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Roborock H7 cordless vacuum header

Roborock H7 - New cordless vacuum cleaner presented

Roborock today presented the new Roborock H7 cordless vacuum cleaner. It is the second cordless vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer specializing in vacuum robots and cordless vacuum cleaners, which is largely based on the predecessor, but surpasses it with a higher suction power, faster charging time and compact storage.

Robo Rock H7

With only a few visual differences, the new Roborock H7 is largely based on the Robo Rock H6. Nonetheless, Roborock emphasizes that it has responded to consumer wishes and made some improvements.  Richard Chang, CEO   from Roborock:

"We are proud to have brought the first cordless handheld vacuum cleaner with an integrated LiPO battery to Germany, because it offers unique advantages for the cleaning experience: low weight, long running times and an exceptional battery life. With the new Roborock H7 we have exactly that based on these advantages of the Roborock H6 and at the same time responded to the wishes of consumers, such as suction power, charging time, easier maintenance and easy storage of accessories.

Roborock H7 vs Roborock H6

 Model   Robo Rock H7   Robo Rock H6 
 suction  480W/160AW 420W/150AW
 Runtime  90 Minutes 90 Minutes
 Charging time  2.5h 4h
 dust container  500ml 400ml
 Display  1,3 inch OLED 1,3 inch OLED
 suction levels  Three Three
 Size:  110,0 x 21,5 x 11,0 cm 110,0 x 21,5 x 11,0 cm
 Weight  1,46 kg 1,4 kg
 Price  399 € RRP 270€

Higher suction power, more volume, less loading time

One of the major upgrades concerns the pillar performance, which Roborock has further optimized. This has been increased from 420W to 480W or 150AW to 160AW (AirWatt). Roborock thus promises a more powerful deep cleaning, whereby dirt can be effortlessly removed from floors, carpets, mattresses, sofas, tricky corners and car interiors.

Roborock H7 with higher suction power

The capacity of the dust container has been increased from 400 ml to 500 ml, so that the container has to be emptied less often. To the delight of allergy sufferers, dirt can also be directed directly into a dust bag. Two bags are included. The magnetic “MagBase” holder allows you to store accessories directly at the charging station.

Roborock H7 design

The new Roborock H7.

Reducing the loading time is also essential. Instead of 4 hours, the new Roborock H7 can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours. The maximum runtime in ECO mode remains unchanged at 90 minutes. At the medium level, 45 minutes are achieved and at the highest level the running time has been reduced from 10 minutes to 8 minutes.

Source: press release / Roborock H7 product page

Price and availability

The Roborock H7 is starting in Germany the 02. June (8 a.m.) at an RRP of 399 Euros to be available. The product is available for launch on Ebay and Geekbuying.

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1 comment

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    25. May 2021 22 to: 37

    Hello, do you already know whether the bags are standardized, so you need special bags, or do conventional vacuum cleaner bags fit? greetings

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