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Jumper EZBook X1 Yoga

Jumper EZBook X1 / EZBook Yoga - Convertible Notebook

Also this year Jumper will bring new products to the market. Even before an official announcement, the jumper EZBoox X1 or EZBook Yoga has now appeared, which is supposed to be an 11.6 inch convertible notebook with a new Intel Celeron N4100 processor. All previously known information can be found summarized in this post!

Jumper EZBook X1 / Jumper EZBook Yoga

After the convincing  Jumper EZBook 3  Notebook series, the manufacturer is promising a new convertible series this year. Various shops have already listed the notebook-tablet combination as “Jumper EZBook X1”, “Jumper Yogabook” or “Jumper EZBook Yoga”. A look at the data sheet reveals that the convertible uses, among other things, Intel's new Gemini Lake processor family!

Design and display

As a convertible, the EZBook Yoga can be used both as a notebook and as a tablet. In contrast to tablets with an additional keyboard, the display and keyboard are permanently connected to one another. However, with hinges, the display can be completely folded onto the back of the rest of the housing or the keyboard. The housing of the Jumper Yogabook is made of aluminum combined with plastic. The dimensions are compact 27.5 x 18.8 x 1.35 cm, with a weight of 970g.

The keyboard is only available in the English QWERTY layout. According to initial findings, the connection options amount to a USB-C socket, a MicroUSB socket, a MicroHDMI socket and a 3.5 mm jack audio output. A full-fledged USB Type-A 3.0 socket is expected to be dispensed with. A microSD memory card slot is available. Similar to a tablet, the volume can be controlled using a physical volume rocker. Two microphones, on the left and right of the edge of the housing, ensure improved voice recording.

The 11.6 inch screen is of the IPS type and has a full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). The aspect ratio is 16: 9. As already mentioned, the display can be folded over 360 ° so that the notebook can also be converted into a tablet. A touch screen is available. To what extent an operation with a stylus will be possible is still open.

Processor and memory

The Jumper EZBook X1, model name "EZBook Yoga", with the recently introduced Intel Celeron N4100 processor is listed in the official Jumper sales channel on Aliexpress. This processor, which belongs to the Intel Gemini Lake processor family, consists of a total of 4 processor cores, which have a basic clock speed of 1.1 GHz and a burst speed of up to 2.4 GHz. On GearBest, the notebook known as the “Jumper Yogabook” is listed with the predecessor Intel Celeron N3450 processor. It is therefore entirely possible that Jumper will offer the convertible in two versions. Compared to the N4100 processor, the newer N3450 processor offers an increased burst clock frequency, a double L2 cache and a slightly improved Intel HD graphics unit (Intel HD600).

The memory equipment should amount to a 4GB DDR4 memory and a 64GB eMMC flash memory. A small entrance on the underside suggests that storage expansion using M.2 SSD (format 2242) is possible.

Connectivity, camera and battery

The Yogabook is equipped with a dual-band AC WiFi module and Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless data transmission. A 2 megapixel front camera on the right below the display enables the convertible to also be used for video telephony. Touch ID ensures that the EZBook X1 can be locked and unlocked in the simplest possible way. A fingerprint scanner is located on the touchpad for this purpose. Windows 10 is used as the operating system. Jumper indicates the capacity of the battery as 9000 mAh.

Price and availability

The Jumper Convertible is available now. The current price of just over € 400 (Aliexpress) is anything but tempting. There are much more attractive models in this price range, including those with Intel Core M3 processors. GearBest has again listed the Yogabook for around € 250. Availability is indicated as mid-April 2018.

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