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Dreame H12 Dual Hero

Dreame H12 Dual: New 4-in-1 wet & dry vacuum cleaner released

With the Dreame H12 Dual, the household brand Dreame has brought the Dreame HXNUMX Dual onto the market for the first time, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that combines four useful cleaning functions in just one device. In just a few simple steps, the all-rounder can be converted into a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner.

4-in-1 versatility

The latest model in Dreame's H12 series particularly impresses with its versatility. In just a few simple steps, the device can be converted from a wet and dry vacuum cleaner into a handheld or stick vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is remove the motor unit and fit it with the corresponding attachment included in the scope of delivery.

Dreame H12 Dual as a vacuum cleaner

The H12 Dual is suitable as a vacuum cleaner for coarse dirt.

The Dreame H12 Dual thus presents itself as a universal cleaning device that is suitable for a wide range of applications, be it on tiles, wooden floors or other hard floor materials.

Automatic dirt detection and edge cleaning

To ensure optimal performance for almost every cleaning situation, there are four different suction modes: a standard mode for light dirt, a turbo mode for particularly stubborn dirt, a suction mode for liquids and an auto mode that intelligently adjusts the suction power to the level of dirt .

Dreame H12 Dual as a stick vacuum cleaner

In just a few simple steps it can be converted into a stick vacuum cleaner.

Worth mentioning is the well thought-out mop attachment, which comes within 6 millimeters of baseboards. This is a significant advantage over many conventional vacuum cleaners, which often show weaknesses in these areas.

Dreame H12 Dual Edges

According to Dreame, even hard-to-reach places are no problem.

Long running times and convenient self-cleaning

In addition, the generously sized water tanks - 900 ml for clean and 700 ml for dirty water - in combination with a powerful battery ensure long operating times. Up to 35 minutes are possible in wet vacuum mode and even up to 60 minutes in dry vacuum mode.

After the work is done, the Dreame H12 Dual offers a convenient self-cleaning function. A simple push of a button is enough to clean the roller with fresh water and then dry it at 55°C. The practical function makes it easier to care for the device and also helps to avoid unpleasant smells.

Remove Dreame H12 Dual Roller

The roller can be removed at the push of a button.

Our assessment

Sean, Dreame Technology's General Manager for Southern and Western Europe, positions the Dreame H12 Dual as a device for a "superior cleaning experience." But the competition doesn't sleep: Roborock only started in the summer  Dyad Pro Combo  launched a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that is similar to the Dreame H12 Dual in many aspects - both functionally and in terms of price.

According to the manufacturer, the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo has a slight advantage in terms of suction power at 17.000 Pa compared to the 16.000 Pa of the Dreame model. Roborock also relies on double roller technology, which could, at least in theory, ensure more efficient cleaning. Which of the two models ultimately comes out on top will have to be shown in direct comparison tests.

Price and availability

The Dreame H12 Dual is now available for 499 euros  Amazon  available. Also: on November 6, 2023, the Dreame H11 Core will be presented, a 2-in-1 cleaner with a cleaning time of 22 minutes. It will be available in Germany for 199 euros on Amazon and later on MediaMarkt.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Drive H 12 Dual

    1. November 2023 10 to: 20

    Are spare parts available?

    • Timo admin

      1. November 2023 14 to: 05

      Hello, getting spare parts is actually not a problem with Dreame.

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