, around 31.000 vibrations are achieved, which means that the teeth are cleaned thoroughly and, above all, gently on the gums.

Xiaomi Oclean One Review

Xiaomi - yes or no?

With this product, too, the question arises to what extent Xiaomi plays an assigned role. The toothbrush is listed as "Xiaomi Oclean One" in many online shops. On the official Mi homepage, however, there are no references to the sonic toothbrush, nor is the Mi logo on the packaging. The toothbrush is only listed in the Youpin store, the official Mi sales platform for Xiaomi products. The Oclean sonic toothbrush was crowdfunded in the Youpin store as well as on Indiegogo.

Anyone who has dealt with Xiaomi will certainly be aware that Xiaomi has numerous products produced by other companies and sells them under its own brand. As the parent company, Xiaomi now also has numerous subsidiaries that bring products to market under their own brands. Only in this way is it possible for Xiaomi not only to offer smartphones, but products from pretty much every area. Research revealed that the Oclean One is produced by "Shenzhen Yunding Information Technology Co., Ltd.". This in turn can be assigned to "Huami", the producer of the Xiaomi wearable product range.

Design, workmanship and delivery

In terms of design alone, the Oclean One is one of the simplest and most beautiful electric toothbrushes on the market. The housing is made of one piece and provided with a multi-layer color and nano-sealing. This gives the toothbrush a typical "soft-touch" surface. According to protection class IPX7, the sonic toothbrush is protected against temporary submersion and therefore against water. The housing is made of BPA-free materials (bisphenol A) and has been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Other features of the Oclean sonic toothbrush are a loudspeaker, a magnetic quick-charge contact point, 4-LED indicators and a circular control button.

 The toothbrush is superbly processed and its quality is comparable to the brands known in this country. In addition to the Oclean One, the scope of delivery also includes a practical travel case, a brush head, a magnetic charging dock and an English-language operating manual. The toothbrush is available in black, white and pink.

Oclean One included


Oclean advertises the Oclean One as the world's most powerful sonic toothbrush. The mechanical motor of the toothbrush achieves up to 42.000 vibrations per minute and thus even depends on the market leader Philips (31.000 vibrations). Equipped with a Bluetooth 4.2 LE module (DA14681), the toothbrush can be connected to pretty much any mobile device. An integrated loudspeaker enables automated and spoken voice messages to be played back. The Oclean One is powered by a 2.600 mAh, non-replaceable battery.



If you switch on the Oclean One for the first time, you will be greeted by a voice message asking you to download the Oclean app. The connection between toothbrush and mobile device is established fully automatically via Bluetooth after starting the app. The app is available in the respective stores for both Android and iOS mobile devices. A user account must be created to use the app. Among other things, information on brushing habits and the condition of the teeth can be made, after which a suitable, first brushing profile is automatically selected. The toothbrush can then be used like any conventional toothbrush.

Oclean One sonic toothbrush


Plaster profiles, modes and intensity

All smart functions are managed via the Oclean app. Among other things, different and already specified plaster profiles can be selected here, and you can also create your own profiles. Profiles can be put together according to the modular principle. There are 3 modes to choose from, the "whitening mode", the "cleaning mode" and the "massage mode", as well as 4 intensity levels each. A maximum of 6 cleaning levels can be assigned to each profile. Each level comprises one of the 3 modes, including duration (max. 4 minutes) and intensity. To distinguish it, each profile can be assigned its own name and icon. If you select the desired profile, it is transmitted to the toothbrush and is automatically activated every time you switch it on, unless you select another profile in the meantime.

Cleaning assessment, score and statistics

With each cleaning process, the Oclean One collects data on cleaning habits, from which an overall assessment of the cleaning process is then determined. The data is recorded with the help of a gyroscope, which, among other things, records the orientation of the toothbrush. In addition, the pressure intensity is recorded. The score (100 point system) and the more detailed assessment can be sorted by day and displayed within an overview. As a further feature, the Oclean app also shows the battery status and the durability of the brush head.

 In practice, the recording of the cleaning habit turned out to be a feature of no great use. If you brush your teeth normally, you are guaranteed to achieve a score above 90 for each process. A “live monitor” would clearly have been more interesting. In addition, only 75% of the cleaning processes were synchronized with the app during the test phase. The reason for this is that the toothbrush only judges one brushing process per day and per night. If you brush your teeth more than twice a day or if you only brush your teeth after midnight, the score is overwritten or not recorded. The plaster rating can only be displayed if one of the specified plaster profiles is selected. If you create an individual profile, only one score is determined. In this regard, the app is still in great need of improvement.

Voice messages and settings

The menu item “Me” gives access to the toothbrush settings, among other things. If the so-called "awake mode" is activated, the cleaning process is only started by pressing the power button twice. The "BT Acceleration" item ensures that communication between toothbrush and mobile device is even faster. The "anti-splash" function prevents splashes, which are not uncommon with sonic toothbrushes. The firmware can also be upgraded within the settings. It is particularly interesting that you can freely choose between new and older firmware versions and install them as you like. Unfortunately, the Oclean One turned out to be very sensitive to connections, especially with regard to the firmware upgrade. Approx. 5 attempts were necessary until the new firmware was installed!

Voice messages that you have spoken can be transmitted to the toothbrush using the “Voice messages” function. The voice message will be played during the next cleaning process or after a predetermined date. Also integrated, but not yet available, is a shop that is supposed to make it easy to reorder accessories or brush heads.

