[Update] Roborock S6 MaxV - All information about the AI ​​vacuum robot!

by Timo23. November 2020
A new Roborock vacuum robot will be coming to Germany in June! The Roborock S6 MaxV is not only the new premium model, but also the most intelligent Roborock vacuum robot. The new ReactiveAI provides more intelligence, which in conjunction with a stereo camera effectively recognizes obstacles and evades them. You can find out what other innovations the S6 MaxV has to offer in the following article.

Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum

Update 23. November 2020

Bei Media Markt and Saturn there is currently the S6 MaxV for particularly cheap 499 Euros. Click here for the Saturn offer and here for Media Markt offer.

Update 15. June 2020

The Roborock S6 MaxV is now available. Cyberport lists the smart vacuum robot with ReactiveAI for 599 Euros. Delivery takes place within a few days! Media Markt has also listed the vacuum robot. However, the price there is 679,99 euros.

To the Cyberport offer

Update 03. June 2020

There is new information about Sales start of the Roborock S6 MaxV. Media Markt has added the vacuum robot to the range. He is regularly listed there for 679,99 euros. The current discount campaign gives it 100 euros cheaper for 579,99 Euros. However, one should note the delivery date. Accordingly, the robot vacuum cleaner is first from the end of August available!

Roborock S6 MaxV at Media Markt from August.

We originally assumed that in China as Roborock T7 presented robot vacuum cleaner comes to Europe as Roborock S7. As it now turns out, Roborock has slightly different plans for the local market. Instead of a Roborock S7, the manufacturer presents us with one Roborock S6 MaxV. A look at the data sheet reveals that it is roughly a further developed Roborock S5 Max. The vacuum robot should already be available in June at a price of 649 euros.

The Roborock S6 MaxV in black with a new stereo camera.

Stereo camera and ReactiveAI

The most obvious innovation is that Stereo camerathat effectively detects obstacles in the direction of travel. What the camera sees is changed by the new one ReactiveAI processed. The heart of the AI ​​is one Qualcomm APQ8053 chip. This is one, especially for Machine Learning Tasks, customized IoT processor. The ReactiveAI is constantly learning and is able to classify objects not only by position and size, but also by categorize. The ReactiveAI knows how to recognize lying around shoes, cables and even dog piles and how to deal with them accordingly. If an object is not recognized, it will be avoided as a precaution.

The ReactiveAI of the Roborock S6 MaxV knows exactly what is in front of it.

So that the ReactiveAI does its job precisely even in the dark, the stereo camera is with one Infrared Sensor fitted. At the same time comes the proven LiDAR navigation system that we already know from other Roborock vacuum robots. But how about that Privacy Policy out? Roborock promises the recordings not saved, not copied and not loaded into the cloud will. After the ReactiveAI has processed the recording, it is deleted immediately.

This is what the camera of the S6 MaxV looks like. The two sensors are easy to recognize.

25 percent more suction power

The Roborock S6 MaxV is not only the smartest, but also the most powerful Roborock vacuum robots. In comparison to the Roborock S6, the suction power of the new model has been increased 2500 Pa raised. This corresponds to an increase of 25 percent. Roborock gives the maximum runtime 3h at what in turn for cleaning a 240 m² of space enough.

SnapMop wiping system

This is also new SnapMop wiping system. It is an attachable 297ml water tank with electrically controlled water delivery. A full tank is sufficient for an area of ​​200 m². The Water distribution can be set specific to the room using the Roborock app. So that carpets stay dry, there is the function of automatic anti-wipe zones.

Floor storage and water zones.

Floor storage and no-go zones

Multiple floors are no problem for the Roborock S6 MaxV. Up to 4 cards or floors can be saved and are available in the Roborock. The robot vacuum detects the change of floor automatically. Exclusion zones (Virtual Wall) that the robot vacuum should not run over can be conveniently drawn in using the Roborock app.


What is your opinion on the Roborock S6 MaxV? From there in the comments or in the Roborock fan group!

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It all sounds great, but I wouldn't buy a robot vacuum for more than € 400. I'm very happy with my S5 and I don't think the S6 MaxV is so much better. But I'm still curious how good it works with this camera. Do you have another test?


Hello, I actually wanted to buy the S5. After thinking about it, I ended up with the S5 Max because it offers this better wiping function. Now this is even better. I have a lot of hard floors. Wiping would certainly not be wrong. Which Roborock can you recommend to me?


Hello, I wanted to buy the robot vacuum, but it is not available anywhere. Where can I order it?


Thank you, I had read the note.

Thomas S.

Hello guys, there are already some tests on the Saugi on the net. Some read that the additional camera is good, others think it doesn't work well or would be unnecessary. What's your opinion?

Helmut Schwarten

Hello, is there any new information about when the vacuum robot can be bought?


When I click on the link to MM it is not available.