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Xiaomi MITU Building Blocks robot

Xiaomi MITU “Building Blocks” DIY robot

Shortly before Christmas, Xiaomi surprises with a new gadget that should be of particular interest to the nerds among us. The so-called MITU Building Blocks robot is a smart toy with an intelligent core. What is meant by this, more about that in this article!

Xiaomi MITU "Building Blocks" robot

Xiaomi MITU test

Overall 978 parts

If you like LEGO or Fischertechnik, you will also like the Xiaomi MITU robot. With a total of 978 parts, you can let your imagination run wild when assembling. For those who prefer to assemble the parts according to the blueprint, Xiaomi provides a total of 3 building proposals, which are a conventional robot, a raptor and an airplane. The Xiaomi MITU cannot fly, but the heart of the MITU, an ARM Cortex-M3, enables interesting and at the same time smart functions.


The Xiaomi robot is controlled and programmed via the Mi Home app, which we already know from other Xiaomi products. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The Xiaomi MITU can be controlled via the so-called “joystick mode”, in which control is carried out using two virtual joysticks that appear on the display. Alternatively, there is also a control option by tilting the smartphone or tablet. However, the prerequisite is that the control unit also has a gyroscope. Another option is the “Path Mode”, in which an individually defined route is traveled. All movements are balanced by the gyroscope integrated into the robot, so that the MITU can be driven upright. The motors are two brushless motors that run at a maximum of 170 revolutions per minute.

Xiaomi MITU Robot Review


Programming skills are not required for the Xiaomi MITU. According to the modular principle, individual functions and sensors can be activated or deactivated, connected in series or configured. Programming takes place directly via the Mi Home app and is synchronized with the robot via Bluetooth or WiFi. A 32MB flash memory is available for this.

Sensors and power supply

In addition to the already integrated gyroscope, other sensors can also be connected to the Xiaomi MITU. Among other things, an infrared sensor, an ultrasonic sensor and an RGB color sensor will be available after the start of sales. The robot is equipped with 4 USB Type-C sockets to connect the sensors. It is not yet known which other sensors are compatible and when they will be available. Power is supplied by a 1.700 mAh battery. Xiaomi itself promises runtimes of up to 12 hours.

Xiaomi MITU items

Product page of the manufacturer:

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  1. Bjoern

    23. March 2023 10 to: 43

    Hello Timo,

    do you know where I can use the additional sensors?

    Have a nice day.

    • Timo admin

      23. March 2023 13 to: 52

      Hi Bjorn,

      I didn't follow that product for a long time but maybe you can find them on Aliexpress.


  2. Bjoern

    20. April 2023 12 to: 51

    Hello Timo,

    Thank you for your answer. I bought one. But the sensor cannot be paired with the control unit.
    Additional the App on Google Play is so old that you can't install it. And the Robot without App do not work.

    Have a nice day.

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