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PAWBBY smart cat toilet Hero

PAWBBY P1 Ultra: The smart cat litter box with self-cleaning on Amazon

The topic of smart home doesn’t stop at our pets either. After smart food and water dispensers have already found their way into many households, the company PAWBBY is now upping the ante and is presenting the PAWBBY litter box, a self-cleaning cat toilet that even monitors your four-legged friend's toilet trips via an app.

PAWBBY P1 Ultra litter box

design and functionality

The PAWBBY cat toilet differs visually from traditional models. Its rounded body, the front in an elegant wood look and the slanted feet give it the look of a modern piece of furniture - an attractive addition to any apartment, as long as you really want to place the litter box in the living room.

PAWBBY litter box in the living room next to the couch.

Visually, hardly any other litter box can keep up with the PAWBBY.

With a size of 50 x 64 x 50 centimeters, the PAWBBY requires a lot of space. In addition, it requires electricity and must therefore be close to a socket. It is suitable for kittens, cats and tomcats weighing 1,5 to 8 kilograms and is compatible with most clumping cat litter types. Special deodorizing containers minimize unpleasant odors that usually arise from a cat litter box.

PAWBBY P1 Ultra offer

The smart cat toilet is available on Amazon at the current offer price of just 499 euros instead of 675 euros (RRP). Simply activate the coupon on the Amazon product page. The discount will then be displayed in the final ordering step. The offer is valid from March 20th to 25th.

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Automated self-cleaning

The heart of the PAWBBY is an internal, rotating drum that is responsible for self-cleaning. Similar to a concrete mixer, it separates the clean litter from the lumps, which fall into an 8,7 liter bag-based collection container. The bag can be easily removed for disposal.

According to the manufacturer, for a single cat the bag only needs to be changed every 14 days. The drum is removable and waterproof for easy cleaning.

Safety Aspects

The PAWBBY is TÜV Rheinland tested and equipped with various safety mechanisms. An infrared sensor interrupts the self-cleaning process as soon as the cat is near the entrance. Another sensor at the entrance registers the cat entering the toilet.

Thanks to weighing sensors, the PAWBBY can even record the weight of the four-legged friend. An additional sensor in the collection container reports when the next bag change is due.

App Connectivity

The PAWBBY is controlled via a WiFi-based app, which provides detailed information about the cat's toilet habits. The data collected includes frequency of use, duration and times of toilet use as well as the weight of the animal. 

PAWBBY app features

The PAWBBY app offers comprehensive monitoring of your four-legged friend's toilet habits.

The user receives all relevant information directly on their smartphone via push notifications. The app also provides information about the level of cat litter and the waste container, so you can react quickly. Various modes such as litter smoothing and cleaning mode ensure optimal hygiene, while sleep mode ensures a peaceful night.

In addition to app control, the PAWBBY litter box has an OLED display above the entrance, which responds to touch and enables direct control and monitoring, even without using the app.

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