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ECOVACS Amazon Prime Day Header

Prime Day at ECOVACS: All products greatly reduced!

July is a special month for all bargain hunters and technology enthusiasts! The coveted Amazon Prime Day has started and promises great deals until July 12th. The attractive offers from ECOVACS deserve special mention.


ECOVACS X1 Omni Prime Day 2023 Offer

Discover the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI - the ultimate cleaning robot for a spotless home. With its automatic suction function and mop cleaning, you no longer have to manually clean the mops and dust container. The station with a sealed disposable dust bag ensures that neither dust nor allergens can escape.

In addition, there is a suction power of up to 5.000 Pa and an innovative wiping system that rotates over the floor up to 180 times per minute and removes even stubborn stains from all floor coverings. The high-quality design, created by the award-winning agency JACOB JENSEN DESIGN, perfectly complements your interior.

In the test, the X1 OMNI convinced us above all with its easy handling and thorough cleaning results.

On offer, the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI currently costs 899 euros (1499 euros RRP).

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ECOVACS T20 OMNI Prime Day 2023 Offer

The latest vacuum robot from ECOVACS is the DEEBOT T20 OMNI. We have already tested this device and are more than convinced. Compared to the X1 OMNI, this vacuum robot can automatically lift its mops at carpet edges so that it can vacuum and wipe at the same time.

The full OMNI cleaning station empties the dust chamber, cleans the mops and dries them at the end of each cleaning cycle. With this model, the mops are even cleaned with 55°C hot water, so that stubborn dirt is removed from the mops even better.

On offer, the ECOVACS DEEBOT T20 OMNI currently costs 989 euros (1099 euros RRP).

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ECOVACS GOAT G1 ​​Prime Day 2023 Offer

ECOVACS brought a robotic lawnmower onto the market for the first time in 2023. The ECOVACS GOAT G1 ​​is characterized by the fact that it does not require any perimeter wire. This saves work and the device is ready for use in a very short time. We also tested the GOAT G1 ​​some time ago. So far, the smart robot lawn mower has been able to keep up very well with well-known brands.

Important functions such as animal protection and a location option are on board. In addition, ECOVACS strives to constantly improve the GOAT G1, so that a lot has happened since its release and it is becoming increasingly intelligent. This makes the GOAT G1 ​​the perfect garden aid!

The ECOVACS GOAT G1 ​​is currently on sale for EUR 1549 (RRP EUR 1599).

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A real hit is the DEEBOT X1e OMNI. The current premium robotic vacuum cleaner from ECOVACS, with its rotating floor mops and all-in-one cleaning station, is the perfect choice if you don't want to have anything to do with vacuuming and wiping yourself.

In addition to vacuuming and wiping, the vacuum robot can clean itself completely by itself. He empties his dust chamber in the OMNI station, fills up with fresh water and cleans his mops, which he then dries with hot air. At the end of the day, you only have to empty the dirty water tank yourself. Not more!

In addition, it offers all current ECOVACS technologies, including advanced AIVI 3.0 object recognition and obstacle avoidance, the YIKO language assistant and TrueMapping 2.0.

On offer, the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1e OMNI currently costs 799 euros (1099 euros RRP).

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ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 Plus Prime Day 2023 Offer

The DEEBOT T10+ is another interesting vacuum and floor mopping robot from the ECOVACS product range that we tested some time ago. Instead of using rotating mops, this vacuum robot scrubs the floor with the vibrating OZMOPro cloth.

There is also a suction station that automatically empties the dust chamber of the vacuum robot and the AIVI 3.0 camera system, which you can use to stream live into the apartment.

In the test, we were particularly impressed by the price-performance ratio. The DEEBOT T10+ sucks well, wipes well and is therefore a well-rounded package for everyday household use.

On offer, the ECOVACS DEEBOT T10+ currently costs 579 euros (799 euros RRP).

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We continue with the ECOVACS DEEBOT T9 AIVI, which we also tested and found to be very good. With its AeroForce double brush, the DEEBOT T9 AIVI has hairy animal households in particular under control. Almost no hair gets caught in the double brush and on carpets it literally pulls the dirt out of every fiber.

The AIVI camera system is also on board, so that a live image can also be streamed with this vacuum robot. A suction station is not included in the scope of delivery, but can be purchased for an additional charge.

On offer, the ECOVACS DEEBOT T9 AIVI currently costs 359 euros (599 euros RRP).

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ECOVACS AIRBOT Z1 Prime Day 2023 Offer

Last but not least, ECOVACS brings something truly unique to the table – the AIRBOT Z1, a smart, mobile air purifier. This device automatically moves to where clean air is needed, navigates through rooms with AIVI 3D technology and is equipped with a high-precision VOC sensor to check air quality.

On top of that, the AIRBOT Z1 has two 7 watt speakers integrated, so that your favorite music can be played via Bluetooth.

On offer, the ECOVACS AIRBOT Z1 currently costs 799 euros (1499 euros RRP).

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