Xiaomi Scooter M365 Review - Electric Folding Scooter

by 10. November 2019
Scooters are out. Today you drive e-scooter! Following the trend, Xiaomi released the foldable M2016 electric scooter in December 365. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Scooter is finally available as an import, which is why we insisted on subjecting the scooter to a detailed test. Our assessment and what to pay attention to, you will find in this review!



Xiaomi scooter M365


Type: electric scooter
Material: aluminum + plastic
Foldable: Yes
Protection class: IP54

Speed: max. 25 km / h
Engine: 250 - 500W
Torque: 16Nm

Battery: LG18650 EV 280Wh
Charging time: 5.5 hours
Distance: ~ 15 km

E-ABS: Yes
Brake: disc brake
Light: 1.1W LED
Size: 108 x 43 x 49 (114) cm
Weight: 12,5 kg

What's in the box

1x e-scooter
1x valve adapter
1x charger
1x charging cable
4x screws
1x screwdriver
1x user manual

First impression of the Xiaomi scooter M365

Shipping and delivery

Ding Dong, the mail has arrived! Rather, DHL Express, because that's how the Xiaomi Scooter was delivered. Nevertheless, the typical “Priority Line” shipping label from Great Britain was on the package. If you order via GearBest, there are two shipping routes. Shipping from the Chinese warehouse lasts the longest and can last up to 4 weeks. The reason is that the scooter is not by plane, but by train to Germany is delivered. Significantly faster, however, is the shipping from the Hong Kong Warehouse. The shipping time is here under 2 weeks!

You have more questions about the scooter? With it in the comments, or join the German Xiaomi M365 support group on Facebook!

To the Xiaomi Scooter Community

Unhindered arrived are of course the collapsed Electric scooter, One Chinese user manual, a set out 4 screws and screwdriver, valve adapter, as well as one Charger with power cable contain. The power cord typically has a NEMA-1 plug and can only be used with an adapter. Alternatively, a conventional 2-Pol power cable can be connected to the charger.

Xiaomi Scooter M365 | unboxing

Design and workmanship

The scooter awakens memories of the scooter hype 90er. However, the Xiaomi Scooter plays in a completely different league. Starting at the bottom, the electric scooter consists of two air-filled ones 8 ½ inch tread rubber tires with an inside diameter of 134 mm. The rear wheel is visibly one disc brake, A safe braking distance is additionally ensured Anti-lock system (E-ABS), The braking process is via an automatic Stoplight displayed on the protective cover of the rear wheel. The scooter is powered by one Brushless motorwhich is housed in the front wheel. The maximum power of the engine is 500 Watt.

Footboard or standboard, as well as the T-handlebar and fork are made of metal. The fork and the standboard are welded together. The upper side is that Rubberized board and thus ensures a secure footing. Inside the floorboard is the 280 Wh battery, The side is the charging socket placed, which is protected by a rubber cover. The entire scooter is by the way after the Degree of protection IP54 Protected from dust and splashed water.

About a foldout stand on the stand board, the 108 x 43 x 114 cm X and 12.5 heavy Xiaomi scooters even turned upright. When folded up, the electric scooter shrinks to a size of 108 x 43 x 49 cm and can therefore be transported while carrying.

The T-handlebar is the control center of the scooter. Here are the center of the Power switch including the 4 LED battery indicator and a front side LED light. On the left side of the rubberized grip are the Brake lever including bell and on the right grip of the infinitely variable acceleration switches, It should be noted that the handlebar is not height adjustable! Overall, the Xiaomi M365 scooter is of high quality. All ingredients are well made and leave nothing to be desired.


A manual is not needed for the construction, because the scooter is already almost ready for use after unpacking. Only the T-handlebar must be attached and tightened with the 4 included screws. A look into the manual does not hurt either, because this is largely illustrated and thus understandable even without knowledge of Chinese.

field test

beginner friendly

Climb aboard and drive off. The functions and operation of the Xiaomi M365 are largely self-explanatory. To familiarize yourself with the scooter, this can be used as a conventional scooter for starters. The brushless motor does not block the drive. The engine can also be switched on with some momentum. The infinitely variable acceleration switch can be pressed sensitively, so that the driving speed can be adjusted well according to personal feelings.

driving behavior

The Xiaomi e-scooter scores points with its outstanding and above all pleasantly safe handling. Due to the 8 ½ inch rubber tires with profile and the high weight, the scooter offers one proper grip and puts away cobblestones and other uneven roads easily. At the same time they are air filled tires but also pretty sensitive. According to other reports, many users of the Xiaomi scooter have captured a record after only a short time. Finding suitable replacement tires in this country could be quite difficult. With shipping from China, a spare tire costs about 20 €.

