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PVY Z20 Plus Electric Bike Hero

PVY Z20 Plus: The versatile all-terrain e-bike in detail

With a powerful engine, robust design and extensive functions, the PVY Z20 Plus e-bike promises a promising combination of performance and mobility. Our in-depth look at the promising new PVY e-bike.

 Two models 

The PVY Z20 Pro, a good and affordable e-bike for commuters, is now followed by the PVY Z20 Plus, an e-bike that combines versatility and performance. In return, the Z20 Plus has a number of impressive technical features that appeal to both the daily commuter and the leisure driver.

PVY Z20 Plus side view

The e-bike is suitable for riders from 155 cm to 200 cm tall.

Depending on your needs and budget, the PVY Z20 Plus comes in two models: the Z20 Plus 500 and the Z20 Plus 1000.

 250W rear hub motor 

Both models are equipped with a 250W rear hub motor, which in the Z20 Plus 1000 reaches up to 1000W unlocked. Depending on the specific model version and local regulations, the engine accelerates to a maximum speed of 50 km/h. When throttled, the e-bike can at least fully exploit the maximum permissible speed of 25 km/h.

Large battery for long range

The power supply of the PVY Z20 Plus 1000 is ensured by a removable 48V 16.5Ah battery built into the frame, which enables an impressive range of 120 kilometers. The battery of the PVY Z20 Plus 500 is a bit smaller at 14 ampere hours, but still allows a decent range of 100 kilometers.

However, values ​​may vary depending on a number of factors such as rider weight, wind direction and road conditions.

PVY Z20 Plus in off-road terrain

Off-road is no problem for the PVY Z20 Plus.

Gear shift from Shimano

The gears are shifted by a 7-speed Shimano gear system, which is characterized by a TX50 thumb shifter and a 14-28 freewheel. In addition, the Z20 Plus 1000 uses hydraulic disc brakes, which enable reliable braking performance on a wide variety of surfaces. In this respect, too, the PVY Z20 Plus 1000 differs from the smaller Z20 Plus 500, which is not equipped with hydraulic but with conventional mechanical brakes.

Color display with USB charging port

The driver always has an overview of all important information such as route, battery status, support level and speed via a color display on the handlebars. A USB charging port allows charging a smartphone while driving. In this way, the smartphone can always remain charged and ready for use, regardless of whether it is used for route planning, calling up traffic information or listening to music.

PVY Z20 Plus LCD color display with charging port

There is a USB-A charging port on the display.

Stable equipment

For on-road comfort and off-road performance, the Z20 Plus is equipped with front and rear suspension. Together with the 20-inch wheels and 4-inch deep-profile tires, this ensures high stability on uneven terrain.

There is also a robust luggage rack, mudguards on both sides, a bicycle stand and a particularly bright LED headlight. Thanks to this full equipment, you hardly have to worry about additional accessories.

Foldable design

Despite its extensive feature set, the Z20 Plus remains relatively portable at 29kg (including the battery), especially with its foldable design. This makes it easy to take with you on public transport, to stow away in tight spaces and to transport in the trunk of a car.

PVY Z20 Plus folded

When folded, the PVY Z20 Plus shrinks to a manageable size.

The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, which ensures both lightness and durability.

 Here is an overview of all the differences between the PVY Z20 Plus 1000 and the PVY Z20 Plus 500: 

 PVY Z20 Plus 1000   PVY Z20 Plus 500 
 Motor  250W rear hub 250W rear hub
 Top performance  1000w 500w
 Speed  50 km/h (unlocked) 39 km/h (unlocked)
 Battery  48V 16.5Ah 48V 14Ah
 torque  100 Nm 60 Nm
 Reach  Up to 120 km Up to 100 km
 gear shift  Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed
 Chain  Per Wheel 52T/170MM Per Wheel 52T/170MM
 suspension  Suspension fork, shock absorber Suspension fork, shock absorber
 Brakes  Hydraulic disc brakes Mechanical disc brakes
 frame  6061 Aluminum 6061 Aluminum
 IP rating  IPX5 IPX5
 Capacity  150 kg 150 kg
 Size  179 x 132 x 38 cm 179 x 132 x 38 cm
 size worked  96 x 74 x 38 cm 96 x 74 x 38 cm
 Weight  29 kg 29 kg

 Price and availability 

The PVY Z20 Plus is available now in khaki, gray, green and orange colors.

In the online shop of PVY (Link) the PVY Z20 Plus 500 is available from 1.099 euros. The more powerful PVY Z20 Plus 1000 costs 1.299 euros. The delivery time is 3-5 working days. With our exclusive discount code TR100 you can reduce the price by 100 euros.

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