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ThiEYE T5e T5 Action Cam review

ThiEYE T5e (T5) Review – Real 4K Action Cam

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on February 16, 2022

At the end of 2016, the Chinese action cam producer "ThiEYE" released its first action cam - "ThiEYE T4e" - which recorded native 5K. In the meantime we have also been able to get an idea of ​​this camera. Whether the Action Cam was able to convince us, more about that in this review!

Our rating

First impression of the ThiEYE T5e

What's in the box

Since the ThiEYE V5e, which we have already been able to test, the manufacturer has significantly reduced the accessories provided. Nevertheless, the scope of delivery for the ThiEYE T5e should not be underestimated. In addition to a waterproof housing, 2 batteries are included. You only have to do without an extensive set of brackets. All that is included is a housing holder with a matching clip and adhesive pad. The scope of delivery also includes two additional loose adhesive pads, a cleaning cloth, a micro-USB charging cable and a multilingual operating manual.

ThiEYE T5e (T5) Action Cam Review / Test - Part 1 | Unboxing + 1080p sample

The Action Cam is available under two product names. In addition to the ThiEYE T5e, there is also the ThiEYE T5 model. There are only differences in the packaging. The entire scope of delivery and the camera are identical!

Design and workmanship

ThiEYE remains true to the typical "SJ4000 design", which has just prevailed at China Action Cams. Due to slight design adjustments such as the shimmering front with manufacturer logo, ThiEYE T5e can stand out from other manufacturers' products.

The power button and two indicator LEDs are located on the front. To the right is the 170 ° wide-angle lens with F2.8 lens. The housing frame is rubberized. The illuminated confirmation button is located on the top. The exposed connection options, consisting of a micro-USB socket, a micro-HDMI socket and a micro-SD memory card slot are located on one of the sides of the housing. The opposite side of the housing is equipped with two additional control buttons. These are used for menu navigation. On the back there is a 2 inch LCD color display and two additional indicator LEDs. The battery bay was placed on the underside of the case. This can be opened via a spring mechanism, which at the same time prevents the battery cover from being lost. The battery compartment is protected against unintentional opening by a locking function. Another interesting addition is the ¼ inch tripod thread, which is located directly next to the battery compartment. An additional indicator LED has also been placed on the underside of the housing.

The processing of the ThiEYE T5e, as well as the accessories is not to be criticized. The camera body is clean and without gaps. The same applies to the enclosed waterproof housing.

Commissioning and user interface

To use the camera, you only need to insert one of the batteries and a micro SD memory card. The manufacturer recommends memory cards with a maximum 64GB capacity. In the test, an 128GB U3 memory card was easily detected.

The Action Cam's user interface is clearly laid out. After switching on the ThiEYE T5e you are already in video mode. The live image output provides extensive information on the recording settings. In addition to the resolution, the aspect ratio and the number of images per second, you also get information about the charge level of the battery, whether the microphone is active, how much storage capacity is available, and information about the date and time.

Use the power button to change the recording mode. In addition to the video mode, there is also a photo mode, which also includes the information already mentioned above. One click further and you land in the gallery. The captured video and image recordings can be played back directly on the 2-inch display. In addition, recordings can be deleted via the gallery.

Settings can be made in the settings menu down to the smallest detail. In addition to specific recording settings, such as resolution, image stabilization, AWB, exposure or ISO, there are also setting options for further recording modes, such as scene modes, a time-lapse mode or burst mode.

But there are also general settings for WiFi, Bluetooth, the microphone, the language or the date and time. Here is an overview of the possible resolutions that can be selected. This alone shows how extensive the settings menu is.

 Video resolution: 3840x2160@30p - 16:9, 3840x2160@25p - SuperView, 2880x2160@30p - 4:3, 2704x2028@30p - 4:3, 2704x1520@30p - SuperView, 2704x1520@30p - 16:9 , 2560x1440p@ 60p - 16:9, 2560x1440p@30p - 16:9, 1920x1440@60p - 4:3, 1920x1440@30p - 4:3, 1920x1080@120p - 16:9, 1920x1080@100p - 16:9, 1920 x1080@60p - 16:9, 1920x1080@30p - 16:9, 1920x1080@60p – SuperView, 1920x1080@30p SuperView, 1280x960@120p - 4:3, 1280x960@60p - 4:3, 1280x960@30p - 4:3, 1280 720x240@16p -9: 1280, 720x200@16p - 9: 1280, 720x120@16p - 9: 1280, 720x60@16p - 9: 1280, 720x30@16p - 9: 1280, 720x120@1280p - SuperView, 720x30@XNUMXP - SuperView

 Image resolution: 16M (4608x3456 - 4:3), 14M (4254x3264 - 4:3), 12M (4000x3000 - 4:3), 8.3M (3840x2160 - 16:9), 5M (2560x1920 - 4:3), 3M (2048x1536 - 4:3)


The ThiEYE T5e is equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi for wireless connection. The connection to the ThiEYE HD app is established via the camera's WiFi. This can be activated via the settings menu. For the sake of security, the SSID and password of the camera can be set individually.

Before you can use the app, you have to connect to the camera's WiFi using your smartphone or tablet. If you start the app, a connection to the Action Cam is automatically established. The live image from the camera should now be displayed via the app. In the test, it was not possible to display the live image from the camera despite the stable connection. The live image output did not work even with a connection to another Android smartphone.

Camera settings made via the app are detected by the camera. It is also possible to access the inserted SD memory card. The different recording modes can be selected directly via the app. Overall, the app is clearly designed and would be a working feature with live live image output a nice feature for remote recordings.

Video, picture and sound quality

Let's get to what is probably the most important point - the recording quality. The ThiEYE T5e is equipped with a 12 megapixel Sony IMX117 image sensor and an Ambarella A12LS75 image processor. The image sensor used here is also used in the GoPro Hero 4, among others. The camera records videos natively with a maximum of 4K resolution.

