NO.1 G5 - Stylish sports watch

by Timo13. August 2016
We recently tested the NO.1 G3 and G4, and in July, Chinese smartwatch maker NO.1 announced the NO.1 G5. This watch also belongs to the low price segment and impresses with a modern chronograph design. Currently the NO.1 G5 is still in PreSale, which is why there are no test reports yet. In this preview we will analyze the G5 more closely based on data published by the manufacturer.



NO.1 G5


Display: IPS 1.2 inches
Display form: Circular
Resolution: 240x240

Processor: MT2502
RAM: 128MB
Flash: 64MB

Heart rate measurement: Yes
Pedometer: Yes
Bluetooth: 4.0
Battery: 380mAh

Size: 51x42x9.9mm
Weight: 50g

What's in the box

1x NO.1 G5
1x charging cable
1x user manual

NO.1 G5

Display & Hardware

The NO.1 G5 is a sport smartwatch with circular IPS display (Attention, on Gearbest wrongly called OLED!). The display diagonal is 1.2 inch, at a resolution of 240 ร— 240 pixels, The display is protected by sapphire crystal, The processor is on MediaTek MT2502, the one with 260 Mhz and was already used in the NO.1 S3. The working memory amounts to 128MB RAM, the internal memory is using 64MB specified. A memory extension by means of a SD memory card is not possible, as well will no telephony function by means of a SIM card supported. Also not available are WiFi, as well as GPS. The used Bluetooth Standard is available in the version 4.0, which is particularly energy efficient. The capacity of the battery comes with 380mAh specified.

Housing & Watchfaces

The design of the NO.1 G5 is reminiscent of a modern chronograph. case thickness is 9.9mm, at one Weight of 50g, As housing material is Stainless steel (316L) used. The bezel, on the other hand, is made of plastic. In the sale go altogether 3 color variations, Black, gold and silver, It is not known to what extent the smartwatch is waterproof! How many Watchfaces will be present on the Smartwatch is also unknown, however, 5 different Watchfaces can be seen on the pictures provided by the manufacturer and also published pictures. Even if subsequently own Watchfaces can be installed or downloaded, the manufacturer does not mention yet.


The functions of the NO.1 G5 amount to one Heart rate measurement by means of a sensor, which is located at the bottom of the housing, a Pedometer, One alarm, One memories motion, One Call function via Bluetooth as well as on one music function and Remote camera function, Because of the low memory and the lack of memory expansion, the music can only be transmitted via Bluetooth. Even calls are only transmitted and managed via Bluetooth. There is also a detailed overview of the individual fitness functions. The data is synchronized with an app on the smartphone or tablet.

As soon as the first reviews of the NO.1 G5 appear, this article will be adapted accordingly.

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