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Xiaomi x Leica Optical Institute Hero

Xiaomi and Leica establish research institute for revolutionary smartphone camera technology

Xiaomi and Leica have jointly launched the Xiaomi x Leica Optical Institute to reshape the future of smartphone photography. On February 25, Xiaomi will unveil the new Xiaomi 14 Ultra, which promises unprecedented optical quality in mobile imaging.

Xiaomi x Leica Optical Institute

Xiaomi and Leica plan to fundamentally change the way we take photos with our mobile devices by developing a new industry standard for optical performance. The collaboration focuses on the philosophy behind imaging, advanced technologies and an optimized user experience.

The institute combines the strengths and core competencies of both companies and focuses on four main areas: creating high-precision optical lenses in a compact design, maximizing the performance of computational photography, adhering to the most stringent optical standards, and researching and applying the latest optoelectronic technologies.

Xiaomi 14 Series Teaser

Over 200 experts, including industry leaders such as renowned optical designer Peter Karbe from Leica and leading minds from Xiaomi such as Zeng Xuezong, are working together to achieve these goals. This also includes the construction of three state-of-the-art laboratories in Beijing dedicated to the development of camera hardware, imaging technology and the objective and subjective assessment of image quality.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra, which will be presented later this month, represents the first major step in the implementation of these new standards. Xiaomi promises “unprecedented optical performance” for this flagship smartphone that will set new standards in mobile photography. The official presentation of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is scheduled for February 25th at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona.

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