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With this offer you can at Gearbest is VIOMI SE vacuum robot for only 259 € instead of 276 € to buy! Shipping is free of charge from the German warehouse. There are no additional costs for this item.
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Update 16. October 2020

Gearbest has the VIOMI SE vacuum robot again reduced in the offer. With the discount code made available to us, the price is reduced to 259 Euros. The VIOMI SE performed very well in various test reports and competes with other, sometimes more expensive models in the price range up to 400 euros. Shipping is convenient and free of charge directly from Germanyso that there are no further costs to the buyer. Simply call up the code above and enter it in the shopping cart.

VIOMI SE buy cheap on offer.

VIOMI SE robot vacuum cleaner (1)

Xiaomi's sub-brand "VIOMI" has a new vacuum robot. The VIOMI SE Vacuum Cleaner could turn out to be a real price-performance hit, because the vacuum robot offers considerable equipment for less than 300 euros. With only 9,45 cm the vacuum robot is a little flatter than the competition and therefore fits better under furniture and other obstacles. The VIOMI SE takes gradients up to 2 cm height. You practically don't have to worry about carpet edges that are too high. The vacuum robot can cope with this.

VIOMI SE vacuum robot LDS 2.0 and Y-mopping

On the technical side, VIOMI SE offers a sophisticated one Laser navigation (LDS 2.0)that maneuvers the robot hoover safely around objects and obstacles. In total there are 12 sensors on the device that can detect objects, landings and other obstacles and prevent accidents. Of the SLAM algorithm creates a precise room map in combination with the LDS scanner. Up to 5 room cards The VIOMI SE vacuum robot can save and compare it with the environment. If you want to clean several floors, this is no problem for the vacuum robot.

VIOMI SE vacuum robot SLAM and room card

The suction power is included 2200 Pa and can be adjusted in 4 levels. The noise development is limited at less than 72 dB. Fine and coarse dust will be efficient in that 2-in-1 dust and water container caught. The container is divided into one 300 ml dirt chamber and one 200 ml water tank. An electric water pump ensures that the water is evenly distributed. So called Y-mopping 2.0 increases the efficiency of the cleaning process.

VIOMI SE vacuum robot 2200 Pa and Mi Home app

An area of ​​approximately 200 sqm clean. Converted into working hours, this corresponds 90 - 120 minutes. As soon as a charging process becomes necessary, the VIOMI SE automatically returns to the charging station. The robot hoover is fully charged in around 3 hours. The robot vacuum cleaner is managed via the Mi Home App, via which the room map can be called up and restricted areas can be set up on request.


dataBrand: VIOMI (Xiaomi)
Model: SE
Type: Robot vacuum cleaner with LDS 2.0
Cleaning modes: SLAM
Cleaning area (sqm): up to 200 m²
Floor types: carpets, tiles, wood up to 20 mm
Dust container volume: 300 ml
Water tank: 200 ml
Suction power: 2200 Pa
Energy intake: 33W
Volume (dB): ≤72dB
Battery: 3200 mAh
Charging time: 3 hours
Operating time (hours): 90-120 minutes, depending on the mode
DimensionsWeight: 4,4 kg
Size: 35,00 x 35,00 x 9,45 cm

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