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SwitchBot Lock Pro: Smart door lock gets an upgrade

The new SwitchBot Lock Pro supports HomeKit and Matter for seamless integration into the smart home, offering easy installation, more security and a variety of access options.

Easy and quick to install

In contrast to common smart locks, which require completely new locks, the SwitchBot Lock Pro is simply installed over the existing door lock. No drilling or complicated wiring required. It is attached with screws for more stability than its predecessor, which used adhesive pads. By the way, all external fittings can stay on.

SwitchBot Lock Pro Quick Key

Unlock faster and easier with the new Quick Key.

Thanks to its compatibility with various US and EU lock types, the Lock Pro can be used almost anywhere - from classic front doors to special knob or oval cylinders, for example in company buildings. The simple aluminum housing with the central control button is only visible on the inside.

Quick key instead of twist lock

Instead of a twist lock, like its predecessor, the new Lock Pro uses a “Quick Key”. A simple press is enough to lock or unlock the door in a flash. Much more practical than the annoying turning. A strong torque of 20 kgf/cm² reliably unlocks even stiff locks.

More than 15 access options

One of the great strengths of the Lock Pro is the diverse access options: pre-programmed codes for up to 100 fingerprints, NFC support for contactless opening via smartphone and the ability to create temporary codes for guests or service providers. Of course, conventional front door keys also work in the keyhole.

SwitchBot Lock Pro 15 access options at a glance

This is how you can unlock the SwitchBot Lock Pro.

The Lock Pro can be easily unlocked using the app via Bluetooth nearby or remotely via WLAN. Voice commands for Alexa and Co. as well as integration into common smart home platforms are also possible. The support of the Matter standard is particularly practical, as it simplifies setup considerably. However, the separate SwitchBot Matter hub is required for this.

Other features include real-time door and lock status notifications, low battery warnings, and an auto-lock setting.

Improved lifespan

Power is provided by either four AA batteries or the SwitchBot dual battery pack. SwitchBot specifies the lifespan of the batteries as 6-9 months. With the battery pack, a running time of up to 12 months is possible. This is a significant increase compared to the lithium batteries of its predecessor, which only last an average of 6 months.

SwitchBot Lock Pro improved durability

Rechargeable batteries or batteries need to be replaced less frequently.

Price and availability

For around 139,99 euros (RRP), the SwitchBot Lock Pro will be available directly from the manufacturer from March 31st and probably also from Amazon and other retailers from April. In bundles with an additional keypad and matter hub, it is correspondingly more expensive.

Source: Press Release

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