ThiEYE T5e (T5) Action Cam Review / Test - Part 2 | 4K video sample

The video quality can be described as good in a few words and comes close to the quality of a GoPro Hero 4. Compared to a GoPro Hero 5 or Yi 4K, the ThiEYE T5e lags a little behind in terms of equipment and recording quality. Recorded video material impresses with strong colors, pleasant sharpness and a high degree of detail. The sound quality, however, is less convincing. Although the microphone is well tuned, which means that distant noises can also be captured well, all sound recordings are covered by a slight background noise.

Again, the selection of effect filters that can be placed directly over the image is positive. In addition to various art filters, there is also the option of recording videos and pictures in black and white and as a negative. Videos are recorded in MP4 format with the h.264 codec (LV4.2). The image quality is also convincing. A loss of detail can only be seen in poor lighting conditions.


The battery of the ThiEYE T5e has a capacity of 1100 mAh. Unfortunately, the battery does not have a typical size, which is why, for example, a SJCAM battery does not fit into the ThiEYE Action Cam. Buying batteries not directly from the manufacturer could be difficult! However, it is gratifying that ThiEYE includes two batteries in the scope of delivery.

The battery life is average. With a 4K resolution, the battery lasted exactly 58 minutes. A recording time of 1080 minutes was possible on 83p. The charging time is 2 ½ hours. 

ThiEYE T5e T5 Action Cam review

ThiEYE T5e (T5)


Good workmanship
Two batteries included
WiFi and Bluetooth
Extensive setting options
Native 4K recording possibility
Good picture and video quality
Scene modes and effects
Microphone range


Battery life
Noise in video recordings
Faulty app


The ThiEYE T5e impresses with a good recording quality, which comes very close to a GoPro Hero 4 Black. The user interface shines through numerous adjustment and recording options. On the other hand, the ThiEYE HD app, which can not be fully used due to faulty live image output, was less convincing. The low battery life is criticized.

If you can do without the extensive functions of a GoPro Hero 5 or Yi 4K and are looking for an inexpensive action cam with decent recording quality, you should also take a look at the ThiEYE T5e.

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  1. TheSvenBert

    31. March 2017 22 to: 44

    Thanks for the review! Great for me. I'm looking for an action cam up to € 120 and got stuck with the T5e. I hope you can help me with my decision. Here are my questions. How does the quality compare to the more expensive Yi 4K? Do I have to buy special brackets for the T5e? Which memory card do I need for 4K? I hope you can help me. I need the camera in three weeks and wanted to order the day after tomorrow at the latest!

    • Timo admin

      3. April 2017 12 to: 22

      I don't want to downplay the recording quality of the T5e, but the quality of the Yi 4K is a bit better. Even if the differences are not too big now. You could of course get a U3 memory card for 4K, but a normal U1 will also work. Because of the brackets, you can use the normal GoPro / SJCAM sets. Only the waterproof case is adapted to the T5e. But that's already included in the scope of delivery.

  2. Mr.Bert

    27. April 2017 20 to: 53

    Hey What about an external microphone? My current Git2 supports this, is that also the case with the T5e?

    • Timo admin

      27. April 2017 21 to: 18

      Hi, you can't connect an external microphone.

  3. theCrisa

    30. April 2017 20 to: 11

    Quite a successful review! Thanks for that!

    I ended up here by chance. I would like to make it right that the app has been showing a live image since April 8th at the latest (since then I have had the T5e available) - I succeed without exception and without any problems. The delay is an estimated 0,5 seconds; you can live with that.

    The various setting options are truly enormous. Unfortunately, the quick start guide doesn't really provide much. Is there a "real" instruction manual (German or English) that deals with the numerous setting options? For evidence, I would be very grateful!

    By the way, so far I've been very satisfied with the T5e!

    • Timo admin

      1. May 2017 12 to: 14

      Thanks very much. I will check it again with the live picture. There may have been an update for the app in the meantime. Unfortunately, there is only the “Quick Start Guide”, a “User Guide” or “Manual”, as it is available for older models, is unfortunately not available for this cam here.

  4. tedsen

    6. February 2018 07 to: 55

    Hi all.
    I bought the Action Cam and was also very satisfied. Unfortunately, the screen does not come on after the second use. The "ON button" lights up blue and the cam turns on, but unfortunately it only shows a black screen. Can someone help me?

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ThiEYE T5e (T5)


Image processor: Ambarella A12LS75
Image sensor: Sony IMX117
Display: 2 inch LCD
Outputs: Mini USB, Micro HDMI
SD card: SDHC / SDXC up to 128 GB
Battery: 1100mAh

 video Resolution 
3840x2160 @ 30p @ 25p - 16: 9 / SuperView
2880x2160@30p - 4:3
2704x2028@30p - 4:3
2704x1520 @ 30p - 16: 9 / SuperView
2560x1440@60p@30p - 16:9
1920x1440@60p@30p - 4:3
1920x1080 @ 120p @ 100p @ 60p @ 30p - 16: 9 / SuperView
1280x720@240p@200p@120p@60p@30p -16:9 / SuperView

16M (4608x3456 - 4: 3)
14M (4254x3264 - 4: 3)
12M (4000x3000 - 4: 3)
8.3M (3840x2160 - 16: 9)
5M (2560x1920 - 4: 3)
3M (2048x1536 - 4: 3)

* WiFi, Bluetooth and App
*Time lapse
* Self-timer
* Loop Recording
* App-Control
* Motion Detection

What's in the box

1x ThiEYE T5e
1x housing
1x bracket
1x bracket clip
2x adhesive pad
2x battery
1x charging cable
1x cleaning cloth
1x user manual