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by 28. July 2017
The Optoma NuForce HEM4 is a hi-fi in-ear headphone that features two Balanced Armature drivers per channel, allowing you to enjoy frequencies up to 40.000 Hz. How the headset sounds, what features it offers and for whom the in-ear is suitable, more about this in this review!



Optoma NuForce HEM4


Driver: Knowles Balanced Armature Driver
Number: four

Frequency range: 18 Hz - 40 kHz
Impedance: 38 ohms
Sensitivity: 110 dB (+/- 3 dB)
Power consumption: max. 2 mW
Input sound level: max. 124 dB

Microphone: Yes
Wired Remote Control: Yes
Cable type: removable 2 pin plug
Cable length: 1.38 m
Plug: 3.5 mm jack
Weight: 5g

What's in the box

1x NuForce HEM4
1x Hardcase
1x Softcase
Braided 1x headphone cable
1x headphone cable with microphone and remote control
5x pair of silicone earpads (XS, S, M, L and XL)
2x pair of Comply pads (M and L)
1x 3,5 mm - 6,3 mm adapter
1x cable clip
1x cleaning tool
1x user manual

First impression of the NuForce HEM4

What's in the box

The NuForce HEM4 is with a considerable accessories delivered. The entire scope of delivery is in one waterproof hardcase, To connect the detachable HEM4 headphones will be the same two earphone cables given. For the best possible wearing comfort the scope of supply offers 7 pair of earpadswhich are divided into 5 pair of silicone earpads in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL and 2 pair of Comply pads in M ​​and L. In order to keep the in-ear clean, Optoma also adds a small one cleaning tool with brush. Also included are a gilded one 3,5 mm - 6,3 mm adapter, Cable Clip, a transportable soft Case and Manual.

Design and workmanship

The housings of the HEM4 are ergonomic, shaped like a drop, whereby the in-ear headphones can be inserted into the auricle. For visible differentiation, the blue housings have a left-right mark. The individual sound units are made up of several parts Lexan manufactured and weigh just once 3g per unit. Lexan is a very robust and lightweight polycarbonate plastic that virtually does not transmit vibrations. Interference is thus largely prevented. The build quality of the visible multi-part composite in-ear is not objectionable.

In-ear and cable can be separated and connected via an 2 pin connector. The best possible audio performance promises that braided earphone cablewhose cable strands and connectors are made of OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) and silver. The second cable offers one Inline remote control including microphone, The cable length for both cables is 1.38 meters. Again, the build quality is not to be criticized. The connections between cable and plug leave a robust impression. The same applies to the rubber sheath of both cables.

sound quality

The Optoma NuForce HEM4 is an in-ear headphone, which is mainly used on the professional music lover directed, which prefers a neutral sound. To achieve an authentic sound, the HEM4 is two each Knowles Balanced Armature drivers fitted. Due to the modular structure, several drivers are responsible for the bass, midrange and height separately. The distribution of the audible frequencies is carried out by the "Linear-phase crossover", As a result, the Knowles Balanced Armature drivers are capable of frequencies between 18 Hz and 40.000 Hz without distortion.

As already indicated, the HEM4 delivers a special linear frequency response, creating a restrained, downright analytical sound. The sonic spatial image can be broadly described with a certain proximity to the three-dimensional. The Bass reproduction is precise and delivers a clean bass. Especially for lovers of acoustic music, the bass reproduction of HEM4 is apt. If you prefer strong bass in rock and electronics, you will not be satisfied with the slightly thin bass response.

In the middle are brought over handy and very textured. Particularly impressive is the really excellent differentiation between depths, mids and heights without discolouring. Due to the particularly neutral sound, notes of individual riffs and vocals can be heard very well. Again a drawback for the normal music lover is the dynamics that are not really conveyed by the HEM4. Heights transmitted by the HEM4 crystal-clear, Even with difficult titles and the depiction of soprano, the in-ear headphones remain staid and sound by no means too sharp.


Due to the drop shape of the NuForce HEM4 the in-ear earphone fits very well. Add to that low weight, which achieves a barely perceptible fit and does not become a problem with lengthy sessions. For a perfect fit you should the HEM4 "On ear" carry. The wearing comfort is not objectionable overall.

Für eine gute noise isolation take care of the included Comply ear pads, These again ensure a more pleasant and much safer grip. Disturbing cable noise has not occurred through the rubberized audio cables and Lexan chassis.

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Final Words


Extensive scope of delivery
Ergonomic design
Good workmanship
Removable cable
Rich sound
Spatial sound
Pleasant wearing comfort


Cable remote control without volume control
Lack of dynamism
Delicate bass reproduction

First impression

The Optoma NuForce HEM4 is a first-class in-ear headphones. Especially due to the linear frequency response, the in-ear is particularly suitable for the demanding music listener, who prefers a well-separated and detailed sound. The headphones are less suitable for the average consumer, who is more interested in a powerful and dynamic sound.

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