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Anker SOLIX solar bank E1600 product image

Anker SOLIX solar bank E1600 for €799

79° 799€ 1038€ (-23%)
Updated by Julian Maas on the 27. March 2024

With this Anker offer you can buy the Anker SOLIX solar bank E1600 1600Wh | Buy 800W for just €799 instead of €1038!

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Anker SOLIX solar bank E1600 product details

Currently there is the balcony power plant storage  SOLIX solar bank E1600 from Anker for an unbeatable 799 euros instead of the regular 999 euros.

The storage is compatible with most microinverters and is therefore supported by a wide range of balcony power plants. In the simple plug-and-play principle, the memory is clamped between the solar module and the microinverter via MC4 plug connections. The installation takes just 5 minutes and does not require a specialist.

Anker SOLIX solar bank E1600 savings

Savings of up to 2670 euros are possible.

Long-lasting LiFePO4 cells are installed, which Anker promises a service life of 15 years. This corresponds to approximately 6000 charging cycles, almost twice as many as the industry average. With a capacity of 1.600 Wh, which can be increased to 3.200 Wh with an additional module, a considerable amount of solar energy can be stored.

In the event of a power failure, continuous supply is guaranteed. Anker specifies the maximum input power as 800 W and the manufacturer specifies the input and output current as a maximum of 30 A.

Anker SOLIX solar bank E1600 lifespan

The memory has a lifespan of 15 years.

The memory module, measuring 42 x 23,2 x 24 cm and weighing 20 kg, is protected according to protection class IP65. External influences such as rain and dust cannot harm the SOLIX solar bank E1600. The solar storage system is also smart.

The storage can be integrated into the Anker app via wireless Bluetooth and 2,4 GHz WiFi connection and transmits data on consumption, storage and savings directly to the smartphone.

Anker SOLIX solar bank E1600 IP65

Well protected from rain and dirt.


data Brand: Anchor
Model: SOLIX solar bank E1600
Type: Storage
Battery type: LiFePO4
Capacity: 1.600 Wh
Input power: 800 W.
Output power: 30A
Connectors: MC4
Software: app
Water protection: IP65
Dimensions Weight: 20 kg
Size: ‎42 x 23,2 x 24 cm

Anker SOLIX solar bank E1600 test reports

 German review 

Anker SOLIX solar bank E1600: THE storage for your balcony power plant for maximum self-consumption

Solar #47 Review Anker SOLIX solar bank E1600

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