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Tronsmart Bang MAX product image

Tronsmart Bang SE speaker for €179

85° 179€ 209€ (-14%)
Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 8. September 2023

With this Tronsmart offer you can buy the Tronsmart Bang MAX Bluetooth speaker for only €179,99 instead of €209,99! The dispatch takes place directly from the German warehouse within 2-5 working days. There are no additional costs for this article.

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Tronsmart Bang MAX product details

The brand new Tronsmart Bang MAX brings the beat to every party - a speaker that leaves nothing to be desired.

A sound giant in a compact format

Prepare yourself for a top-class sound experience! The Tronsmart Bang MAX scores with a grandiose sound quality, thanks to the proven SoundPulse™ technology. Two 35-watt woofers, dual tweeter and mid-tweeter combine here to create a harmonious concert that will spoil your ears with a full 130 watts.

Tronsmart Bang MAX 3-way audio system

Whether via Bluetooth, Aux-In, USB or memory card - the Bang MAX plays your favorite hits in every imaginable way.

Karaoke party deluxe

But the Bang MAX is not only a highlight for music fans. Karaoke lovers will also get their money's worth. Thanks to the two microphone inputs, every party turns into a rousing karaoke session - a guarantee of fun for young and old.

Tronsmart Bang MAX 3-Lifestyle (3)

Simple operation and smart extras

Thanks to the innovative TuneConn™ technology, you can connect up to 100 Bang MAX speakers and thus ensure an unforgettable stereo experience. The Tronsmart app enables intuitive control of the equalizer settings and the integrated party lighting, which can be staged perfectly to the rhythm of the music. This creates a festival atmosphere, even in a small circle.

Tronsmart Bang MAX 3-TrueConn

Your robust party companion

With a weight of almost 6 kilograms and an impressive length of 47 centimetres, the Bang MAX is no lightweight, but thanks to the practical carrying handle it can be easily taken to any event. The powerful 18000 mAh battery not only ensures up to 24 hours of uninterrupted music enjoyment, but also acts as a power bank for your smartphones.

The package is rounded off by the IPX6 protection, which makes the speaker the ideal companion for trips to the beach or lake - without worrying about water damage.

Tronsmart Bang MAX 3-IPX6

With the Tronsmart Bang MAX you are prepared for every party - a loudspeaker that raises the bar in terms of sound and equipment.


We have summarized the essential comparative data of the various Tronsmart Bang models for you in the following table.

 Model   Tronsmart Bang MAX   Tronsmart Bang SE   Tronsmart Bang Mini   Tronsmart Bang 
 LED Lights  Side Front + Side Side Front + Side
 Mutli speaker  TuneConn(Up to 100+ speakers)+TWS TWS TWS TuneConn (Up to 100 speakers)
 driver  2 x tweeters

2 x mid-tweeters

2 x woofers

2x full range 2x tweeters & 2x woofers 2x tweeters & 2x mid-woofers
 Klang  deep bass Bright deep bass Balance
 Performance  130w 40w 50w 60w
 App  Ja No No Ja
 IP rating  IPX6 IPX6 IPX6 IPX6
 Size  47 x 19,9 x 26 cm 29,8 x 16,45 x 11,88 cm 30,2 x 12,5 x 17,3 cm 36,1*18,34*15,03cm
 Weight  5,98 kg 2,16 kg 2,37 kg 3,08 kg
 Price  209 Euro (RRP) 76 Euro (RRP) 85 Euro (RRP) 114 Euro (RRP)

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