Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro - GTX 1050 Max-Q Version

by Timo3. August 2018
Xiaomi has presented an upgrade to the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro at the annual ChinaJoy trade show. Nothing came of the expected "Xiaomi Mi Notebook 2 Pro"! Mainly under the hood was upgraded by the notebook through a dedicated Nvidia GTX 1050 Max-Q.



Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (2)


Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Diagonal: 15.6 inches
Contrast Ratio: 800: 1
Brightness: 300 cd / mยฒ

CPU: Intel Core i7-8550U
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620 + Nvidia GTX 1050 Max-Q
RAM: 16GB DDR4 RAM (Dual Channel)
Internal memory: 256GB PCIe SSD

2x USB Type-C
2x USB 3.0
1x SD (UHS-II)
1x headphone jack

Capacity: 60 Wh
Runtime: up to 11 hours
Charging time: 90 minutes
Quick Download: 1C Quickcharge

WiFi: Dual Band AC WiFi (2.4 + 5GHz)
Bluetooth: BT 4.1
Speaker: Harman Infinity
Fingerprint scanner: Yes

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro - GTX Edition

In China, a successor of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro was already expected for several weeks. The local technology websites have already reported from "Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2", a comprehensive revision of the previous model. At this year's "ChinaJoy" Xiaomi has now let the cat out of the bag. From a comprehensive revision of the notebook was nothing. Rather, the new "GTX Edition" is one smaller hardware upgrade.

Xiaomi ChinaJoy Presentation and Presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 2 Pro

The previous design line remains true to Xiaomi. The design of the new Notebook Pro is identical to the design of the previous model. Essential design features is a simple one Unibody metal case, without any distracting manufacturer logo. Adapted was the Height of the notebook, This one is with 16.9mm exactly 1 mm higher than that of its predecessor (15.9 mm). There is no change in the keyboard. This is still of the type Chiclet and illuminated. Below the keyboard is the glass trackpad with fingerprint sensor.

The Xiaomi Gaming series has also undergone a significant upgrade.
To the Xiaomi gaming notebook

The system-on-chip is a Intel Core i7-8550U, a 2017 published in summer Quad-core processor specially designed for notebooks and ultrabooks. The 4 processor cores of the SoC clock in Basic clock with 1.8 GHz and reach in Turbo a clock rate with up to 4 GHz, The integrated graphics card is an Intel UHD Graphics 620. The performance of the SoC depends very much on the cooling. Furthermore, there is a weaker version with Intel Core i5-8250U Processor. This 4-Kerner clocks in the basic clock with 1.6 GHz and reaches in the turbo a clock rate of 3.4 GHz.

Specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 2 Pro

New is the dedicated graphics card. The Nvidia MX150 of the predecessor has Xiaomi against a faster Nvidia GTX 1050 Max-Q replaced. Unlike the traditional GTX 1050, the Max-Q is optimized for notebook use and works accordingly more efficiently. At the same time, the graphics unit is also 10 - 15% slower as a usual GTX 1050! Experience has shown that the GTX 1050 Max-Q is suitable for one or the other current PC game, provided you reduce the graphics settings accordingly. Crucial is how well Xiaomi has adapted the cooling system to the new graphics card.

This is what the notebook looks like

The storage facilities amounts to one 16GB / 8GB DDR4 RAM (Dual Channel) and one 256GB PCIe SSD data storage, An additional one SD memory card slot with UHS-II interface promises transfer speeds up to 312 MB / s. Also on board is the Stereo loudspeaker system "Harman Infinity", The display will resolve at a diagonal of 15.6 inches in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). Dual-AC WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 provide fast wireless connectivity.

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In short, the question: How did you know that the laptop has an SD card slot with UHS-II interface? The predecessor was only connected via USB-II and very slow. And do you know if the USB-C ports support TB3?