Amazfit X - Smartwatch with curved display is coming!

by Timo30. April 2020
There's something new from Huami. Maybe not that new, because the manufacturer had already presented the product to the public at IFA 2019. We're talking about the Amazfit X, one of the most futuristic smartwatches of the time. After a long silence, the smartwatch appeared on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch

Update 23. September 2020

The first backers of the Indiegogo campaign received their Amazfit X Smartwatch a few days ago. So is a member of ours Amazfit group on Facebook.

Amazfit X Smartwatch Backer

Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether and when the futuristic smartwatch will go on sale. As soon as new information follows, you will find the update in this post!

Crowdfunding in the original sense is actually a Financial instrumentto support projects without a financial background and thus make them possible. The brave ones who get involved are the so-called “backers”. Meanwhile, crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo, not just small startups on the go, but also companies that don't need such swarm financing at all.

This is what the Amazfit X smartwatch looks like.

Such companies mostly use "crowdfunding" as Marketing toolto generate media attention. Incidentally, why Huami chose Indiegogo is at the end of the Funding page. There, the manufacturer explains that before the market starts, you want to test how successful the product is with the bakers. Early Birds can Amazfit X from 137 euros "to bake". The shipment should be in August 2020 respectively. Brave before !?

Curved AMOLED display

What makes the smartwatch so special is that 92 degrees curved, 2.07 inch AMOLED display. The Amazfit X hugs the wrist like a bracelet. The specifications of the Curved display have it all. With a Dot density of 326 PPI the display is razor-sharp, which is why individual pixels should hardly be visible to the naked eye.

The Amazfit X offers more than 40 watch faces.

The AMOLED display type ensures special strong colors and one high contrast. The high display brightness is also particularly interesting. The one specified by Huami Luminance of 400 Nit enables the display to remain legible even outdoors, especially when the sun is shining.

Pure touch operation

Huami attaches great importance to the Amazfit X. "Button-free" Design. So there are no control knobs that could affect the symmetrical design in any way. The operation takes place purely via the Touchscreen of the display and a side Sensorwho recognizes touches.

The Amazfit X offers these functions.

Oxygen saturation (SpO2)

Many Amazfit fans have been waiting for this function. The Amazfit X is able to Blood oxygen levels (SpO2) to eat. It is measured with the Pulse oximetry method, in which the skin is illuminated with the help of light (infrared) and the arterial oxygen saturation is determined. Another health feature is that Heart rate measurement. Huami has installed a particularly large PPG sensor for even more precise results. The heart rate can be measured continuously, 24 hours a day.

The Cruved Display of the Amazfit X Smartwatch.

9 sport modes, PAI and widgets

Sporty users overall 9 sports programs to the side. This also includes two swimming programs, because the Amazfit X is waterproof up to 50 meters and can stay on the wrist while swimming. Outdoor runners also get their money's worth. GPS and GLONASS ensure that the route is recorded precisely.

Sports management via smart watch and app.

PAI stands for Personal activity intelligence and is the smart fitness coach that can be found on the smartwatch. PAI creates a personal fitness and health profile from the data collected. Other functions are a sleep monitor, Stress level monitor and memories motion. Like all other Amazfit wearables, the Amazfit X is a smartwatch with proprietary Amazfit OS. The installation of apps is not possible, but users can more than 40 widgets choose. The Amazfit app serves as an interface for the preparation and management of the collected data.

7 days battery life

Not only the display is curved, but also the battery. As a result, Huami is able to install a larger battery, which on average up to 7 days works without reloading. The is loaded 200 mAh Battery via a magnetic 2-pin charging connector. The charging time is approximately 2 hours.


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