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Zepp Flow update reaches Amazfit Balance users in Germany

Zepp Health has begun the rollout of Zepp OS 3.5 for the Amazfit Balance. The update now also releases the artificial intelligence-based language assistant “Zepp Flow” for users in Germany.

Zepp Flow now also in Germany

Zepp Flow uses technologies such as Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models to understand and implement spoken commands from the user. Instead of manually operating the watch for each action, you can simply tell it what you want - without any set phrases or keywords.

“Zepp Flow interprets the context and responds appropriately,” explains Zepp Health in a press release. "This makes communication with the smartwatch more intuitive and fluid than with devices with older AI technology." The AI ​​should continuously learn by listening and evaluating voice input.

Jogger with Amazfit Balance on his wrist

The solutions “Zepp Coach” for individualized training and “Zepp Aura” for sleep analysis and advice work in a similar way. You have a natural dialogue with the user, as if you were speaking to a human trainer or sleep expert.  Examples of voice commands to the Amazfit Balance with Zepp Flow are: 

  • "Schedule a meeting for Monday at 9 a.m."
  • "What's the weather going to be this afternoon?"
  • "How long was my REM sleep last night?"
  • "Recommend me a recipe for a healthy dinner"
  • "I'm going to sleep, no more notifications please"

According to Zepp Health, the functionality of Zepp Flow is constantly expanding. New additions include dictating replies to messenger messages, access to training plans and an overview of recovery status.

In the next few weeks, the update with Zepp OS 3.5 and Zepp Flow will also be rolled out for other Amazfit models such as the Cheetah, Falcon, T-Rex Ultra and Active series.

Source: Press Release

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