JIMMY JV51 Test - Cordless Vacuum Cleaner from China

by 23. December 2019
A cordless vacuum cleaner from China that costs only half as much as a comparable brand model? The JIMMY JV51 presents itself as a bagless and cordless cordless vacuum cleaner with high suction power, easy handling and long lasting battery life. In the test lasting several weeks, I took a closer look at the wireless home help.





Motor: DC electric motor
Power: 400 Watt (effectively 115 Watt)
Turns: 100.000 rpm
Suction power: 17.000 Pa

Volume: ~ 78 dB
Dust container: 0.5 liter

Performance: 54 Wh
Runtime: up to 45 minutes
Charging time: up to 5 hours

Weight: 1.5 - 2.3 kg

Foreword: JIMMY JV51

Update 22. December 2019

Geekmaxi has the JIMMY JV51 currently greatly reduced in the offer. With the coupon available for all readers, the price is reduced to 139.99 €. The dispatch takes place directly from Germanyso that the battery sucker is already with you after a few days. The dealer's warranty is 1 year.

20 € Geekmaxi coupon - Xiaomi Lexy JIMMY JV51 cordless vacuum cleaner

This Geekmaxi coupon allows you to buy the product Xiaomi Lexy JIMMY JV51 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for a mere 139.99 €.
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On Xiaomi's sales and crowdfunding platform "Youpin" New products are introduced almost daily. So too JIMMY JV51 cordless vacuum cleaner, Many of the products published there come from companies that comply with Xiaomi's quality standards, produce on behalf of Xiaomi, and are also funded directly by Xiaomi.

Having just recently released this, also via Xiaomi Youpin, Roidmi F8 cordless vacuum cleaner in the test In the following review we will take a look at the slightly cheaper one JIMMY JV51 closer to.

What's in the box

The scope of delivery includes not only the suction unit but also various brush attachments and accessories. The following is included:

  • The vacuum cleaner with container and filter
  • A suction pipe
  • A motorized cleaning brush for upholstery
  • A motorized main brush with soft roller
  • Two combination and joint brushes
  • A battery pack
  • A power supply with NEMA-1 connector and 2-pin connector
  • A wall bracket with matching screws and dowels
  • A Chinese manual

Jimmy JV51 delivery

Unfortunately, the set contains no replacement filter and no additional bristle roller.

Design and workmanship

The JIMMY JV51 does without a strikingly modern look. Especially the many gray plastic makes the battery sucker seem rather bleak and stale, which can not save even the dark red accents. Modern is definitely different!

The same applies to the quality of workmanship, which is by no means without objection. Especially the suction unit has clearly visible gaps and is unpleasantly assembled. The plastic used is cheap. In addition, the two control buttons of the battery sucker sit wobbly in the housing.

Construction of the cordless vacuum cleaner

The JIMMY JV51 wants to compete with the Dyson V6 and V8 and is based on a similar structure.

Suction unit (main element)

The actual suction unit includes, among other things, the engine, the removable battery and the dust container. The structure seems well thought out. JIMMY has placed the detachable battery and motor near the gun-like handle. Due to the balanced weight distribution of the battery sucker is secure grip in the hand and is easier to maneuver. All control buttons have been placed at grip height and are easy to reach.

Jimmy JV51 suction unit


The DC motor the JIMMY JV51 comes on one Power of 400 Wattwhat an effective Suction power of 115 (Air) Watt equivalent. With up to 100.000 revolutions per minute is the Suction power at 17.000 Pascal (Pa).

Jimmy JV51 vacuum unit with dust container


The performance of the battery comes with a Performance of 54 Wh or one Capacity of 2500 mAh at 21.6V specified. The charging socket is located directly on the battery. To charge it does not necessarily have to be connected to the suction unit. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has decided against a standard connector type, so you inevitably rely on the supplied power supply. For local use, an additional EU adapter is required. Above the charging socket is the single-LED battery indicator, which indicates the battery level depending on the color of the light (green or red).

Jimmy JV51 battery

dust container

The dust container has a Capacity of 0.5 liters, Dirt gets through three-layer filter systemconsisting of a coarse mesh metal screen, an air filter and a HEPA filter (HEPA). Smallest particles up to 0.3 microns are captured this way. The dust container is removable and can be emptied through a double-sided opening and cleaned under water. There is no electronic indication of the level of the container.

Jimmy JV51 dust container with filter

Extension and attachments

All attachments can be used with or without suction tube extension. This allows the battery sucker with a few simple steps in one Hand or stick vacuum cleaner turn. The suction tube and the motorized rollers are connected via a latching plug connection with the suction unit. The normal essays are merely plugged in and hold without closure. With extension and main brush that is Total weight at 2.3kg.

Jimmy JV51 essays

main brush

The large main brush of the battery sucker is with a 22 cm soft roller fitted. Towards the front, the roller has free play, so that dirt is better captured not only from below, but also from the front. The roller is driven not by a direct motor, as is the case with current Dyson models, but by a less effective belt drive in the brush housing. The fact that the manufacturer just adds a soft roller to the scope of supply, the main brush is mainly for hard floors!

