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Amazfit partners with Komoot: navigation and adventure planning right on your wrist

When technology meets adventure: The integration of Komoot into Amazfit smartwatches opens new doors for adventurers for navigation and route planning.

Integration of Komoot

Owners of a current Amazfit smartwatch can now look forward to a new feature. In addition to the existing compatibility with apps like adidas Running and Strava, Amazfit has now also shaken hands with the popular navigation app “Komoot”. This new collaboration aims to optimize the navigation experience for outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers.

Models like the rugged Amazfit T-Rex Ultra , the Amazfit Cheetah designed for frequent runners and the versatile GTR 4 and GTS 4 now support navigation via Komoot. Users can create their routes directly in Komoot and then load them onto their smartwatch via the Zepp app.

But it's not just about navigation. At the end of a tour, users can share their data and stunning photos from the tour highlights with the large community of over 30 million Komoot adventurers.

Shared commitment to the planet

Finally, a notable note: both Amazfit and Komoot are aware of the importance of environmental protection and sustainable action. This commitment was manifested in June 2023 when Amazfit launched the Amazfit T-Rex 2 Ocean Blue (Special Edition) with a refurbished strap and 100% eco-friendly packaging.

Zepp Health, the company behind Amazfit, also supports coral reef restoration in Indonesia through a partnership with non-profit organization Coral Guardian by donating US$10 from every sale of this special edition.

Source: Press Release

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