ThiEYE V5e (V5) Test - Action Cam with Filter System

by 19. October 2016
The ThiEYE V5e is an action cam released in September by the eponymous manufacturer "ThiEYE". Based on a modular filter system, this camera breaks new ground in the field of Action Cams and wants to conquer the market. Whether the ThiEYE V5e, sometimes under the name V5 to find, in practice convinced, you can read in this review



ThiEYE V5e / V5


Image processor: Ambarella A7LS75
Image sensor: IMX206
Display: 2 inch LCD
Outputs: Mini USB, Micro HDMI
SD card: SDHC up to 64 GB
Battery: 1180mAh

Video resolution:
2304x1296 @ 30p
1920x1080 @ 60p / 30p

Image Resolution:
16, 14,12, 8, 5, 3, 2,1,2 - Megapixels

* WiFi and App
*Time lapse
* Self-timer
* Loop Recording
* App-Control

What's in the box

1x ThiEYE V5e
1x UV filter
1x filter holder
1x USB cable
1x cleaning cloth
1x user manual

First impression of the ThiEYE V5e

What's in the box

Action Cams from China are usually delivered with a number of accessories. The ThiEYE V5e on the other hand dispenses with an extensive range of accessories and is only with one UV filter with holder, One Mini USB cable, One 1180mAh battery, One cleaning cloth and a multilingual user manual delivered. On a waterproof housing or brackets waived the manufacturer. These must be bought separately. Also additional filters are not included!

Design and workmanship

When designing the ThiEYE V5e does not differ from conventional China Cams. The Shell size is 60 x 41 x 32 mm at a Weight of 85g, The front consists of Metalwhereas the rest of the housing is off Plastic in carbon look consists. Overall, the processing is neat. Unclean processed areas or gaps are not found.

The ThiEYE V5e is operated over a total of 4 control buttons, The front is the Powerwho have an additional, circular LED indicator has. On the top of the housing is the confirmation keywhat a recording can be started about. Are located laterally two arrow keys, with which one navigates through the menu, zooms the picture or by long pressing the WLAN of the Action Cam turns on. A total of 4 LED indicators provide information on the current status of the camera. On the back is a 2 inch large LCD display. The battery bay is mounted on the bottom of the housing. Next to it is a tripod thread as a mounting option. The Action Cam can be connected via a Micro HDMI socket and Mini USB socket.

filter system

Highlight of the ThiEYE V5e is to be a modular filter system. Unscrewing the golden lens border, the UV filter can be screwed together with threaded fastener. In the test, the filter was unscrewed without problems. The thread runs without play and grabs soft. The difference between recording with or without filters, however, hardly makes itself felt. Rather, the filter is suitable for protecting the lens. Unfortunately, other filters are not available yet.

Commissioning and user interface

Commissioning is uncomplicated. Insert the battery and the camera is ready to go. Micro SD memory cards come with a maximum capacity of 64GB recognized. In the manual, all the steps that are necessary for commissioning, explained in detail again.

After turning on the camera, you are in the Video recording mode, In addition to the Live picture output You can find more information about the remaining recording time, the video mode, whether the microphone is active and information about the remaining battery capacity. From the home screen you can then switch to photo mode, the gallery and the settings.

settings menu is clearly arranged and the navigation is easy by hand. Both for video recordings, as well as photos, the resolution can be freely selected, there are Setting options for exposure and white balance, Unfortunately, the menu item "Language" did not work with the preinstalled firmware, which is why the language could not be changed. Overall, the firmware is also much in need of improvement. Crashes during the current recording were not uncommon in the practice test!


The ThiEYE V5e is with a WiFi module fitted. If you activate the WLAN of the camera and connect with a smartphone or tablet to this WLAN, the camera with the ThiEYE HD App being controlled. The app is available for Android and also iOS devices in the respective AppStores.

About the app, the same settings can be made, which can be made directly from the camera. In addition, you can see the live image of the ThiEYE V5 via the display of the connected device. Recordings can be accessed wirelessly, as well as recordings can be shared through the app.

Picture and sound quality

Equipped is the Action Cam with a Ambarella A7LS75 image processor and a Sony IMX206 image sensor, Videos are included maximum 2.3K at 30 pictures-per-second added. With a resolution of 1080p are maximum 60 pictures-per-second possible. Pictures are with maximum 16 megapixels recorded. The field of view is 170 °.

The video quality is convincing and comparable with recordings of the Xiaomi Yi (1 generation). Whether in good or bad lighting conditions, the picture noise is limited. In strong sunshine, the pictures are a bit too pale. Even the UV filter could hardly remedy this situation.

ThiEYE V5 (V5e) Review - Unboxing, hands-on and test recording with the action camera [Deutsch / German]

The ThiEYE V5e surprised me with the recorded sound. The microphone picks up clearly. Even with a larger shooting distance, the recorded sound remains clear. Noise, such as wind noise, is filtered well.


Despite the comparatively large battery with a Capacity of 1180mAh, the achieved maturity is rather average. At a resolution of 1080p with 60 pictures-per-second becomes a Running time of about 90 minutes reached. Charging can be done within the battery 2 ½ hours.

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Final Words


microphone quality
video quality
quality of workmanship
App support
tripod thread


Low scope of delivery
Hardly any accessories available
Firmware in need of improvement

First impression
User Interface
video quality
picture quality
Battery life

The ThiEYE V5e impresses with its good recording quality and especially with its excellent microphone quality. The firmware is in need of improvement, but ThiEYE is known to provide regular updates. However, the ThiEYE HD app is well implemented and greatly facilitates the usability.

Criticism can be practiced on the low failing delivery. At least a watertight housing would have been desirable. In addition, so far it is not clear when the matching accessories will be available.

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