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Roborock S7 header

Roborock S7 vacuum robot now for 449 euros!

The Roborock S7 is currently the most powerful vacuum robot model from Roborock. The new features include the improved “Sonic Mopping” function, ultrasonic carpet detection and the floating solid rubber main brush, which catches dirt better and ensures more contact with the ground.

Roborock S7

Offer (February 16, 2022)

The Roborock S7 (without suction station) is currently available from GShoppper at the offer price of only 449 euros. Shipping is free within a few days from Germany.


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With the Roborock S7, Roborock is sending a new top-of-the-range robot vacuum model into the race again this year. In contrast to last year's Roborock S6 MaxV, they say goodbye to the smart stereo camera and rely on an improved wiping function and solid rubber brush.

Roborock S7 test

Before we look at the Roborock S7 in detail, let's take a look at the technical data and compare them with the Roborock S5 Max and the Roborock S6 Max V.

Comparison: Roborock S7 vs. S6 Max V vs. S5 Max

 Model   Roborock S7   Roborock S6 Max V   Roborock S5 Max 
 suction  2.500 Pa 2.500 Pa 2.000 Pa
 Volume (max)  67 dB 67 dB 65 dB
 dust container  470ml 460ml  460ml
 water tank  300ml 290ml 290ml
 Battery (runtime / charging time)  5200 mAh (3 hours / 5 hours) 5200 mAh (3 hours / 6 hours) 5200 mAh (2.5 hours / 5 hours)
 Slope  2 cm 2 cm 2 cm
 Size:  35,3 x 35,0 x 9,65 cm 35,3 x 35,0 x 9,65 cm 35,3 x 35,0 x 9,9 cm
 Weight  4,7 kg 3,7 kg 3,5 kg
  •  Sonic mop function with VibraRise 
  •  Ultrasonic carpet detection 
  •  Improved main brush (solid rubber / ground contact)
  •  Roborock auto-emptying station 
  •  childlock 
  •  Card storage 
  •  Zone cleaning 
  •  Stereo camera 
  •  ReactiveAI obstacle avoidance 
  •  Electric water tank 
  •  Card storage 
  •  Zone cleaning 
  •  Electric water tank 
  •  Card storage 
  •  Zone cleaning 

Solid rubber main brush

The Roborock S7 does not reinvent the vacuum robot, but scores above all through improvements. One of these improvements is the new main brush with a ribbed solid rubber design. Spiral lamellas and better traction ensure that fine and coarse dirt is captured even more effectively.

Roborock S7 solid rubber brush

Main brush with better contour following and solid rubber brush

According to Roborock, the new brush copes even better with annoying hair tangles. At the same time, the brush is more durable and long-lasting. The suction power remains unchanged compared to the Roborock S2.500 MaxV at 6 Pa.

Sonic mop wiping function with VibraRise

The wiping function has so far only been a casual topic for many robotic vacuum cleaners. After the classic water tank and electric water dispenser, Roborock would like to further improve or expand the wiping function. The new Sonic mop wiping function with VibraRise technology promises better wiping results. The mop attached on the underside scrubs the floor with up to 3000 movements per minute. An electronic 300 ml water tank takes care of the precise water delivery.

Roborock S7 Sonic Mopping and VibraRise

Sonic mopping with up to 3000 movements per minute / VibraRise lifts the mop.

Roborock has improved carpet detection so that wiping does not fail on carpets. Ultrasound can now detect carpets with exceptional accuracy. If the vacuum robot drives over a carpet, the new "VibraRise" technology is also activated. VibraRise automatically lifts the mop so that vacuuming and parallel wet mopping are possible without interruption.

New app functions

The Roborock app also benefits from the new functions of the Roborock S7. Carpets are now drawn on the room map and the user gets a real-time insight into the wiped and vacuumed areas. Settings for wiping intensity can be specified via the app interface according to user requirements. Functions from previously released Roborock models, such as multi-map management, zone division or smart voice control via Alexa, Google Home and Siri, are also available for the Roborock S7.

 Smart suction station 

The Roborock auto-emptying station is brand new and only appeared a few months ago. Instead of manually emptying the dust container after each suction process, the dirt ends up in the dust bag of the suction station at the end of the suction process. A 15-cyclone design empties the robot vacuum completely automatically.

The dust bag (6 liters) only needs to be replaced about every 1,8 weeks. This is not only much more convenient than constant emptying by hand, but also particularly allergy-friendly. A multi-stage filter system prevents even the smallest particles with a size of 0,3 micrometers from remaining 99,99% in the container and not being released into the ambient air.


 What is your opinion on the Roborock S7? From there in the comments or in the Roborock fan group

Price Comparison

iconGerman warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
iconGerman warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
iconGerman warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
iconEuropean warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
iconEuropean warehouse
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iconGerman warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
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  1. Sabine

    12. January 2021 11 to: 24

    Hello, do you think the brush of the Roborock S7 can be combined with the other Roborock models? I have the S5 Max and with two daughters in the household, hair is constantly getting caught in the brush. I would be happy if you could try that out. LG

    • Timo admin

      12. January 2021 12 to: 59

      Hi Sabinchen, unfortunately there is no information available yet. As soon as I know more, I'll include it in the post.

  2. bee

    20. January 2021 09 to: 49

    Madness, I'm looking forward to it: D. I've been toying with the S5 Max the whole time, but now I'd rather wait and get the S7 :).

  3. Peterle

    25. January 2021 14 to: 23

    Hello team, when can you expect your test?

    • Brigitte

      27. February 2021 17 to: 13

      I am also very interested.

      • Timo admin

        6. March 2021 11 to: 31

        Hello, there is currently no further information about the Roborock S7. As soon as there is news, this post will be updated.

  4. Alex

    22. March 2021 14 to: 21

    When I click on the offer, it says that the item is no longer available. What am I doing wrong?

    • Timo admin

      22. March 2021 14 to: 24

      Hi Alex, the offer was sold out pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I don't know how quickly Roborock reacts and increases.

      • Alex

        22. March 2021 14 to: 27

        Okay, thanks for the quick reply. Then I'll wait and see. I have another question about the S7. Do you already know how well it recognizes obstacles compared to the S6 MaxV?

        • Timo admin

          22. March 2021 14 to: 33

          Unfortunately, I cannot give you an answer to this because we have not yet received a test device. Unfortunately we don't have an S6 MaxV here to check that either.

          • Alex

            22. March 2021 15 to: 27

            It's a shame, thanks anyway.

  5. selena

    4. April 2021 13 to: 58

    Hello, my S7 arrived last week and I'm very happy with it so far. I use it a lot for wiping and I would like to have spare wipes at home. Does anyone know where to buy suitable wipes? Haven't discovered any on the net yet

    • PPPs

      10. April 2021 20 to: 59

      There is none. I asked the support and they couldn't give me any information. That is just lousy from Roborock and does not speak for quality.

      • selena

        14. April 2021 13 to: 00

        Apparently there will be accessories from May. Still, it's a shame how Roborock approaches the matter. My wipe is almost through ...

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