Notice: Meanwhile, there are many for the Xiaomi M365 Hard rubber tires or perforated tires on the market. From experience, however, it is not recommended, since damage can occur more quickly due to the hard road contact!

To the spare tire

To return to the driving behavior: Even at low speed can the scooter balance well and curves can be taken almost playfully by a low steering impact while weight shifting. For more security, one Limitation of the steering wheel impact.


According to Xiaomi, the scooter has one dual braking system consisting of a disc brake and an engine brake with anti-lock braking system (E-ABS). In the test convinced the scooter by a gentle, but still short braking distancewithout the wheels blocking abruptly. The disc brake itself can be readjusted via the easily accessible brake caliper. The brake light on the protective cover of the rear wheel is automatically triggered by the braking process. In the dark, the brake light is clearly visible, in the light, the brake light seems a bit too weak.

Speeds, gradients and battery

With a powerful 500W brushless motor equipped, reached the scooter in the test one Top speed of 26 km / h on a straight line. The speed was measured in the "Normal Mode", Smaller gradients are no problem for the Xiaomi electric scooter. Only at one Gradient of about 20 °, the scooter was noticeably lacking in power, so you had to dismount.

As a second operating mode, there are the so-called "Eco Mode", which can be activated directly on the scooter by holding down the power button. A green LED illuminates the active energy-saving mode. The mode is characterized by a lower acceleration and a reduced top speed from about 20 km / h.

The battery of the Xiaomi e-scooter consists of several 18650 lithium-ion battery packsthat a total of 285 Wh to reach. The measured mileage or range with a single charge was in normal mode maximum 15 kilometers and in Eco mode at about 18 kilometers. Xiaomi's 30 mileage range is definitely too high!


Hardly a gadget appears without app support today. The Xiaomi Scooter is also equipped with a Bluetooth module and allows connection to an Android or iOS device.

On the one hand, the Xiaomi M365 scooter can be connected via the Mi Home Appbut also about the Ninebot App, Here you have the choice of which surface you personally prefer. In terms of functionality, however, both apps are identical. Pairing through the Ninebot app was easier because no Mi user account is needed. As soon as the scooter is connected, you get information about the current speed, the battery level, the average speed and the current distance in kilometers.

In further menu items, among others, further information about the battery, mileage and other general information about the scooter can be called up. Furthermore, it is possible to update the firmware via the app. About the app, it is also possible the so-called "Cruise Control System" to activate. This is a cruise control system that automatically allows the scooter to maintain a speed set by the accelerator switch without having to operate it permanently. Pressing the accelerator switch or the brake again deactivates the automatic holding of the speed.

Another feature that can only be set through the app is the "Acceleration Mode". This mode does not determine the acceleration of the scooter, but how much energy is regenerated by braking. If you let the scooter roll out or operate the brake, the battery is charged by the released energy at the same time. You can choose between “Weak”, “Normal” and “High”. Other users of the Xiaomi scooter report that the battery can overload at the highest level, which can lead to a possible defect in the electronics. The mode was therefore left on “weak” in the test.

Where can you drive?

In Germany, the Xiaomi scooter is due to its design-related maximum speed of more than 6 km / h than motor vehiclewhy the general regulations of the StVZO and FZV apply. To be able to use an e-scooter, which counts as a motor vehicle in public transport, is a approval required, which the Xiaomi e-scooter does not have according to the current status. If there is an operating permit, e-scooters are usually classified as moped, which is why you would at least need a “moped driving license”. Furthermore, the e-scooter would be under the law on compulsory insurance for motor vehicle owners insurance, Who still leads the Xiaomi electric scooter in public transport, violates the general provisions of the StVZO, drives without a license and without insurance coverage! You can use the vehicle according to the current state only on demarcated, non-public land!

