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Comeback of the OnePlus smartphones in Germany!

After OnePlus smartphones disappeared from the German market in summer 2022 due to patent disputes with Nokia, the company is now celebrating a strong comeback. Also in the bag is the brand new OnePlus 12 and the foldable OnePlus Open, which are now available in Germany.

OnePlus comeback in Germany

Recently we received the news that...  OPPO and Nokia reach an agreement in their protracted patent disputes  have found. Both companies confirm future cooperation in a mutual agreement. OPPO is now allowed to use Nokia's 5G technologies again, but at the same time is obliged to make additional payments.

After this report, it was actually already foreseeable that OnePlus would find its way back to Germany. As a subsidiary of OPPO, OnePlus also benefits from this agreement. However, it remains unclear whether OPPO will also return to Germany in the near future. It may only be slowly getting closer to European business again.

These devices are available now

Available now are the OnePlus 12 (949 euros) and OnePlus Open (1.799 euros). Both represent the latest flagship models, with the OnePlus Open standing out as the brand's first foldable smartphone.

In the mid-range segment, the OnePlus Nord 3 (449 euros), Nord CE 3 Lite (269 euros) and OnePlus 12R (699 euros) are available in Germany. Additionally, the highly anticipated OnePlus Pad (499 euros) is available, a tablet with an exceptional 7:5 aspect ratio and a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

Sales are currently only taking place via the official OnePlus store. Other retailers such as Amazon or MediaMarkt have not yet included the devices in their range, at least at this point in time.

Source: OnePlus DE

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