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by 8th of June 2016
With the NO.1 G4, the Chinese watch manufacturer NO.1 has continued its "G series" and released a smartwatch, which focuses on an elegant design. Which innovations the current model contains and how it differentiates this watch from the other models, you'll find out in this review of the NO.1 G4.



NO.1 G4


SoC: MediaTek MT2502
Display: 1.2 inches (240 * 240)

ROM: 128MB
Memory extension: 16GB

2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Battery: 350mAh

What's in the box

1x NO.1 G4
1x 4 pin charging cable
1x user manual

First impression of the NO.1 G4

The NO.1 G4 is delivered in a simple watch carton, on which all specifications of the watch are already printed. The entire scope of delivery is extremely tight and includes in addition to the smartwatch only an 4 pin charging cable and a user manual in Chinese and English.

The presentation of the NO.1 G4 differs from the other models by a simple yet elegant metal bracelet with round watch case. After unpacking, however, I noticed immediately that the bracelet is quite sharp. The deployment clasp closes well and provides support. For size adjustment, individual links of the bracelet can be removed. For this, however, you need clock tool.

NO.1 G4 Smartwatch Review (Unboxing / Hands-On / Test)

The buttons on the side of the case have a slightly too soft pressure point. Also, the keys are a bit loose in the case. The back of the NO.1 G4 is made of plastic. To get to the SIM and memory card slot, the back is removable. Behind the back hides also the 350mAh large battery, which is soldered to the board firmly. As network standard GSM is supported, whereby telephony with the NO.1 G4 is possible. On the back of the smartwatch are also the 4 pin charge connector and the optical heart rate monitor.


The display diagonal of the NO.1 G4 is 1.3 inches. The resolution of the round display is 240x240 pixels. The color representation is successful. The black level is rich and other colors are also strong, but still natural. Individual pixels can only be seen on closer inspection. The brightness of the display can be changed by 5 levels in the settings. In direct sunlight, the round display is easy to read, as is the maximum viewing angle. To extend the battery life, you can set how long the display should be active. In the more special "Motion" settings, you can set whether the display should activate automatically as soon as you tilt the watch or bring it into view.

Performance and usability

According to the manufacturer, the NO.1 G4 uses a MediaTek MTK6261 processor. On the watch carton, however, the name MTK2505 is printed. The memory of the smartwatch is 64MB. The internal memory is located at 128MB and can be expanded with a micro SD memory card by additional 16GB.

The usability is good overall. The menu navigation is largely fluid and the pre-installed apps can be opened quickly.

Apps and Watchfaces

The NO.1 G4 offers a total of 32 apps and 4 watchfaces. You should not compare Smartwach with Android Wear. Apps can not be added later, which is why you rely on the pre-installed apps. Watchfaces, however, could be added later, according to the manufacturer.

In addition to the apps required for telephony, such as the phone book, the message input or the number dialing, the NO.1 G4 also offers numerous fitness apps. These include a pedometer that counts steps, including statistics on calories burned and distance traveled, a sleep monitor that determines sleep patterns at night, a motion memory, as well as a UV detection and apps to measure your sleep Pulses are preinstalled.

In addition, there are also other useful apps on the clock, such as a file manager, an app for music playback, an app for making sound recordings, a calculator and many more.

The NO.1 G4 has so far all the necessary apps. The individual apps are well implemented at a low price. The heart rate monitor is to be estimated as reasonably accurate. The pedometer is similar to the NO.1 G3, with the counted steps slightly different from those of the Xiaomi Mi band.


Due to the back-integrated SIM slot, the NO.1 G4 resembles a small smartphone. Calls can be made directly with the Smartwach. However, only GSM is supported.

The call quality is good. In the test, the caller could understand me, but the recording quality of the microphone is a bit tinny. This can also be used as a hands-free device via the external loudspeaker of the watch, as well as calls from the smartphone can be received and made via Bluetooth.

I could not convince myself of the telephony function. I still prefer to use the smartphone to make a phone call.

Fundo Companion

To connect the NO.1 G4 via Bluetooth with the smartphone, you need the app "Fundo Companion", which is available in the Google Play Store. There is no comparable app for Apple iOS, however, the smartphone can be automatically synchronized with the NO.1 G4 as soon as a Bluetooth connection has been established. To the "Fundo Companion" ever nu

Within the app, among other things, the fitness data recorded by the smartwatch can be synchronized and displayed in a graphical overview. For this one must furnish however a user account with the manufacturer. It also manages notifications to be received by the watch, as well as call and SMS settings.


The capacity of the battery is 350mAh. The runtime is average good, but you should recharge the watch after normal use in the evening. In standby, however, the consumption is very low, which is why the smartwatch can also be several days. A power saving mode dims the display and can extend the runtime.

The implementation with the 4 pin charging cable is less successful. The magnets are very weak, as well as missing indentations, which is why the connector rests only loosely. With the slightest movement on the cable, the connector slips and you have to place it again accurately. Also, the loading time takes a relatively long time. In the test, I was only able to measure a charge current of 190mA with a multimeter. The loading time is thus almost 2 hours.

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Final Words


Good display
Numerous apps
Receive notifications


Sharp-edged watch strap
Shaky charging connector
What's in the box

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

The NO.1 G4 is the most elegant version of the NO.1 "G-Series". The interface has remained the same and the apps have been taken over as far as possible. A big no-go, however, is the sharp-edged watch strap. If you have the smartwatch in the shortlist, I recommend the variant with the leather strap. For those who value fitness, the NO.1 G3 is the better choice.

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