Update October 2018

From 2019 could Personal Light Electric Vehicles (Electric micro vehicles) are assigned to a separate vehicle class. So at least the previous plan of the Federal Government.

  • The design-related Top speed should be 20 km / h do not exceed.
  • The engine is allowed for unbalanced electric vehicles not more than 500 Watt afford, for balanced not more than 1200 Watt.
  • There is one compulsory insurance including insurance code.
  • It exists Bike path obligation to use.
  • The electric vehicle needs roadworthy be (braking, lighting system).

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Final Words


High quality
Attractive design
beginner friendly
Stable driving behavior
Safe and regenerative braking
Cruise Control
Eco mode
App support


Manufacturer's specification of the range
Weak brake light
No street legal

First impression
driving behavior

The Xiaomi Scooter is extremely fun and shines through its very good workmanship and a solid and above all safe driving. Equipped with a good brake system, a front light and a brake light, you would like to rumcruisen everywhere with the e-scooter. Please note, however, that the scooter has no operating permit and therefore may only be operated in Germany on non-public land!

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Nice, but what does a scooter bring me without being allowed to use it on the street?


Just like me: D. I work in a large warehouse and often travel by bicycle. I ordered the part privately, but I'll take it to work and test it there. If the battery lasts long I will use the scooter daily. Thanks for the coupon.


So, me again. The Xiaomi scooter arrived about a week ago. I bought it via GearBest and the delivery went smoothly. The included instructions were in Chinese, but I was able to build the part self-explanatory. Are even a few steps to the ready to drive condition. The entire presentation is damn good. Really a first-class workmanship that I did not expect. Since you really get an e-scooter of the price. I tested him at work in the camp. The colleagues have literally dropped their jaws when they saw the part. The handling is hard to beat and the brakes work the way they should. The battery is not quite the 30km but 20 are loose in my weight in it. What batteries are installed I can not say, because you would have to open the scooter. Otherwise, the part is charged quickly. For me on the... Continue reading "


He has an eMotor with no more than 250mW and is therefore NO motor vehicle. My goodness the myth should have finally arrived after 6 years times as a fake. Of course you do not need a driver's license, because according to BGBl. I S. 3044 it is a bicycle.


In other words, if someone builds an e-scooter that only picks up speed, if I move it myself with muscle power, and if it keeps that speed or slows down minimally, then there's an easier way for the scooter to gain approval can?


Poor Germany, I'm sick of patronizing! Cyclists are often so ruthless and are not prosecuted for anything. I live on a pure footpath where no cyclist descends. They drive on sidewalks, red lights and zebra crossings. Here you should introduce a driver's license. Most do not even know what they are doing wrong or see it as a trivial offense. They are allowed to do everything because they are so environmentally conscious and they are still doing something for their health. That's shit ... But for such a scooter I need a license? I'm just wondering if I'll buy the thing anyway and also violate the stupid law. If a guardian comes, you can still use the physical strength ????


Yusin, that's how I see it too. The officials have to patronize everyone. Because of servants of the people.


Hello I need some advice from you, I'm about to order The Xaomi. I would also like to use it for daily commuting to work. Now it unsettles me that have no approval and also get no later. Is this correct? Does any of you have any experience regarding the contact with the scooter and the police? Or did you notice something? If so, how did you react?
I really would like the scooter, it would annoy me so much ...
Thanks in advance.
... and a nice greeting from us Kölle 🙂


Hello, I saw that the scooter is now also available in your “Europe Version”. What's different? I wanted to order soon, but I'm not sure what to choose!


Hello, just before Christmas, after two months of delivery, I finally had my e-scooter at home. First driving impressions are absolutely positive - at least on a flat or steep slope. With gradients he probably does not have it (but I have to test something) ????
Now to my question: Via Bluetooth query via the Ninebot app as well as via the MiHome app, the maximum battery capacity “only” 7800.00mAh is displayed to me. Is that a false display or do I really have a small battery in it? According to the product description, the battery capacity should be 18650 mAh.


The order from the EU warehouse is already no longer possible.
I hope there is another opportunity in the near future to use the shorter shipping route.


Will there be a new coupon again soon? The one of the 05.01. no longer works.


