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OUKITEL P5000 Powerstation: A modern power station on wheels

With impressive performance and revolutionary technology, the OUKITEL P5000 outshines traditional power sources. The OUKITEL Powerstation is a powerhouse that redefines energy supply.

 Unlimited energy for outdoor adventures 

The OUKITEL P5000 power station takes the convenience of modern life where most traditional power sources can't. With an output of up to 4.000 watts and a capacity of an impressive 5.120 watt hours, it is the ideal companion for all outdoor enthusiasts, whether at a remote campsite, at a festival lasting several weeks or on a discovery tour into the wilderness.

OUKITEL P5000 power station in front of the caravan when camping

The power station provides enough energy for a camping weekend.

Imagine enjoying a coffee from your own coffee machine in the middle of nature, charging your electric bike for the next leg of your journey or using your household appliances away from civilization without being dependent on a conventional power supply.

Thanks to the OUKITEL P5000, this scenario becomes reality. With multiple connectivity options, including five AC outlets, two 12VDC ports and four USB ports, it can power up to 15 devices simultaneously.

Charge OUKITEL P5000 power station to the car

The output power is high enough to charge electric cars in an emergency.

 Safe and reliable: bye bye power failure 

But the power station is also a real hero in everyday domestic life. In the event of a power outage, the OUKITEL P5000 jumps in seamlessly and keeps everything running, from the fridge and lights to computers and mobile devices.

It not only ensures continuity, but also offers protection against possible voltage fluctuations thanks to its function as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

OUKITEL P5000 power station in the home

With the integrated UPS, there is no need to worry about power outages.

 Environmentally friendly and efficient energy supply 

The OUKITEL P5000 is more than just an impressive power source. It also has significant environmental and economic benefits. The ability to store solar energy and convert it into electricity opens the door to significant cost savings.

With a maximum solar input power of 1.000 watts, the OUKITEL P5000 can be fully charged in around five hours. And that completely self-sufficient and only with the power of the sun. If you use the AC input in addition to the solar module, the power station achieves a breathtaking charging capacity of 2.800 watts, which leads to a full charge in just 1,8 hours.

OUKITEL P5000 power supply for craftsmen

The power station can even supply power-hungry construction machines with electricity.

The OUKITEL P5000 is not only a powerful, but also a sustainable and efficient energy source that offers new possibilities for a self-sufficient and ecologically responsible energy supply.

 Price and availability 

The OUKITEL P5000 or P5000E (EU version) is priced at EUR 2.799,00  OUKITEL shop  available. With an additional 400 watt solar module, the power station is available for a package price of 3.699,00 euros.

Source: Press Release

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