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JIMMY HW8 Pro Review - Cordless vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 28. April 2024

Thoroughly vacuum and wipe in just one step without having to drag a bucket and without the hassle of wringing out floor cloths. The JIMMY H8W Pro cordless vacuum cleaner, a combination of vacuum cleaner with floor-mopping function, promises that and much more.

In this test, I reveal whether the tedious scrubbing of the floor is obsolete and how effectively the JIMMY vacuum cleaner cleans dirty hard floors.

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Review: JIMMY HW8 Pro

Regardless of whether it is a vacuum cleaner, suction mop or hard floor cleaner - whatever you like to call this device, it has one goal: to do vacuuming and wiping in one step at the same time. 

JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner self-standing.

The JIMMY HW8 Pro is the first vacuum cleaner from the Chinese household brand JIMMY, which has become famous in recent years for its battery-powered vacuum cleaners with good value for money. The performance features of the JIMMY vacuum cleaner are: 

  • A 300W power with 15.000 Pa suction power
  • A replaceable 3000 mAh battery with a running time of up to 35 minutes
  • Precise water distribution using a spray function
  • A two-tank system with a fresh and dirty water tank
  • An LED (battery, suction level, error) display
  • A self-cleaning function

JIMMY HW8 Pro: design and workmanship

Anyone who knows the JIMMY cordless vacuum cleaner will also be able to directly assign the JIMMY HW8 Pro to the brand. Typically for JIMMY, the design is more futuristic than subtle. The plastic in the shiny metallic look and the purple-colored suction tube are striking. The same colors are already found on many other JIMMY cordless vacuum cleaners (e.g. JIMMY JV85 Pro) is used.

Wipe the JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner.

The weight is decent and is already 5,43 kg with empty water tanks. If the tanks are full, you can even weigh almost 6 kg. The processing quality is good, even if the large amount of plastic does not make a particularly high-quality impression.

JIMMY HW8 Pro charging station with soft roller, battery and cleaning agent.

JIMMY HW8 Pro: structure and functionality

The construction of the vacuum cleaner differs from the classic cordless vacuum cleaner. With cordless vacuum cleaners, the motor and dust container are usually close to the top. Here everything takes place below. There we have a water tank for clean water (0,45 liters) and on the opposite side a tank in which the dirty, absorbed water (0,35 liters) ends up. A filter in the dirty water tank prevents coarse dirt such as hair or dust from entering. Both tanks can be removed for cleaning.

JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner dirt tank.

The OLED display is located in the front above the dirt tank. We also keep an eye on the battery level, the cleaning mode and error codes. The purple suction tube finally merges into the angled handle. When reaching around, the power button and the suction level button are close to the thumb. You can switch between two suction levels (up to 15.000 Pa suction force) at the push of a button. Near the index finger we have the “trigger” for the spray nozzle, through which we can control the water delivery.

JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner handle.

JIMMY HW8 Pro: practical test

Ready to go in a few simple steps

Next, let's take a look at how the JIMMY HW8 Pro performs in practice. The vacuum cleaner was tested on tiles and laminate. If you let the soft roller dry, the vacuum cleaner could theoretically also be used to vacuum carpets. Experience has shown that a soft roller does not work quite as well on carpets as a brush roller.

JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner fresh water tank.

The vacuum cleaner is ready to wipe in just a few simple steps. Fill the fresh water tank, then plug it in and you're ready to go. The fact that the tank is correctly seated is noticeable by an audible click. In addition to clear water, cleaning additives can also be added to the water. Nevertheless, one should be careful when choosing the cleaning agent, because the fine spray nozzle can easily stick. It is all the more gratifying that JIMMY has included a 500 ml bottle with cleaning agent in the scope of delivery.

JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner detergent.

Good wiping performance

To wipe away, we now only have to press the power button. The soft roller is already starting to turn. The rotating soft roller is not automatically wetted. Water is only released when we pull the trigger. Then a fine jet of water shoots out of the spray nozzle, which lands over a wide area in front of the wiper.

JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner spray nozzle.

How good or bad you find it is a matter of taste. The water delivery by spray head is good in itself, because you can decide for yourself how much water gets onto the floor. This can be an advantage, especially with stubborn dirt. However, the spray jet sometimes shoots so far forward that not only the floor, but also walls, skirting boards, furniture and the like get splashed with water. Safety first!

JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner soft roller from below.

The high total weight of the vacuum cleaner ensures a stable floor position with pleasant maneuverability. You can really feel how the vacuum cleaner is propelled by the high suction pressure and the rotating brush. The head joint of the mop head can be maneuvered without much effort. However, it becomes difficult in corners and under furniture, where dirt usually accumulates more often. Due to the design, the JIMMY HW8 Pro reaches its limits there.

JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner soft roller disassembled.

The JIMMY HW8 Pro removes dirt and stains quite well. Sauce or water stains in the kitchen can usually be removed with one wipe. But even stubborn stains can be easily removed with the vacuum cleaner. If you want to take a short break from wiping, you can simply park the vacuum cleaner in an upright position. In contrast to many cordless vacuum cleaners, the JIMMY HW8 Pro is self-standing.

Practical self-cleaning

A practical additional feature is the self-cleaning of the soft roller, which saves you having to wring it out manually. To do this, we simply place the vacuum cleaner in the charging station and press the suction level button for 3 seconds. Fresh water then shoots out of the spray nozzle, which lands safely in the collecting tray of the charging station, is caught by the rotating soft roller and is finally transported into the dirt tank.

JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner dirty water tank filter.

But it doesn't work entirely without your own intervention. Both water tanks should be removed and rinsed after each cleaning. The dirt filter should also be freed from hair and lint. Otherwise it can start to smell very quickly. If the soft roller is still soiled after self-cleaning, which, incidentally, hardly happened in the test, it can be removed from the mop head with one click.

Mediocre battery life

One point of criticism of the JIMMY HW8 Pro is the mediocre battery life. I was just about able to wipe my 75 m² apartment completely with one battery charge. The battery lasts about 30 minutes at normal suction level. On the high suction level it is then only 10 minutes. Depending on how often you change the suction level during the cleaning process, you commute with about 20 minutes of battery life.

JIMMY HW8 Pro vacuum cleaner battery.

If you have a larger living space, you will need a spare battery (Link) hardly around. Such a replacement battery is not exactly cheap at a good 80 euros, but it saves you cleaning in stages. The charging time of approx. 5 hours should not be underestimated. The vacuum cleaner is charged using the charging station included in the scope of delivery.

JIMMY HW8 Pro Test Header



Self-standing design
Easy to use
Controllable water delivery
Stable ground position with pleasant maneuverability
Good cleaning performance
Practical self-cleaning function
Interchangeable battery


Mediocre battery life and long charging time
Due to the design, does not get into corners or under furniture
The spray jet leaves splashes on walls and furniture


Let's be honest, wiping out a house or apartment is a sweaty affair that one doesn't really like to do. A vacuum cleaner like the JIMMY HW8 Pro does not do the work completely for you, but it makes your work a lot easier. Dragging mop buckets and constant wringing out of the mopping cloth is completely a thing of the past.

During the time when the JIMMY vacuum cleaner moved in with me, I wiped the floors significantly more often. The device can be started quickly, the wiping performance is good and with the practical self-cleaning function you hardly ever get your fingers dirty.

In contrast to wiping with a mop, there are also some disadvantages. So you always have the battery life on your neck, because after 30 minutes at the latest you either have a spare battery ready or you have to take a break. Due to its design, the JIMMY HW8 Pro does not get into corners or under furniture quite as well as a conventional mop. In the end, you have to wipe in the corners.

There are still many advantages, but also disadvantages and a hefty price of just under 300 euros. If you are not afraid of the high purchase price, you will get a very sensible suction-mopping combination that makes the mop (almost) superfluous.

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Type: vacuum cleaner
Leistung: 300W
Suction power: 15.000 Pa

Fresh water tank: 0,45 liters
Dirt water tank: 0,35 liters
Spray function: yes
Display: LED

Battery: 3000 mAh
Runtime: 35 min. Standard / 25 min. Max
Charging time: 5 hours

 height and weight 
Size: 78,3 × 22,0 × 31,8 cm
Weight: 5,43 kg

What's in the box

1x vacuum cleaner
1x replacement soft roller
1x 500 ml detergent
1x cleaning tool
1x roller holder
1x charging station
1x power supply
1x battery
1x manual