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Roborock Zeo One washer dryer News Hero

Roborock Zeo One: Smart washer dryer now available again

Roborock added a washer-dryer to its range for the first time last year. The Roborock Zeo One cleans and dries laundry with innovative technology in the usual Roborock quality.

Roborock Zeo One

Roborock is actually known for its smart vacuum cleaners, but with products like the Roborock Zeo One, the household brand is cautiously venturing into other product segments. After the Zeo One was sold out in the meantime, it has  MediaMarkt and Saturn are now back in the range for 1.299 euros.

Roborock Zeo One with family

Washing and drying in one device.

The washer-dryer is advertised with its innovative Zeo-Cycle™ technology, with which Roborock makes conventional drying processes look old.

In contrast to the usual dryer, the Zeo One achieves drying success at significantly lower temperatures. Water vapor is absorbed in a double air circulation path, which means that laundry is dried particularly gently and protected from shrinkage. The process is monitored by intelligent NTC sensors that check the temperature 100 times per second during drying.

 The advantages of the Zeo One over separate devices 

  •  Space saving: The Zeo One combines a washing machine and dryer in one device, saving valuable space, especially in small apartments.
  •  Energy Efficiency: Zeo-Cycle™ technology makes the Zeo One potentially more energy efficient than standalone dryers.
  •  Comfort and user-friendliness: The combination of washing and drying in one device, as well as control via app, significantly increases the ease of use.

 Disadvantages compared to separate washing machines and dryers 

  •  Capacity Limitations: While the Zeo One can wash up to 10kg of laundry, it is limited to 6kg when drying. This could lead to restrictions in households with a large amount of laundry.
  •  Efficiency at high loads: The inability to wash and dry at the same time can create bottlenecks in households with heavy laundry volumes.

The Zeo One also wants to score points in terms of user-friendliness. The Roborock LintClear™ self-cleaning system makes manual emptying of the lint filter unnecessary, as the lint is led directly into the wastewater via a separate water pipe.

Roborock Zeo One with child and wife

Simple operation via app and touch display.

You also no longer have to worry about the dosage of detergent and fabric softener. The Zeo One independently doses the amount of cleaning agent required based on the weight of the laundry. The smart washer-dryer with its 27 washing and drying programs is controlled either via the large touch display or via the Roborock app.

data sheet

 Model   Roborock Zeo One 
 capacity  10 kg washing / 6 kg drying
 Detergent capacity  580 ml detergent / 420 ml fabric softener
 Washing performance  2000 W
 Dosage  Automatic / Manual
 Drying performance  1600 W
 antibacterial  Ja
 WiFi  Ja
 App  Roborock app
 self-cleaning  Ja
 washing programs  ECO40-60, cotton, synthetic, wool, fast, anti-allergen, app, bed, 20°C, spin, rinse and spin, self-cleaning
 App programs  Mix, Refresh, Down, Silk, Baby, Sport, Disinfect, Night, New Underwear, Underwear, Gentle, Intensive, Season, Warm
 Colors  Black-and-white
 Height Weight  59,5 x 85 x 66 cm, 83 kg

Source: Press Release

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