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Amazfit Balance Special Edition Wellness Wonderland Hero

Amazfit Balance Special Edition appears and reinforces environmental awareness

The Amazfit Balance is now available as a special edition in four new colors. Zepp Health reinforces its sustainability initiative by investing part of the proceeds into European reforestation projects.

The market launch was celebrated in a “Wellness Wonderland” pop-up store in Berlin, which invites you to visit until December 09th.

The Amazfit Wellness Wonderland was created in collaboration with the Siciliano Contemporary Ballet. Valentina Migliorati, one of the dancers, highlighted the role of Amazfit Balance in improving the dancers' physical and mental health. By providing live data on physical exertion and preparedness, the smartwatch supported dancers' performance and artistic inspiration.

Amazfit Wellness Wonderland in Berlin

The Amazfit Wellness Wonderland features live performances by the Siciliano Contemporary Ballet

The Amazfit Balance offers extensive functions that promote physical and mental well-being:

  • Comprehensive analysis of mental and physical fitness and measurement of body composition for a deeper understanding of your own physical and mental strengths.
  • An artificial intelligence-powered sleep coach and relaxation tools, provided by the Zepp Aura wellness and sleep service (9,99 euros per month / 49,99 euros per year).
  • The AI-based Zepp Coach and a Zepp Fitness membership (3,99 euros per month / 29,99 euros per year) help users optimize their physical health and fitness.
  • Contactless payment via Zepp Pay, enabled by Amazfit's collaboration with various Mastercard banks, offers convenience in over 30 European markets.

As a special edition, the smartwatch comes in four new, nature-inspired colors – Woodland, Meadow, Lagoon and Deep Sea Blue.

The ecological aspect of the new special edition is particularly noteworthy: the watch is delivered in 100% environmentally friendly packaging and part of the sales proceeds (2 euros) are donated to support reforestation projects in Europe.

The initiative is carried out in collaboration with One Tree Planted, a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to reforesting areas in Europe affected by deforestation.

Amazfit Ballance Special Edition Flyer for donation to One Tree Planted


The Amazfit Wellness Wonderland in Berlin will open its doors daily from 9:2023 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. until December 20, 00. There, visitors can not only experience the ballet performances of the Siciliano Contemporary Ballet, but also retreat to relaxation areas and take part in creative workshops.

The Amazfit Balance Special Edition is now available at a non-binding price of 249,90 euros. Further information is available on the official website  Amazfit website  and on the company's social profiles.

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