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Tronsmart Bang SE Bluetooth speaker product image

Tronsmart Bang SE speaker for €54

98° 54.49€ 69.99€ (-22%)
Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 27. April 2024

With this Amazon offer you can buy the Tronsmart Bang SE Bluetooth speaker for only €54 instead of €70! The dispatch takes place directly from the German warehouse within 2-5 working days. There are no additional costs for this item.

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Tronsmart Bang SE product details

Ring free for the Tronsmart Bang SE, with which the Chinese audio manufacturer Tronsmart is adding an inexpensive model to its powerful "Bang" speaker series. As a new entry-level model, the stylish Bluetooth speaker is positioned next to the Tronsmart Bang and the Tronsmart Bang Mini.

Tronsmart Bang SE front side

We have summarized the main comparative data for you in the following graphic overview.

 Model   Tronsmart Bang SE   Tronsmart Bang Mini   Tronsmart Bang 
 LED Lights  Front + Side Side Front + Side
 Mutli speaker  TWS TWS TuneConn (Up to 100 speakers)
 driver  2x full range 2x tweeters & 2x woofers 2x tweeters & 2x mid-woofers
 Klang  Bright deep bass Balance
 Performance  40w 50w 60w
 App  No No Ja
 IP rating  IPX6 IPX6 IPX6
 Size  29,8 x 16,45 x 11,88 cm 30,2 x 12,5 x 17,3 cm 36,1*18,34*15,03cm
 Weight  2,16 kg 2,37 kg 3,08 kg
 Price  76 Euro (RRP) 85 Euro (RRP) 114 Euro (RRP)

But now to the details of the new Tronsmart Bang SE. We have already briefly mentioned the stylish look of the 29,8 x 16,45 x 11,88 cm and 2,16 kg Bluetooth speaker.

The decisive factor here is the unmistakable party light that stretches across the front and sides of the speaker.

Matched to the beat of the music, the RGB party light in the effect modes “Circle”, “Breathing” and “Flickering” creates a suitable ambience. There is also a practical carrying handle with a strap attachment.

In addition to the IPX6 rating, which protects the speaker from water, the Tronsmart Bang SE is an ideal outdoor companion for the summer.

As far as the drivers are concerned, Tronsmart has opted for two “broadband speakers” that cover the widest possible frequency range and can handle up to 40 watts of power.

Tronsmart Bang SE page

Tronsmart describes the sound of the Bang SE as “bright”, i.e. particularly clear. In contrast to the Tronsmart Bang and Bang Mini, the sound should be less bass-heavy.

The sound is supplemented by the SoundPulse technology developed by Tronsmart, which is intended to provide a bass-rich sound, especially with broadband speakers.

Bluetooth is supported in the current version 5.3 with the audio codec SBC and the profiles HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP. The stable range is around 15 meters.

Music can also be played via an AUX input, a USB-A and USB-C input and a microSD memory card slot.

Incidentally, two Tronsmart Bang SE can also be coupled with each other so that music is played synchronously via both speakers. Telephony is also possible thanks to the built-in microphone.

The Bang SE does not offer smart app control like the Tronsmart Bang. Instead, the speaker is operated via the buttons on the top.

The battery has a capacity of 8000 mAh and lasts between 16-24 hours at a time, depending on use. The speaker is fully charged in less than 5 hours.

Tronsmart Bang SE reviews

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INSANE DEAL - Tronsmart Bang SE Bluetooth Speaker!


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