Cleaning experience and brush heads

 The cleaning experiences gathered after a test phase lasting several weeks are extremely positive. The Oclean One lies very comfortably in the hand and is easy to use. The cleaning feeling is pleasant and the 3 cleaning modes as well as the 4 intensity levels ensure a sufficient variety. With levels 3 and 4 in particular, you can clearly see that the Oclean One offers higher performance than other sonic toothbrushes.

Oclean One sonic toothbrush and brush head

The "Anti-Splash" mode works quite well in practice. As soon as you lift the toothbrush slightly, the vibrations are automatically reduced and, conversely, increased again as soon as you continue brushing. The brush head can easily reach hard-to-reach places and is in no way inferior to the more compact, rotating brush heads. So that you know which cleaning mode is currently active, it is possible to have this communicated via voice announcement. When changing the cleaning mode, for example, a woman's voice sounds with the words "Level 3 Cleaning". At the same time the intensity is displayed via 4 LEDs. However, these are located below the power button, so that they are covered when in use. Thanks to the nano-coating, the toothbrush is very easy to clean. Briefly hold it under the tap, dry it off and the Oclean One looks like new. Even after several weeks of use, no dirt has settled. With the supplied transport case, the toothbrush is also very suitable for on the go.

Oclean One top and bottom

 The Oclean One is only compatible with the manufacturer's brush heads. The problem here is that replacement brush heads have so far only been available from China. The unit price is also juicy. With the appearance of the toothbrush, a head cost between € 3 and € 5! The slightly rounded cleaning and flattened whitening bristles, arranged in a W-shape, are of the Tynex type from DuPont or come from Pedex. Oclean specifies the durability of a brush head as 2 to 3 months, which also corresponds to the value given in the app.

Oclean One Brush Head


A highlight of the Oclean One is the long-lasting battery with a high capacity of 2.600 mAh. If you brush your teeth twice a day and occasionally synchronize the values ​​with the app, you will only have to recharge the battery after 50 to 60 days. The charging time is also significantly reduced compared to other electric toothbrushes. Oclean has equipped the Oclean One with a quick charging function so that a complete charging process only takes 210 minutes. It is charged via a magnetic charging dock, which can be connected to a conventional smartphone charger via USB.

Xiaomi Oclean One Test / Review

Oclean One


Beautiful design
Good workmanship
High performance
Pleasant feeling of cleaning
Versatile profile selection
High battery life


App in need of improvement
Replacement brush heads difficult to obtain


The Oclean One is actually one of the most powerful sonic toothbrushes on the market. After a several weeks and definitely also continuous use of this toothbrush, I can say that the toothbrush has surprised me, especially with regard to the pleasant cleaning feeling, as well as the cleaning performance, as well as the long-lasting battery life. The 3 brushing modes and 4 intensity levels make it possible to create a large number of individual profiles, allowing the toothbrush to be perfectly adapted to your own brushing habits. To criticize, however, is the app, whose smart features could still undergo some improvements. Another problem is that replacement brush heads are only available from China according to the latest version. If you decide for the Oclean One, it is advisable to also order the matching brush heads!

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  1. Range

    19. December 2017 22 to: 44

    Hello, what is the difference to the Oclean SE?

    • Timo admin

      20. December 2017 23 to: 50

      Hi Rango, there are the following differences between the two models:

      1. The Oclean One is more powerful and works with up to 42.000 oscillations. The Oclean SE works with 40.000 oscillations.
      2. The Oclean One uses DuPont and Pedex brushes. The Oclean SE uses a slightly different brush head with DuPont brushes.
      3. The Oclean One has a quick charge function and charges in 210 minutes. The Oclean SE charges more slowly and takes about 360 minutes.
      4. The Oclean One has a built-in loudspeaker that can play voice announcements and spoken voice messages. The Oclean SE does not have a loudspeaker.

      I hope I was able to help you with the brief overview of the Oclean toothbrushes.

  2. Chinese_Rice

    20. February 2018 12 to: 13

    Hi, I have problems with my "USB plug", it doesn't fit anywhere. Do you have any pictures or tips? Or did I catch a Monday product?

    • Timo admin

      20. February 2018 12 to: 28

      Hi Chinese_Rice, my Oclean charger can be connected to any conventional USB type A socket. Did you check to see if anything was bent on the connector? In particular the contact area.

      • Chinese_Rice

        21. February 2018 11 to: 25

        Thank you for your prompt reply! Unfortunately not all of my plug is 12,01mm wide instead of 12,41mm and therefore doesn't fit into any socket. There are no production defects to be seen, that already looks "wanted".

        • Timo admin

          23. February 2018 15 to: 07

          I measured my plug again. For me it is exactly 12 mm.

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Shenzhen Yunding Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Oclean One


Engine: mechanical
* Vibrations: 42.000
* Twist: 280
* Oscillation: 5.5 mm

Bluetooth: BLE 4.2 (DA14681)
Speaker: Yes
Battery: 2.600 mAh

Cleaning modes: 3
Intensity: 4 levels
Cleaning profiles: individual

Cleaning overview: Yes
Cleaning rating: Yes
Anti-Splash: Yes
Firmware Upgrades: Yes
Voice reminder: Yes

 brush head 
Shape: round
Brush arrangement: W-shape
Brushes: DuPont and Pedex

App: Android and iOS
Loading: Magnetic loading dock

Protection class: IPX7
Size: 172.6 x 26.8 mm
Weight: 155g

What's in the box

1x Oclean One
1x brush head
1x travel case
1x charging station
1x user manual