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Samsung SmartTag 2: More robust, better tracking and longer battery life

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy SmartTag 2. The tracker is not only intended to find lost keys or pets, but also offers a number of new features and improvements compared to its predecessor.

New "Lost" mode and improved app

The biggest innovation of SmartTag2 is the "Lost" mode, in which users can store their contact information. Those who find a SmartTag2 can then scan it with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet and thus obtain the contact information.

Samsung SmartTag2 contact information

Telephone numbers, email addresses and notes can be stored as contact information.

The SmartThings Find app has also been updated, now offering a more intuitive interface and a full-screen map view. A special feature is the improved compass view, which shows users the direction to the SmartTag2.

However, the prerequisite for using the Samsung SmartTag2 is the use of a Galaxy device with Samsung Android OS 9.0 or higher. Anyone who uses an iPhone or another Android cell phone is left out.

Redesigned ring shape design

The design of the SmartTag2 has been completely revised. The new model comes in a compact ring shape and is lined with metal on the inside to increase durability. Samsung has eliminated one of the biggest criticisms of its predecessor, namely not being adequately protected against dust and water, with the IP67 classification.

Samsung SmartTag2 ring design

The SmartTag2 is available in white and black.

The SmartTag2 is therefore better protected from water and can therefore also be used outdoors without any concerns. By the way, the tracker weighs just 13,75 grams. Light enough to be attached to your four-legged friend's collar, for example.

Long battery life and encrypted data

In energy saving mode, the battery can last an impressive 700 days, while in normal mode it can still last for 500 days. For comparison: the battery of an Apple AirTag needs to be replaced about once a year.

Samsung SmartTag2 compass

The compass function shows the direction to the SmartTag2.

Samsung emphasizes user privacy through encryption and additional security layers such as Samsung Knox. The “Unknown tag alerts” function also protects against unauthorized tracking. When “Lost” mode is deactivated, all personal data is promptly removed.

Price and availability

The Galaxy SmartTag2 will be available in stores from October 11, 2023 and is offered in black and white at an RRP of 39,90 euros.

There is also an attractive promotion for bargain hunters: Anyone who buys a Galaxy SmartTag2 during the promotion period can purchase each additional SmartTag2 for just 29 euros. A pack of 4 Galaxy SmartTag2s is available at a promotional price of 129,90 euros, with an additional SmartTag2 included free of charge.

Source: Press Release

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