Has anyone already got the EU version of the scooter running with the Ninebot app? For me it does not connect with the message “Unsupported device model”. So I have to use the Mi Home app ... Even with new firmware it doesn't connect. So far, there are only people who report about it, but no solution (?)


The Ninebot app can not be connected. Same mistake. I took the MI home app.


Today I run exactly 25,0 km in one go with runtasctic GPS measurement, so the manufacturer does not promise too much. It just depends on its own weight ????
Energy saving mode was not active by the way.


Ber coupon does not work. Either already expired or because the scooter at gearbest is already on sale for 5%. Am I doing something wrong?

Moppo The Clown

poor poor germany ... here in south-east asian I drive a dualtron limited 2 of the loose with 70kmh everything has 4 wheels and in the city drives overhauled. even steep slopes are negotiated with 50kmh. and that's all legal. poor poor germany ...


That may also make sense, that there are rules for certain things. For example, if riding a motorcycle without a driver's license was allowed and everyone did it, there would be huge chaos and more accidents on the roads.

Micha LPZ

Has any of you changed a tire? If yes, how does it work?


I have already enjoyed it. Had caught a nail and was allowed to exchange everything. You have to remove the red stripes on the wheels first. Behind it are the screws. Remove all and release the brake cable. Take out the wheel, deflate and then loosen the tire and hose as normal as a bicycle. But also pay attention to the valve. BGD


Where can I get tires in case of damage? Live in Spain - Málaga - and I've also bought such a thing. Also a possibility in Germany is ok.

An info from you would be great.



is there a new coupon for the xiaomi ?!

Martin Kukuk

Hello, voucher is no longer valid! There is no
Possibility to get a new one.

greetings Martin


Hi. I got caught with my scooter in Duisburg. Let's see what's coming home post.


Did a letter come?


Is there something new?


In the article is written that 30 Km mileage can not be achieved, that would be too high. In ECO mode I have already driven 28 KM and the battery was not empty. In Normal Mode I drive 22 KM to work and back every day. Most of the time along the river (living in Sankt Peterburg / Russia) When I get home the battery is not completely empty. I think it depends very much on how to move the scooter! As with the car, if you constantly accelerate and decelerate the oh more fuel - when smoothly gliding the consumption is much lower.
The scooter makes me happy to buy it again, only the folding mechanism of the handlebar is not perfect. He runs out with time.


Hi all,

I have just a Mi Xiaomi M365 Scooter betellt. Can I give a tip where I get spare tires if necessary? I live in Spain - Málaga -.

A short info would be great and I'm looking forward to the part.


Moin Moin from Hamburg.
I'm almost 3 digits in terms of my weight. 🙁 Does the manufacturer give a “user weight”?

Erik A.

Hello, I just do not know which scooter to buy. The M365 should be there first. Then I read from Ninebot ES1 and Ninebot ES2. Some of them should be even better? Which one can you recommend to me and what are the differences between the M365, ES1 and ES2? LG Erik

Miro creator

Hello, I also got a Xiaomi M365 EU version, I'm totally happy with it. However, I do not really drive him because of the non-admission. Now I've considered whether it would not be better to give it back and wait for the law to then buy an approved e-scooter. What do you say, do you change yours and wait?

Özi is Tyrol

Wait, then saw the part and send it in parts to our modest transport minister.
That's just how calcified pensioners deal with innovations. They are overwhelmed and are choking it.

Jcjcj ncjc

Can I drive uphill on a scooter? So how about an ebike? Sure the battery does not last so long - but would that work?


We have already bought the 2ter MI. Currently I'm looking for a wheel assembly instructions, because my tire is flat. My experience is actually good, but China! First Scooter: You could not load the battery after unpacking, was defective. But it was exchanged immediately and we were thrilled. 2te scooter did not have enough air in the rear wheel after buying it, unfortunately we did not see that as a big problem. Unfortunately, after we found that the hose a kl. Loch we had brought him back to the seller, and he returned as a repair. After exactly 3 weeks he was back but the main bar was totally scratched. Now we are waiting for him 5te week. My experience is: When the battery is full, you have a real powerhouse and even climbs he masters despite my tight 90 kg. when the battery goes back to 2 LED, it probably switches to ECO state then it's going to be soft... Continue reading "