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OPPO and Nokia two smartphones shake hands and come to an agreement

OPPO and Nokia end patent disputes – A new start for the European smartphone market?

OPPO and Nokia have settled their patent disputes and entered into a licensing agreement. This means that OPPO, but also other brands such as OnePlus, vivo and Realme, will return to the German market.

OPPO x Nokia

Nokia had already sued the Chinese smartphone giant OPPO for patent infringement in the summer of 2021. In more detail, it was about two patents that related to technical processes for improving audio signals and efficient data transmission in mobile networks.

The Mannheim Regional Court and the Munich Regional Court ruled in favor of Nokia, whereupon OPPO and OnePlus withdrew from parts of the European and German markets at the beginning of 2023. Vivo and Realme finally followed in the summer. This meant that four major brands suddenly disappeared from the German market, leaving a big gap in the local smartphone landscape.

The recent agreement between OPPO and Nokia, resulting in a bilateral 5G licensing agreement, marks an important turning point. The agreement stipulates that OPPO will pay license fees to Nokia, including back payments for the period of non-payment during the litigation.

 Jenni Lukander from Nokia Technologies sees this agreement as an expression of mutual respect for intellectual property and a confirmation of Nokia's commitment to research and development and its contribution to open standards. According to Lukander, the deal will provide long-term financial stability to Nokia's licensing business.

 Feng Ying, OPPO's Chief Intellectual Property Officer, highlights the importance of the agreement for future cooperation between the two companies, particularly regarding the cross-licensing of 5G standard patents. He emphasizes OPPO's commitment to fair royalties and a constructive approach to resolving disputes.

Nokia plans to recognize revenue from this deal starting in the first quarter of 2024, which is in line with the company's forecasts. Nokia's extensive patent portfolio, which includes over 20.000 patent families, including over 6.000 patents essential to 5G, plays a central role in driving innovation and developing new technologies.

 The question still remains open as to whether, when and how OPPO will return to the German market. The company has not yet commented on this. 

Source: OPPO and Nokia

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