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Chuwi ILIFE V5 Pro

ILIFE V5 Pro - vacuum robot with wiping function

Robot hoovers are the emerging trend in the household sector. The trend towards autonomous vacuum cleaners has already established itself in China as well, which is why the Chinese manufacturer Chuwi, who is mainly known for mobile devices, has also been producing vacuum robots for a good year. The Chuwi vacuum robots are marketed under the name "ILIFE" and the manufacturer has meanwhile been able to build up a considerable range of products.

Chuwi ILIFE V5 Pro

The Chuwi ILIFE V5 Pro is the successor to the well-known ILIFE V5. Compared to the smaller model, the Pro version has been expanded to include an additional wiping function. In order to be able to switch between the two functions, this robot vacuum cleaner has an additional water tank (300ml) that replaces the conventional collecting container. Both containers are included in the scope of delivery and can be exchanged in a few simple steps. The size of the round suction aid is 30 x 30 x 7 cm. The weight is just under 2kg.

 The suction power of the ILIFE V5 Pro reaches 850 Pa. The volume generated is around 50 dB and is therefore comparatively quiet. A conventional vacuum cleaner reaches an average volume of 70-80 dB. To transport the dust to the intake, the robot vacuum cleaner has two side-mounted brushes. A wiping pad also attached to the underside of the device is used for the wiping function, but also helps to pick up dust. To clean the pad, it can be separated from the underside.

The ILIFE V5 Pro has a total of three suction profiles. In “auto mode,” the small robot vacuum moves through the room without a fixed pattern. According to the manufacturer, the robot is able to clean an area of ​​150-180 m². In the so-called “edge mode”, the device orientates itself in space and cleverly avoids individual obstacles. In “area mode” the robot vacuum cleaner cleans in circular movements. All modes can also be accessed automatically according to an individually defined schedule. At the end of an interval, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging station. A useful additional function is operation via the included remote control. You can use this to select the suction profiles, but you can also control the robot manually. The LCD display on the suction aid and the additional LEDs indicate the respective operating mode.

To avoid a collision with obstacles, the device has five infrared sensors. Front-mounted sensors ensure that the Chuwi ILIFE V5 Pro changes direction before a collision. Sensors attached underneath the robot vacuum prevent it from driving over edges. This means that the V5 Pro can also be used in areas with stair access.

In current test reports, the ILIFE V5 Pro was able to convince with its accurate suction and wiping performance. The vacuum robot shows weaknesses especially with heels and carpet edges. Instead, the handling of obstacles is not criticized. Here the sensors do a decent job. However, if you want to buy such a vacuum robot, you should note that it does not replace a conventional vacuum cleaner. The Chuwi ILIFE product range should rather be seen as an additional suction aid!

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