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ILIFE V1 - The small one among the big ones

On the one hand, Chuwi is a well-known manufacturer of inexpensive tablets from China. However, Chuwi also carries a considerable range of vacuum robots under the “ILIFE” brand, which has been greatly expanded in recent months. The Chuwi ILIFE series is also enjoying increasing popularity in this country. The Chuwi ILIFE V1 is the latest model, which was released in August 2016.

ILIFE V1 vacuum robot

Anyone who has followed the previous ILIFE models more closely will see only a few innovations in the ILIFE V1. The design hardly differs from the models ILIFE V5 or ILIFE V7. The size is 30.60 x 7.60 x 7.60cm and the weight is given by the manufacturer as 2kg. Different color variants are not offered, which is why the selection is limited to a white model. The power is 20W, the suction power is specified as 500 Pa and is thus below the V5 models (~ 850 Pa), but above the ILIFE V7 model (400 Pa). The volume is given as less than 70 dB.

The ILIFE V1 also has an exchangeable dust cassette that is inserted over the top of the housing. There is no additional water tank, and a wiping function is not supported. The capacity of the container is 0.3l. Two side-mounted brushes ensure that the dust is transported to the suction inlet. In direct comparison to the ILIFE V7, the ILIFE V1 does not have a suction brush. The 2.200mAh Li-Ion battery promises an operating time of 70 to 90 minutes and a charging time of around 250 minutes. As can be seen on the product images, the ILIFE V1 has contact surfaces on the underside of the housing, which means that it can be charged using the charging station. Unfortunately, this robot vacuum cleaner is delivered without a base station.

The cleaning modes are limited to an automatic cleaning mode and edge cleaning. In automatic mode, the robotic vacuum cleaner randomly scans the surfaces to be cleaned. In edge mode, the robot orients itself to the edges of the room and moves along them. Several infrared sensors on the outside and underside of the housing prevent a collision or even a fall. The ILIVE V1 can also be controlled manually with an additional remote control.

Overall, it can be said that the ILIFE V1 from Chuwi is a mix of ILIFE V7 and V5. In terms of price, the V1 is very close to the ILIFE V5 Pro, which, however, offers more power and also has an additional wiping function. If the price of the Chuwi ILIFE V1 does not drop significantly, the V5 Pro is the much better choice.

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1 comment

1 comment

  1. Frank

    12. August 2016 07 to: 52

    I don't know if I see the description correctly, but at least according to the heading, a change to the previous products would be that the V1 navigates systematically through rooms and not by chance as before. You have to wait for more details, at least that's how I understand the “Intelligent Rout Planning” in the heading

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