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OUKITEL BP2000: The solar storage solution with up to 16 kWh capacity

OUKITEL is expanding its EnergyTech range with a real heavyweight: the BP2000 solar storage. With an upgradeable capacity of up to 16 kWh, the company promises an impressive storage solution for balcony power plants.

Storage solutions on the rise

The trend towards balcony power plants is unbroken and more and more Germans are deciding to produce their own electricity with such mini photovoltaic systems. The advantages are obvious: cost-effective, environmentally friendly energy for your own consumption.

But what happens to the electricity that is produced but not used? Or at night when the balcony power plant doesn't generate any electricity? Then the excess electricity produced flows into the public power grid without compensation and at night the energy required is purchased at a high price by the supplier. A solar storage system promises to help. 

Chinese companies in particular, such as EcoFlow, ANKER, Zendure, but also OUKITEL, see big business here and are trying to market their storage solutions.

OUKITEL BP2000 combines power station with solar storage

With the BP2000, OUKITEL presents a particularly flexible and universally applicable storage solution. A real selling point: According to OUKITEL, 99% of all balcony power plants can be retrofitted with solar storage in just five minutes. 

The principle behind it is very simple. On the one hand, the solar modules are connected to the BP2000 - feed-in up to 1000 W is possible; on the other hand, the electricity flows directly into the existing inverter.

OUKITEL BP2000 as a solar storage system for balcony power plants

According to OUKITEL, the solar storage is compatible with 99% of all solar modules and inverters.

The capacity of the BP2000 is 2048 Wh. OUKITEL uses high-quality LiFePo4 cells here and promises at least 3500% battery capacity even after 80 charging cycles. For anyone who needs even more power, OUKITEL offers an expansion option with up to seven B2000 batteries.

Each of these batteries has a capacity of 2048 Wh and can be easily connected directly in series with the BP2000, allowing for flexible expansion of the system. This allows the capacity to be increased to an impressive 16 kWh - enough reserves to ensure the energy supply for several days in the event of a longer power outage.

OUKITEL BP2000 powers almost all household appliances

In the event of a blackout, the BP2000 with B2000 can supply the refrigerator for several days.

But the BP2000 can do even more: Even without a balcony power station, it serves as a reliable power station. With five AC Schuko sockets, which provide up to 2200 W in normal operation and can be increased to up to 4000 W at short notice, as well as various USB ports including a 100 W USB-C Power Delivery output, the energy supply for all common household appliances and mobile devices is available Nothing stands in the way of end devices.

In contrast to the BP2000, the B2000 is purely a storage device, which is why there are no AC sockets, for example. However, the existing USB ports can still be used.

OUKITEL BP2000 ideal for camping

An ideal solution for mobile power supply in the camper.

The BP2000 and B2000 offer flexible charging options: both can be charged via AC with an impressive output of up to 1800W or via solar with up to 1000W. If you use both charging sources at the same time, the battery reaches 80% of its capacity in just one hour - a real time saver in urgent situations.

OUKITEL BP2000 also supplies tools

Power-hungry tools are also no problem.

Interested? The BP2000 and B2000 combination is currently available at Geekbuying at an introductory price of 2.199 euros. Simply use the coupon on the  product page  activate. We'll soon be taking a closer look at the BP2000 in combination with the B2000 in the test. We are curious to see whether OUKITEL's storage solution actually delivers what it promises on paper.

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