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Dreame L10 Prime: Exciting vacuum and floor mopping robot for 599 euros

Dreame is expanding its product range with the L10 Prime, a vacuum and floor mopping robot that is positioned as the successor to the successful Dreame W10. The intelligent cleaning solution is available from today for 599 euros.

Dream L10 Prime

In times when cleaning robots often exceed the budget with four-digit prices, the Dreame L10 Prime stands out as a cheap insider tip. But cheap doesn't mean inferior: The inexpensive Dreame power pack promises top quality and functionality.

Dreame L10 Prime robot vacuum in the living room with family in the background

The Dreame L10 Prime goes beyond the tasks of a conventional vacuum cleaner. It inherits the Dreame W10, which combines suction and mopping in one device. The highlights of the device at a glance:

  •  Surface adaptation : On carpets, it deftly lifts its mops by 7 millimeters, making wet stains a thing of the past.
  •  Mop technology : Thanks to rotating mops, which it presses firmly against the floor, it gets rid of stubborn dirt.
  •  Large water tank : An impressive 2,5 liter water tank means less refilling and thanks to the robot tank's self-filling function, cleaning is autonomous.
  •  Suction power: With 4000 pascal suction power and an innovative rubber roller that rarely catches hair, it declares war on dirt.
  •  Intelligent navigation: LiDAR technology allows it to move elegantly through the room and precisely detect obstacles.

However, the L10 Prime also has a small limitation: there is no automatic suction function for the dust container. But he has an ace up his sleeve and can clean and even dry his mops independently, which makes handling much easier.

From August 8, 2023, those interested can get the Dreame L10 Prime for 599 euros Amazon  to back up. With its efficiency and user-friendliness, it is guaranteed to impress many households.

Source: Press Release

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