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PVY Libon: New lightweight e-bike with double battery for extreme range

E-bike manufacturer PVY has revealed the details of its upcoming model. The PVY Libon is intended to combine an ultra-light design with a dual battery solution for extreme ranges.

Extreme range

The key to the Libon's impressive range potential is its patented dual battery technology. The bike has two powerful 36V 10Ah + 36V 10,4Ah lithium-ion batteries - one integrated in the frame and one in the adjustable seat tube. Together they should give the Libon an incredible range of up to 260 km before a battery charge is required.

Strong hub motor and torque sensor

It is powered by a brushless 250W hub motor, which can even be unlocked to 500W via software. A torque sensor is intended to ensure smooth starting and power regulation.

PVY Libon - Lightweight riding, Longest range

PVY specifies the maximum support speed as 25 km/h, but can be increased to up to 32 km/h by unlocking. With its torque of 50 Nm, the e-bike is suitable for both urban and rural areas.

Lightweight with carbon belt drive

Instead of a conventional chain, the Libon uses a belt drive made of carbon fiber, which is said to run maintenance-free for up to 30.000 km. The hydraulic disc brakes can specifically brake the engine.

With a stated empty weight of just 16 kg, the Libon would be one of the lightest compact pedelecs on the market. It uses a magnetic folding construction with wheels for easy storage and transport. Anti-theft devices such as GPS and battery lock are also integrated.

Other features include a B02N Bluetooth display, LED lighting, a steel suspension fork and 20 x 2,5 inch pneumatic tires on aluminum rims. A smartphone app for configuration and statistics is provided.

PVY Libon app

You can keep an eye on all information about the e-bike using the PVY Libon app.

 Price and availability 

There is no concrete information on price and availability yet. However, PVY plans to launch Libon via a crowdfunding campaign from April 03rd to May 03rd Indiegogo  to offer. The technical data sounds ambitious, but it remains to be seen to what extent the range promises can be kept in everyday practice.

Current news about PVY and the Libon can be found in the official PVY group on Facebook.

Source: Press Release

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