The UMI Divoix DV550 in-ear in the test

by 28. December 2015
The DV550 is the premium model of the Divoix series. This has dynamic dual drivers with detachable cable. Whether this system is good, how the sound is to judge and whether the DV550 overall was up to my expectations, I'll tell you in my test.



UMI Divoix DV550


Model: DV550
Headphone Type: In-ear
Driver unit: Dynamic Moving Coil
Driver size: 10mm + 6mm
Rated transmission range: 10Hz-20kHz
Diaphragm size: φ9.2mm
Impedance: 16 Ω ± 15%
Sensitivity: 98 ± 3dB
* Cable length: 1.2m, removable
* Connection: 3.5mm

What's in the box

1x DIVOIX DV550 headphones
1x metal case
1x Operating Instructions
6x 2 silicone earpads

Review of the UMI Divoix DV550 In-Ear's

First impression

The DV550 was delivered in a beautiful metal box, which is also suitable as a transport box due to its slim design. In the box were the separate earphones, the 1.2m long cable with remote control, 6 pair of ear tips in three different sizes, a pair of so-called foam tips, which were already on the earphones and an instruction manual in English.

The specifications listed on the product page differ slightly from the specifications printed in the operating instructions. According to the operating instructions, the DV550 has a dual driver unit with an 10mm woofer and an 6mm tweeter, an impedance of 6 '+ - 15%, a sensitivity of 100 + -3dB, a power of 2mW as well as a frequency range from 10Hz to 20kHz.

UMI Divoix DV550 Test - Case

The round housing of the DV550 is made of aluminum and looks well processed. As a standard earpads are so-called foam tips on the earbuds, which adapt perfectly to the ear and also provide an improved grip. The only disadvantage of these foam tips is that they are difficult to clean due to the slightly adhesive surface.

The earphones can be easily connected to the cable. The connector is also fixed, so that unintentional separation is possible only with force. The direction marking is located at the respective plug connections and is easily recognizable, at least in the case of light.

The cable of the DV550 is rubber coated. Here, however, I would have liked a textile-reinforced cable. In the middle is a small remote control including a microphone. The remote control has a one-button system. Among other things, this can be used to regulate the playback, pick up calls and hang up or even refuse. The 3.5mm jack plug is gold plated.


I can only describe the sound of DV550 with 'wow'. The headphones are tuned very warm and as usual in the Divoix series, this in-ear was also supplied with a lot of power. The bass is powerful with this headphone. With strong I mean really strong! You really notice the woofer in your ear. Especially friends of electronic music will enjoy this headphone.

The mids and heights are still not lost with this headphone. Although some of the strong sound predominates and in some pieces you would certainly want a neutral headphones yet you can hear soft music with the DV550.

For action-packed films, this in-ear is also excellent. A distorted sound or a scratching I could not find in my audition.

Final Words


Insane scope of delivery
Powerful sound with rich bass
Dual-drive units
Good workmanship


Thin cable

First impression
everyday practicality

The DV550 fully lived up to my expectations. The range of accessories with the 7 pair of ear tips, which also differ in size, appearance and shape, can hardly be topped. Despite the good range of accessories, I must mention that it was not so easy to even get to the accessories. The ear tips, but also the cable and earphones are so firmly embedded in the foam insert of the metal box, that it is difficult to find out the individual parts.

The processing of the DV550 is good, but I would have liked a textile coated cable. The rubber sheathed cable looks pretty thin, but as far as the durability is concerned, I can only judge after a long-term test.

The sound just blew me away in bass-heavy music. The in-ear has a lot of power and sounds pretty good with every music genre. Nevertheless, I would prefer a more neutral headphone for so many pieces.

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