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Roborock S8 - Notes for presentation on January 04, 2023

Shortly before the turn of the year, Roborock announced a product presentation for January 04, 2023 via all of the company's official social media channels. Most likely, the new Roborock S8 vacuum robot series will be presented to us on this day.

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra?!

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is one of the world's largest trade fairs for consumer electronics. Many companies, including Roborock, use the annual event from January 05th to 08th to present new products.

Roborock CES 2023 announcement

Roborock will be at CES 5 from January 8th - 2023th, 2023.

As in the previous year, Roborock announces a product presentation for January 04th, 2023 shortly before the turn of the year. Exactly on the day, Roborock presented us the Roborock S04 MaxV models on January 2022th, 7, which, however, only appeared on the European market in May 2022.

A year later and therefore in just a few days, the successor to the premium vacuum robot will most likely be on display. Only a teaser sent with the announcement gives an indication that it could be a vacuum robot with innovative camera technology and completely autonomous cleaning behavior ("forget cleaning").

It is not clear what name the new model will have and whether it is a complete model series. In order to stand out from the now broad Roborock S7 series, a generation change in Roborock S8 would be quite conceivable.

Perhaps Roborock will also decide on a completely new naming. In China, the current premium model is known as the Roborock G10S Pro, which comes with a base station including integrated hot air drying and fully automatic water changes.

Roborock patent

A leaked patent shows a new Roborock vacuum robot with a double brush.

Roborock may also take a different direction. A recently leaked document shows a patent for a new Roborock vacuum robot with dual main brushes for improved cleaning results.

Source: Roborock Facebook, Reddit

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