Alfawise M1 Test - E-Scooter in M365 look

by 16. April 2019
Completely surprisingly, at the beginning of the year, I received a huge package. Sender GearBest. Inside, the new Alfawise M1 e-scooter. Whether the electric scooter in the Xiaomi M365 design is worthy of the brand model and what the scooter does, you will find out in the following test report!



Alfawise M1


Type: electric scooter
Material: aluminum + plastic
Foldable: Yes
Protection class: IP54

Speed: max. 25 km / h
Engine: 280W

Battery: LG18650 EV 280Wh
Charging time: 6 hours
Distance: ~ 15 km

E-ABS: Yes
Brake: disc brake
Light: LED
Size: 108 x 43 x 49 (114) cm
Weight: 12.5 kg

What's in the box

1x e-scooter
1x charger
1x charging cable
1x user manual

General information about the Alfawise M1

Update 01. July 2019

Buy Alfawise M1 scooter there are now also with stronger 350 Watt Drive. In keeping with the release of the new model, GearBest has provided us with a coupon to bring you the electric scooter reduced buy for 296 € can. Shipping is free, but the delivery time is 35-50 working days. You can find further information about the action in the following box.

9 € GearBest Coupon - Alfawise M1 e-scooter

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Alfawise did not miss it and visibly adapted the M1 Scooters design to the Xiaomi bestseller. Even the red accents on the fork were taken over 1: 1. However, there are minor differences in detail, which I will discuss in more detail later in the review. The scooter is constructed as follows:

Alfawise M1 vs. Xiaomi M365


The electric scooter uses two 8 ½ inch rubber tires, The front wheel is filled with air and consists of a reinforced rubber. The rear wheel is an "unplattable" solid rubber tire. According to Alfawise, the scooter remains mobile even with a flat front wheel for a few kilometers.

Engine and dual braking system

The 280 Watt Brushless Motor and how to keep it Anti-lock system (E-ABS) are integrated in the front wheel. The rear wheel is visibly one translucent brake, The braking process is indicated by a brake light on the protective cover of the rear wheel.

Here you can buy the Alfawise M1.

Stand board and battery pack

Footboard, T-handlebar and fork of the Alfawise M1 are made of metal. A rubberized surface ensures a secure footing. Inside is a LG18650 Li-ion battery pack (30 cells) with 280 Wh capacity, Charging socket and fold-out stand are located on the side of the footboard. The ground cover is the same as the M365 made of plastic. After Degree of protection IP54 the Alfawise e-scooter is protected against splashing water.

measurements and weight

Dimensions and weight of the Alfawise M1 are identical to the Xiaomi brand model. Unfolded, the scooter comes on one Size of 108 x 43 x 114 cm and an Weight of 12.5 kg, When folded, the 49 cm high scooter can also be transported in a load-bearing manner.

Alfawise M1 folding joint

Handlebar and control

The control unit of the scooter is integrated into the T-handlebar. In the middle is the Display with battery, driving mode and speed display, Below the display is the power button, about which the Driving mode (Normal or ECO) is controlled. The rubberized handles are removable. On the left handle is the brake lever including the bell. The right grip is the infinitely variable acceleration switches accommodated. In order to use the scooter in the dark, there is a small handlebar LED headlights, It should be noted that the handlebar is not height adjustable!

Alfawise M1 handlebar with display

Processing and delivery

The What's in the box is manageable. In addition to the scooter are a matching charger, two Allen key and a user manual included. The quality control leaves much to be desired. According to the instructions, four screws should also be included. Three of the screws were already attached to the scooter. Another screw, in this case the hinge screw, was missing! The quality of workmanship is below that of the Xiaomin M365, Above all, the joint of the handlebar feels in spite of identical construction and tightening the screws much more unstable.

Practical test of the Alfawise M1

driving behavior

The Alfawise M1 offers a to Xiaomin M365 similar driving behavior. Unfortunately, but makes the very fast Instability of the handlebar noticeable, which shakes slightly when driving. Remedy creates something hot glue, which is injected directly into the folding mechanism.

Due to the high weight of the scooter provides a proper grip. The tires feel comparatively hard, but can also cope well with uneven sections. The steering angle is not too big, so that curves are pleasant to drive.

Alfawise M1 running board


Like the Xiaomi scooter, the Alfawise uses a dual braking system made of E-ABS and rear-wheel disc brake. The braking At the beginning it felt a bit hard, but after a few kilometers it felt pleasantly grippy. The E-ABS prevents an abrupt blocking of the front wheel. The braking distance is pleasantly short. By Bremsrekuperation Energy is returned to the batteries.

Speed, incline and battery

The scooter is powered by an 280 Watt Brushless motor. The acceleration is infinitely variable. If the accelerator switch is pressed for more than 5 seconds, the speed-maintaining one automatically activates Cruise Control.

In standard mode is the maximum speed 25 km / h, Gradients can be up to about 15 ° depending on the weight of the driver. If you hold down the power button of the scooter, it automatically switches to the other driving mode. In ECO mode, the maximum speed is throttled to 15 km / h. The active driving mode, the remaining battery and the speed can be recognized by the LED display. Unfortunately, the display is very difficult to read outdoors and in the sunshine. A monitoring via app, as with the Xiaomin M365 possible, the Alfawise does not offer scooters.

Alfawise M1 brake light

The battery of the Alfawise Scooter consists of 30 LG18650 Li-Ion cells, which achieve a total performance of 285 Wh. On Battery Management System (BMS) controls the condition of the battery. The range of 30 km specified by the manufacturer is clearly too high. The range reached in the test was about 15 km. The actual range is strongly dependent on the individual driving style. In ECO mode, the scooter reaches a range of approximately 18 km. To fully charge the e-scooter you need almost 6 hours.

Where can you drive?

Maybe already in the Spring 2019 occurs the so-called "Regulation on the participation of electric vehicles in road traffic" in force. Then e-scooters may under narrow conditions also be used in Germany on public roads. The following requirements must be met by the scooter:

  • The e-scooter must not drive faster than 20 km / h.
  • The e-scooter must be equipped with a steering or handrail.
  • The e-scooter must be equipped with a front, a rear and a brake light, as well as with two independent brakes and a bell.
  • The e-scooter is insurable and must be marked accordingly.

There will not be a license for driving licenses and helmets. Since the scooters are classified in the future as electric bicycles, they may be used on bike paths and if not available on roads.

Price Comparison

You want to know where to buy the Alfawise M1 Scooter? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

9 € GearBest Coupon - Alfawise M1 e-scooter

With this GearBest coupon you can buy the product Alfawise M1 E-Scooter Reduced for only 296 €.
9€ Discount
Valid until 31.07

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Final Words


Attractive design
Easy handling
Safe and regenerative braking
Cruise Control
Eco mode


Quality control (missing screw)
Shaky handlebar
Outdoor display difficult to read
Manufacturer's specification of the range
No street legal

First impression
driving behavior

The Alfawise M1 scooter presents itself as a cheeky replica of the Xiaomi M365, probably the most popular e-scooter from China. Despite a very similar design and a similar equipment, the Alfawise Scooter can not keep up with the only slightly more expensive brand model. Especially in detail, the scooter lacks interesting functions, such as the smart app control. But also in terms of quality there are major criticisms. So lacked in the present test copy the essential joint screw, as well as the folding mechanism and handlebar compared to the brand competition significantly unstable and requires some modifications before the first ride.

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At the price completely uninteresting. I can import the M365 for the same price.


Where can I get the documents to insure this scooter?