"Anti-mite essay"

What the manufacturer as "Anti-mite essay" sold is only a small motorized roller brush with bristles and rubber blades. Again, no direct drive is used. The rollers of both electric brushes are interchangeable.

Practical test of the JIMMY JV51

Getting Started

The hand vacuum cleaner is ready to use in just a few simple steps. Insert the battery, plug in any attachment, switch on and you can already suckoff. The operation is uncomplicated and is completely via the already mentioned control buttons. An app for monitoring and controlling the battery sucker (eg Roidmi F8) there is not any.

Jimmy JV51 assembled


To check the suction behavior of the JIMMY JV51 was allowed to prove several weeks in everyday life. The vacuum cleaner was tested on carpet, laminate and tiles, as well as a vacuum cleaner for upholstery cleaning.

The JIMMY vacuum cleaner is easy to handle. He impresses with a comfortable height and is easy to guide by the inclined handle. Due to the bendable main brush you can easily reach under flat furniture, although an additional handle on the suction tube would be an advantage. The comparatively high weight is hardly noticeable due to the balanced weight distribution.

Normal operating mode

The suction power is average. In the normal operating mode, the soft roller glides gently and smoothly over hard floors. Dirt is absorbed very well. On carpets, the softwalt is harder to handle and only superficial dirt is absorbed.

Jimmy JV51 hand vacuum

Zum Handstaubsauger The rechargeable battery vacuum cleaner is very well suited for cleaning upholstery. Both superficial and deep-seated dirt, such as fine dust, hair and crumbs, are absorbed effectively.

The measured in normal mode and directly on the vacuum cleaner Operating volume is 68 dB and is therefore still bearable. For the nightly operation, the vacuum cleaner is not suitable! The battery life with electric brush is 28 minutes, without brush 43 minutes.

Turbo mode

Despite turbo, the suction power on carpets remains disappointing. Deep and fine-grained dirt is only slightly better absorbed by the main brush. The suction power on hard floors and the cleaning with the upholstery brush remain uncomplicated.

The Operation Volume reached 78 dB, The battery life is reduced significantly. After only 7 minutes, the battery sucker automatically switches off! Until the battery is recharged, pass shortly 5 hours.


The dust container can be opened via a lock and emptied over the trash can. Smaller lint and hair can get caught in the metal sieve. To remove stuck dirt, the dust container can be completely removed from the suction unit and disassembled. The filters are removable and can be accommodated flowing water reinigen.

The brushes are easy to maintain. Blockages caused by rolled-up hair did not occur in the test. If something should catch you, the rollers of the motorized brushes can be removed with a few simple steps. The purchase of accessories and spare parts is difficult. Dealers who offer the vacuum cleaner have not added any accessories in the range!

Update January 2019

Meanwhile, accessories are available. A replacement battery costs about 90 €. Filters are already available from 7 €. Unfortunately, until now bristle roller for the main brush appeared. You can buy the accessories directly from the mentioned dealers at the end of the article.

Price Comparison

You want to know where to buy the JIMMY JV51? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

20 € Geekmaxi coupon - Xiaomi Lexy JIMMY JV51 cordless vacuum cleaner

This Geekmaxi coupon allows you to buy the product Xiaomi Lexy JIMMY JV51 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for a mere 139.99 €.
20€ Discount
(Valid until 31.12)

Price history

Current prices

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Prices last updated on: 2. July 2020 08: 02

Final Words


Easy handling
Comfortable handle height
Can be used as a hand vacuum cleaner
High suction power
Dirt pick-up on hard floors
Battery removable
Dust container and filter easy to clean


Design and build quality
Main brush only with software roller
Normal attachments without a closure
Dirt pick-up on carpets
Weak battery life in turbo mode
Long battery charging time
Spare parts and accessories difficult to obtain

First impression
Battery life
Operation Volume

The JIMMY JV51 is an inexpensive alternative to the much more expensive brand models. However, the Akkuauger from China also has some weaknesses to fight. Starting with the design, which is much more cheap and stale than modern, the build quality is by no means at its best.

The suction power and dirt absorption is neat, if you use the JV51 on hard floors. Coarse and fine dirt is effectively absorbed by the electric main brush with soft roller. On carpet floors, the Akkuauger but not a particularly good figure. Despite high suction dirt is usually absorbed only superficially. The battery life convinces and is comparable with current brand models. It remains to be noted: top hard floors, rather flops for carpets!

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Frauke Merl

I got the Akkusauger last month as a gift and have made quite good experiences so far. I know the Dyson V8 and I think the performance and battery life is just as good on the Jimmy. I can not complain about the volume. It's just a vacuum cleaner. The one with the roles I think too bad, bothers me but not because I hardly have carpets. For the price a really great device.


Does anyone have a comparison to the Dyson V6? Am I undecided whether it is here or a reconditioned Dyson V6, which is only a little more expensive than the Jimmy. Do you know whether the dealers will still offer the spare parts? It would be a shame to have to throw away the vacuum cleaner when the brush roll or filter is through.