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by Timo8. January
The Chuwi ILIFE X5 is the new ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaner that combines the functions of the V5 and V5 Pro. In addition to a comprehensive suction functions, the ILIFE X5 also offers a wiping function. All information about the ILIFE X5 and the price and availability, we have summarized in this post!

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Brushes: 2 side brushes
Suction power: 850 Pa
Power: 20 Watt
Suction range: 150 - 200 m²
Volume: 40 dB
Container: 0.3 liter
Filter: HEPA

Suction function: Yes
Wipe function: dry and wet
Remote control: Infrared remote control
Return function: Yes
Cleaning modes: Auto, Dot, Edges and Schedule

Type: Lithium-ion
Capacity: 2.600mAh
Charging time: 280 minutes
Runtime: 90 minutes

Sensors: Infrared, OBS, (Virtual Wall)
Size: 30.00 x 30.00 x 7.00 cm
Weight: 2000g

Update 01. July 2019

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Chuwi ILIFE X5

The ILIFE X5 is a compact, but at the same time powerful suction robot, next to the suction also one Wet wiping function offers. For this purpose, the vacuum robot is equipped with a conventional dust container, but also with a water tank, which can be replaced within a few seconds. The maximum capacity of both tanks is at each 300 ml, At the same suction, like the previous models (550-850 Pa), was the volume of the Chuwi ILIFE X5 decreased by 10 dB. According to the manufacturer, this now amounts to a maximum of 40 dB, which makes this vacuum robot a comparatively quiet suction aid. The Capacity of the battery is at 2600 mAh. The Uptime is about 90 minutes. The loading time is 5 hours.

ILIFE X5 Cleaning

Probably the biggest innovation to the predecessor models is the "Virtual wall", The delivery includes an additional sensor unit to stand up. This acts like an artificial wall, which does not exceed the vacuum robot. Thus, the space can be very well divided and the ILIFE X5 can be controlled even better. The Saugprofile Also in this model are the automatic cleaning, the edge cleaning, in which the suction robot is oriented to the edge of the room, the circle cleaning, where the X5 cleans in snail shell-like circles and the cleaning plan, where a schedule can be set individually. Around Clashes or crashes During the cleaning process, the robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with several infrared LEDs, which are located on the side of the housing as well as on the underside of the housing.

ILIFE vacuum robot spare parts set

ILIFE X5 touch control

On the case is a small one LCD Displayindicating the current cleaning mode. In addition, all cleaning modes can be activated directly via the capacitive buttons of the vacuum robot. A infrared remote is also included. The X5 can also be controlled in any direction via the directional pad. A automatic return to the charging station is also available. Once the robotic vacuum cleaner has completed its tour, or if the battery becomes low, the Chuwi ILFE X5 automatically returns to the charging station.

ILIFE X5 touch control

In current reviews cuts the ILIFE X5 compared to the models of the ILIFE V5 Row significantly better off. All the advantages of the V5er series were taken over in the X5 and even expanded. Only with carpet edges, the low-priced vacuum robot is doing something difficult. On the other hand, he copes well with obstacles. For those who do not want to spend several hundred Euros on a Roomba, the vacuum robots (and especially the X5) are probably the best alternative.

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