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Samsung galaxy z fold

News about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - fold the second!

It seems the Galaxy S20 will not be the only novelty that Samsung will release on February 11.02.2020th, XNUMX. Samsung will likely release a cheaper alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

After Samsung with the Galaxy Fold X has already landed a big hit, the manufacturer now wants to attract even more customers with a new concept and lower prices.

According to Max Weinbach, insider and writer at XDADevelopers, the Galaxy Z Flip will be launched on February 11.02.2020, XNUMX. Weinbach also suspects that the smartphone will be sold exclusively, but only temporarily, by AT&T in the USA.

The name of the newcomer was also unclear at the beginning. Initially, the name Galaxy Fold 2 was used. Later, however, it is suspected that it should be called Galaxy Bloom. This name was even mentioned by Samsung CEO DJ Koh.

The leaker IceUniverse then corrected the various statements and made it clear that the name Galaxy Bloom was only the project name and that the smartphone should be called Galaxy Z Flip on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Flip Z

This is how the Galaxy Flip Z should probably look. Source: LetsGoDigital

The display will be interesting...

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip should not be unfolded vertically like the first generation. Instead, Samsung has considered unfolding the cheaper successor horizontally.

The smartphone format is already known from Motorola. With the RAZR you have already published the first smartphone with a portrait folding display. They put on a 6,2-inch screen.

The new type of smartphone from Samsung will have a 6,7-inch display installed. Thus, the display of the Galaxy Z Flip is 0,5 inches larger than that of the Motorola RAZR.

An Inifity-O-Display is expected to be installed. So an almost borderless screen that only has the cut-out for the camera.

The display should also be made of so-called “Ultra Thin Glass”, which should be foldable and even more robust than conventional displays. The glass should be between 25 and 210 micrometers thin.

We know that, don't we?

A dual camera will probably be built into the new housing of the Galaxy Z Flip. The main lens should have 108 MP, whereby a 5x optical zoom is to be installed. In addition, the camera should be able to record 8 K videos.

We already know this camera to share from the Galaxy S20, which is in the starting blocks. The same camera module is to be installed in the new top smartphone from Samsung.

More innovations

Another special feature is the always-on display on the back of the phone. The display should be able to show the battery level, the time and notifications.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 should work in the case of the Galaxy Flip. The working memory is expected to be 12 GB of RAM. The internal memory should be 512 GB and not expandable. Samsung will apparently release a less powerful variant. 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of working memory should be installed.

The smartphone should get a 3300 mAh battery installed, which should reach the battery life of the Galaxy S10.

So far, it's all speculation. But at the latest when the Galaxy Z Flip is on the market, we know more about it.


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