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Niubility B14S product image

Niubility B14S e-bike for €689

72° 589€ 620€ (-5%)
Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 1. November 2023

With this GOGOBest offer you can buy the Niubility B14S electric bike for only €589 instead of €620! Shipping takes place directly from the German warehouse within 2-5 working days. There are no additional costs for this item.

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Niubility B14 product details

The wait is over: The Niubility B14S and thus the successor to the popular one Niubility B14, is finally available on the market. One of the most striking innovations is the removable additional battery, which is shaped like a drinking bottle.

Niubility B14S e-bike from the side

Still compact, but new design and can only be folded on the handlebars.

Design and construction

When designing the B14S, Niubility deliberately omitted the folding mechanism of the previous model. On the one hand it's a shame, on the other hand it gives the e-bike more stability. Despite the lack of a folding mechanism, the B14S remains one of the most compact e-bikes in its class. The dimensions are 124 x 48 x 110 cm, which makes it easy to transport and fits in the trunk of most cars.

Niubility B14S e-bike chain

The Niubility B14S is a single-speed bike and therefore without gears.

Drive and engine

The Niubility B14S is equipped with a 400W brushless motor that brings high performance potential to the road. According to the manufacturer, the motor is characterized by low noise and high efficiency. The low energy loss helps the driver cover more kilometers per charge.

You should definitely pay attention to where you operate the B14S. In European countries in particular, the maximum permissible motor power of an e-bike is limited to 250W.

Niubility B14S e-bike from behind

Mudguards, reflectors and a brake light are available.

Battery and range

The B14S offers two battery options that the driver can choose between using a switch. The permanently installed battery has a capacity of 8,7 Ah, while the removable bottle battery has a capacity of 6,4 Ah. Both batteries are completely waterproof and dustproof, allowing for a safe ride in a variety of conditions.

Niubility itself states the range in purely electric mode as up to 60 km. In assisted mode, the range increases to more than 70 km.

Niubility B14S e-bike disc brakes

There are mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear.

Other functions

  •  Smart LCD Display: This display keeps the driver updated on important data such as speed, mileage and gear position.
  •  14 x 2,125 inch tires: These tires are specially designed for urban areas and offer a safe ride thanks to their wear-resistant and non-slip surface.
  •  Brakes and safety: The B14S is equipped with mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear axles. These ensure rapid heat dissipation and automatically cut off power in an emergency to ensure maximum safety.
  •  Suspension system: The front suspension and rear shock absorption (HLT 800) are designed to provide high comfort even on uneven terrain.
Niubility B14S E-Bike HLT 800 suspension

Despite its compact size, the B14S has excellent suspension.

With these diverse features and the innovative dual battery system, the Niubility B14S is an interesting option for anyone who is looking for a robust yet flexible e-bike. Although the lack of a folding mechanism limits transportability, the improved construction and expanded functions make the B14S an interesting vehicle.


General Brand: Niubility
Model: B14S
Type: E-Bike / Pedelec / electric bike
Leistung: 400W
Battery: 15,1Ah / 48V
Parameter Range: 60 km (electric) to 70 km (pedelec)
Speed: 25 km / h
Incline: up to 25 °
Load capacity: max. 120kg
Dimensions Weight: 22 kg
Size: 124 x 48 x 110 cm
What's in the box Contains: 1 x e-bike, 1x charger, 1x tool, 1 x English user manual

Niubility B14S reviews

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Assembly Instructions

How to assemble Niubility B14S

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