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Dreame X40 Ultra Complete Hero

Dreame X40 Ultra Complete: Robot vacuum cleaner with impressive features presented

Just in time for spring cleaning, Dreame presents us with its new flagship vacuum robot. The Dreame

Improved edge cleaning and 12.000 Pa suction power

A new feature of the Dreame X40 Ultra Complete is its extendable side brush. While the predecessor – Dreame L20 Ultra Complete – was already able to extend its mop, the new model can now also extend the side brush. This promises even more thorough cleaning along edges and in corners. The test will have to show how much added value there is actually behind it.

Dreame has also increased the suction power: with an impressive 12.000 Pa, the X40 Ultra Complete surpasses most of the top models on the market. It effortlessly vacuums away stubborn, deep-seated dirt, hair and fine dust particles.

Dreame X40 Ultra Complete | Limitless range, thorough cleaning

Intelligent adaptation to floor coverings

Another strength of the robot vacuum cleaner is its ability to intelligently adapt to different floor coverings. On smooth surfaces, the brushes and mops work hand in hand, while on carpets it automatically lifts the mops.

New to the Dreame X40 Ultra Complete is the ability to raise both the main and side brushes when needed. This is particularly practical when the robot vacuum cleaner needs to wipe away a puddle with its mops. All other brushes would only be a nuisance. At the same time, the threshold when driving over obstacles increases from 20 to 22 millimeters.

Precise navigation and object detection

Navigation is carried out via a multifunctional camera system with LiDAR, RGB camera and 3D structured light. This allows him to precisely record his surroundings and map them on a map. Using AI-powered object recognition, the robot detects furniture, cables, pets and dirt and adapts its cleaning strategy accordingly.

Dreame X40 Ultra Complete vacuum robot

Users can monitor and control the cleaning process live via the Dreamehome app. Cleanings can also be planned and settings such as suction power and cleaning sequence can be individually adjusted. The water release when mopping can now be adjusted to 32 levels.

Easy maintenance and optional accessories

Like its predecessor, the Dreame X40 Ultra Complete also has an automated cleaning station. Here, after cleaning, the mops are cleaned with hot water of up to 70°C and dried to avoid the formation of odors. In addition, the dust container is emptied and the dirty water is pumped out.

Dreame X40 Ultra Complete vacuum robot with station

The X40 Ultra Complete comes with numerous replacement and consumable materials such as mops, dust bags and a replacement side brush. However, there are also some accessories that are not included in the scope of delivery from the start and can be purchased later.

With the water connection module, the station can be connected directly to the water pipe, so that the fresh water tank does not have to be filled manually. The optional TriCut brush is a useful addition, especially for households with pets. Their special design effectively prevents hair from getting caught in the brush. Both accessories also increase ease of use.

Comparison of Dreame X40 Ultra with Dreame L20 Ultra

 feature   Dreame X40 Ultra   Dream L20 Ultra 
suction  12.000 Pa  7.000 Pa
floor brush  Rubber brush (liftable) / TriCut brush Rubber brush / TriCut brush
dust container (robot) 300ml 300ml
water tank (robot) 80ml 80ml
Water tank (station) 4,5 L 4,5 L
dust container (station) 3,2 L 3,2 L
Lifting function of the mops Ja Ja
Brush lifting function  Ja  No
Extending the mop Ja Ja
Extending the side brush  Ja  No
hot air drying Ja Ja
mop cleaning  Yes (70°C hot water)  yes (hot water)
Camera Ja Ja
Sleepers  22 mm  20 mm
language assistant Ja Ja
Battery 6.400 mAh 6.400 mAh
Runtime about 260 Min about 260 Min
charging time about 5,5 hours about 5,5 hours
Size (robot vacuum) 35 x 35 x 10,38 cm 35 x 35 x 10,38 cm
Weight (robot vacuum cleaner) 4,3 kg 4,3 kg

Price and availability

With a recommended retail price of 1.499 euros (*Amazon), the X40 Ultra Complete, which is available now, is certainly not a bargain. However, if you value first-class cleaning results and high ease of use, you could find this high-end vacuum robot a worthwhile investment.

In addition to the X40 Ultra Complete, Dreame will also offer the Dreame X40 Master from June. The model has a significantly more compact all-in-one station that does not require water tanks. Instead, the station must be connected directly to the water connection.

Source: Dreame

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