Roborock S7 / T7 vacuum robot presented!

by Timo23. March 2020
As previously announced, Roborock has launched a new top-of-the-range vacuum robot. The Roborock T7 (probably Roborock S7 in Germany) offers, among other things, the new Mason 7.0 algorithm, which promises even more efficient cleaning, high suction power and a wiping mode with electrical water distribution. The Roborock T7 initially only appears in China and costs the equivalent of around 385 euros.

Roborock T7 / S7

The cat is out of the bag. After the announcement a few days ago, the Roborock T7 was officially launched. The key points are the new one RR Mason 7.0 algorithm, Multi-map management 4.0, 297 ml water tank with multi-stage water distribution and a particularly high one Suction power of 2500 Pa. The new Roborock vacuum robot is initially only in the Chinese market appear. It is quite possible that the vacuum robot here in Germany under the name Roborock S7 is published.

Roborock S7 review

RR Mason 7.0 algorithm

An innovation of the Roborock T7 is the improved one RR Mason 7.0 algorithm. The real-time data acquisition and analysis has been refined in all areas, whereby the manufacturer hopes to improve navigation and cleaning planning. The environmental data of the sensors are recorded on the first level. In the second stage, the data is analyzed in real time. Based on this analysis result, the data on the third level are used to navigate and plan the best possible cleaning route.

Roborock S7 T7 robot vacuum room planning and navigation

More than 78 OTA updates have been incorporated into the new Mason 7.0 algorithm. These improvements have an impact on the Zigzag algorithmwhose efficiency has been improved by reducing repetitions. At the same time, the environmental algorithm has been improved so that the Roborock T7 recognizes obstacles better and moves more intelligently under tables and chairs. When crossing rooms, the RR Mason 7.0 system loads obstacle information for the individual rooms and selects the optimal path.

Multi-map management 4.0

The new Multi-Map-Management 4.0 meets different room cleaning requirements. In this way, settings for the cleaning sequence, suction power and water discharge can be made for each individual room. As an illustration, one could stipulate that the Roborock T7 cleans the bedroom with full suction power at 11 a.m. and takes over the kitchen with low suction power and high water discharge at 13 p.m. About the function "Smart wiping" prohibition areas (e.g. carpets) can be specified on which no water should be released.

Roborock S7 T7 Multi Map

Up to 4 room cards (multi-storey) the Roborock T7 can save. It automatically recognizes in which room and on which level it is located, so that there is no need to change the card manually. All cards can be called up and edited within the Roborock app.

High suction power and smart wiping

Roborock has increased the suction power compared to the previous models. Instead of 2000 Pa (Roborock S5 & S6), the suction power of the new model is 2500 Pa. That is an increase of 25 percent. Despite the higher suction power, the noise level remains unchanged.

Roborock S7 water tank with electronic pump

The Roborock T7 can also be used as a wiping robot. The Water tank (297 ml) and the mop are two separately removable parts. The water delivery is thanks to the electronic water pump controllable in 3 steps. At a lower level, the vacuum robot can wipe a 250 m² room. At the middle level, a full tank is sufficient for an area of ​​200 m².

Price and availability

The Roborock T7 is initially only in China appear. The price there is 2899 yuan, which is the equivalent 385 euros corresponds. To what extent the new Roborock vacuum robot will also be published in Germany is not yet known. It is quite possible that Roborock will follow the same path as the previous model and one in a few weeks Roborock S7 presents.

An English speaking Test of the Roborock T7 give it to him Gearbest's blog.

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