Google Assistant with new, additional voice

by Timo18. September 2019
Google gave the assistant a new voice! You can now choose a new, additional voice created using state-of-the-art WaveNet technology in Assistant Settings.

Red or orange?

The Google Assistant not only speaks meanwhile more than 30 languagesbut also gets a new, additional voice with the new Assistant Update. In addition to German, the new voice is also available in French, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and one each for English in India and the UK.

All new votes have been made with the state of the art WaveNet technology from DeepMind creates a natural sound with excellent pitch and speed.

Choosing the two available voices is now available through the Google Assistant app settings. The subdivision is not by gender, but by color. New users will be assigned a random vote the first time they set up Google Assistant. This leaves an 50 / 50 chance to hear either the red or the orange voice.

Source: Google Germany Blog

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