NuForce HEM Dynamic Review - Hi-Res in-ear headphones

by 26. October 2017
The Optoma NuForce HEM Dynamic is the new entry-level model of the NuForce HEM series, which uses a NuForce HEM2. Unlike the other models in the series, the HEM Dynamic does not use Balanced Armature drivers, but uses dynamic drivers instead. In the test lasting several weeks, I took a closer look at the in-ear.



Optoma NuForce HEM Dynamic


Driver: Dynamic driver
Size: 6 mm

Frequency range: 20 Hz - 40 kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 90 dB (+/- 3 dB)
Power consumption: 2 mW

Microphone: Yes
Wired Remote Control: Yes
Cable type: removable 2 pin plug
Cable length: 1.38 m
Plug: 3.5 mm jack
Weight: 16g

What's in the box

1x NuForce HEM Dynamic
1x Case
1x headphone cable with microphone and remote control
3x pair of silicone earpads (S, M and L)
2x pair of Comply pads (M and L)
1x cable clip
1x user manual

First impression of the NuForce HEM Dynamic

What's in the box

Especially the NuForce HEM series is known to offer a considerable scope of delivery. As an entry level model falls Scope of delivery of the NuForce HEM Dynamic however, a little narrower. Delivered is the in-ear including one Cable with wired remote control and microphone, One Homes, 3 pair of silicone earmolds in sizes S, M and L, 2 pair of Comply-upholstery T-100 in M and L, one Cable Clip and a Manual, Measured by the price of the in-ear, the delivery is not objectionable.

Design and workmanship

A common feature of all NuForce HEM In-Ears is the typical drop shape, Ergonomically shaped, the HEM Dynamic fits perfectly into the auricle. The Plastic housing consist of two composite parts with a matte and a transparent side, which allows a look inside. The matte part is adorned with a "HEM Dynamic" imprint. In addition, both earphones with a Left-right mark provided. The weight of a unit is only 3g. The quality of workmanship is not to complain about. The in-ear is available in the colors "Crystal White" and "Charcoal Black".

The earphones and the cable can be separated from each other. An advantage of this is that in the event of a cable break not all the in-ear is unusable. Replacement cables can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's shop page. The connection is via a 2 pin connector, The supplied cable is 1.38 meters long and in the upper third with a One-button wired remote control equipped with microphone. The processing quality of the cable is not to be criticized. The connectors and rubber sheath of the cable leave a sturdy impression.

sound quality

The Optoma NuForce HEM Dynamic also takes a different path in terms of sound. Instead of a linear frequency response and thus a rather neutral vote, the in-ear delivers one clearly pronounced low-frequency range.

Just the conventional music lover, this is the ultimate dynamic sound image of the HEM Dynamic like. The in-ear is suitable for a wide range of different music genres. Bass-driven music is powerfully reproduced and conveys a decent mid-feel. But even quiet songs, where precision and tonal details are important, come into their own. The powerful low-frequency range of the earphones has a good grip, without sounding dreary and unclean. Only in the draft could the in-ear tolerate a bit more thrust.

The Middle-Play is colorful and warm. The demarcation between bass and mids succeeds without overlapping. Vocals appear very warm in appearance. The Heights playback is above all subtle, yet detailed and not too sharp. The one given by Optoma Frequency range from 20 Hz to 40 kHz The dynamic driver exploits as far as possible. With one sentence, the NuForce HEM Dynamic can be described as a dynamic in-ear, without being too focused on precision, rather than traveling the music lover with its lively sound.

Wired remote control and microphone

In the upper third of the supplied audio cable is a One-button wired remote control with microphone, The wired remote control makes it possible to control music playback and answer calls. The control of music playback only refers to a play and pause function and the skipping of titles. A volume control is not possible. The Recording quality of the microphone is not to complain about. Talks can easily be made about it.


By ergonomic drop shape of the NuForce HEM Dynamic, this is perfectly adapted to the auricle and can be downright insert into the ear. The cable is placed over the ear. For a best possible and barely noticeable seat is taken care of. At the same time will be an excellent noise isolation achieved in conjunction with the included Comply ear cushions Hard to beat. The low weight of only 3g per unit is also a longer session in the way. Disturbing cable noise does not occur through the rubberized audio cable.

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Final Words


Ergonomic design
Good workmanship
Removable cable
Dynamic sound
Powerful sound
Pleasant wearing comfort


Cable remote control without volume control
Slightly weakening draft

First impression

The NuForce HEM Dynamic is mainly due to its design and the good build quality of the NuForce HEM model series. In terms of sound, however, the in-ear takes a completely different approach and delivers a predominantly deep, dynamic sound that is far removed from the neutral-analytical sound of the other HEM models. Especially the normal music lover will enjoy the lively sound of the HEM Dynamic. You have to do without the extensive scope of delivery of the other HEM models. Nevertheless, the scope of delivery can be seen and will do justice to the budget price of the In-Ears. All in all, the NuForce HEM Dynamic is a good-sounding in-ear in the usual good Optoma processing quality with a tonal focus on a rousing musical enjoyment.

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