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Offer: The Roidmi X20 NEX vacuum cleaner from 325 €

Roidmi X20 NEX cordless vacuum cleaner for € 259

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 3. March 2024

With this coupon you can buy the Roidmi X20 NEX cordless vacuum cleaner from Geekmaxi for only € 259 instead of € 279! Shipping is free of charge from the dealer's German warehouse. There are no additional costs for this item.

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Roidmi X20 NEX product details

Simultaneous suction and wiping function

The Roidmi X20 NEX is a cordless battery vacuum cleaner with simultaneous suction and mopping function. The vacuum cleaner is suitable for hard floors as well as carpets. The mopping attachment is designed so that it can be quickly and easily attached to the main brush. If you just want to vacuum, you simply remove the mopping attachment. The floor nozzle is equipped with an electric drive with which the cordless vacuum cleaner sucks up stubborn dirt and dust. Depending on the type of floor, the roller can be exchanged for a carbon fiber brush and a softer velvet brush. An LED bar enables vacuuming even in dark corners.

Roidmi X20 NEX cordless vacuum cleaner design

High suction power

The high suction power of the Roidmi NEX is guaranteed by the brushless Engine-X motor with a speed of 120.000 rpm and a nominal power of 435 watts. Roidmi specifies the suction power as a remarkable 23.500 Pa. Despite the powerful motor, the noise level is below 72 dB. The Air-X filter system prevents the finest microparticles from being released into the air. 99.99% of dirt remains trapped in the 400 ml dust chamber.

Interchangeable battery

A highlight of the Roidmi X20 NEX is the exchangeable battery. The running time depends on the respective suction mode. There are three modes in total. In standard mode with approximately 12.000 Pa suction power, the running time is up to 60 minutes. In the middle mode, the so-called boost mode, the Roidmi cordless vacuum cleaner achieves a suction force of 17.000 Pa. The runtime is still a reasonable 38 minutes. In turbo mode with full suction power, you can still run for 10 minutes. The respective battery level can be read directly from the indicator LEDs on the vacuum cleaner. The 2.500 mAh battery is charged within 2 1/2 hours. The wall bracket is also a charging station.

Roidmi X20 NEX cordless vacuum cleaner scope of delivery

App support

The Roidmi X20 NEX can be connected to the Mi Home app via Bluetooth. The suction power can be adjusted in 3 stages via the app, you get an overview of the remaining battery life and firmware updates can be received and uploaded directly via the app. The question that remains is, does a cordless vacuum cleaner really need an app?


data Brand: Roidmi
Model: Roidmi X20 NEX (Storm)
Type: Cordless vacuum cleaner with wiping function Suction power: 23.500 Pa
Motor: brushless with up to 120.000 rpm
Runtime: up to 60 minutes
Floor types: carpets, tiles, wood
Dust container volume: 400 ml
Volume (dB): ≤72dB
Energy consumption: 145AW
Dimensions Weight: 2,6 kg
Size: 119,1 x 25,9 x 15,8 cm

Roidmi X20 NEX reviews

ROIDMI X20 NEX Test German ► High-performance battery vacuum cleaner (25000 PA!) With wiping function | Review

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